The Danish group Zero Point is on the road again. It was over 25 years since they started to play their punk and now they´re back again. Steen answers my questions and this was done in the beginning of February 2006.


When did you quit the first time Zero Point was a band?

-In 1987. We did a Farwell gig on the 14th of March that year and that was it!!

We had been going since 1979 then and Henrik (bass) and me was the only original members at that point.


Why did you start to play again, was it only because of the 25 years

Anniversary show?

-No absolutely not! When they came along (The Anniversary shows) we had already played the ANTIFEST 2003 in the Czech Republic and the PUNK AID 2004 FESTIVAL in the U.K. and we have had line up changes as well!

I was just longing extremely after playing some punk rock!!

It’s like sawdust in my veins. In all the years that I have been away, there has not been a single day that I haven’t been dreaming about going back, being in a band and kicking out some Rock´n´Roll!!

In 2002 it just seem like the time was right and I started to look up some of the old guys and nearly everybody from the 1984 line up was up for it......... everybody except Henrik, he could not seem to find the time for it (wife and 4 kids) but fully approved what we where doing.       

Well I guess you cut say that I am Punk Rock addicted............. like a junkie needs a fix......... the only difference is that I really hope that this addiction NEVER leaves me!!



How was the punk movement back then, was it bigger than now?

-Well that’s a hard one!!............. First of all: How do you define the “punk movement”? Deos it only count the ones wearing the “uniform” (spiky hair/studded leather jacked)? When we started up that “uniform” wasn’t even invented!! Please don’t get me wrong: I am not trying to slag people with spiky hair and leather jackets covered in studs off.............. I fucking love that look!! But that have just become the stereotype of what people think that punk rockers look like. Does new things like “Skate punks” and “Pop punks” count ??

Is GREEN DAY punk??................... I mean: they are one off the world’s greatest rock bands!!

You don’t really see that many Punx and Skins in Denmark anymore. I mean: Back in those days we meet up, hanging out on city squares drinking cheap beer and so on...... you don’t really see that anymore.

In the early start the air was like buzzing with excitement and nothing was defined. People started making bands, doing fanzines, organising gigs and festivals, picking up strange records and so on....... fantastic feeling!!!    



The best bands in the 70-80`s in Denmark and the best bands now?


NOW: THE GUV´NORS, TÆVE, PRANKSTERS, POWER GRILL, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, SOREAZIS....... properly some more that I have forgotten...... when we do Denmark we always seems to be gigging with the same bands.......... so It is not to slag anyone off!



Can you play punk as a forty-year-old man? Isn’t it something for the


-I am 43 now...... so the simple answer to the first part of the question is YES!!

I think that a lot of age gabs in the music scene in general have been broken down. Punk has become a music genre like Blues or Metal. Should it be the soundtrack of anyone’s youth it must rightfully be our generations.......... for fuck sake: We created it !!

But luckily enough it isn’t that way around anymore. I am really glad to see a lot of new kids in the scene and it makes me proud to have taken part in creating something that have stood the test of time!!

It is nice to see all the old bands there are still around and it is really good to see and hear all the new ones.   



What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-I guess that it is a back to basic Rock´n´Roll lifestyle and a “Take no shit” attitude, but I think Punk means a lot of things to a lot of different people and one thing is not necessarily more right or better than the other.  


What drives you to play music?

-It’s absolutely NOT  the money!!!
I’m just a punk rock addicted rock´n´roll junkie!!

I love the music and everything about being in a band.......... Yes it is absolutely a lifestyle!!



What did you do between the Zero Point and The Zero Point, where you guys in

some other bands or didn’t you play at all?

-Jens (Guitar) and Henrik (Bass) stopped playing. Dennis (Drums) picked up the guitar and played with a band called JUTLAND AFTER NOON. They never released anything, but they where really funny!!

I did some Metal work..... so to say.... First some mates and I had our own Thrash Metal outfit called MOURNER (we only made a demo tape) and then I was offered to take over vocal duties in one of Denmark’s first ever Thrash/Death/Black Metal bands called DESEXULT and I did that and we had a great time doing gigs in Germany, Poland and touring The Netherlands and of course Denmark. After a couple of years I stopped, my girlfriend was not to keen of the idea about me being in a band at that moment.


The ones in the band now, is it the original members? Please tell me a little about all members, who have been in the band, bands after and before?

- No I´m the only original band member now!

Right after we did the “comeback” show at the ANTIFEST in 2003 we where invited to England and the guy´s from the ´84 line up pulled out but told me to go on..... they where just not up for being in a steady band again........ things had gone a bit further than what they wanted to spend their time on and so on...... We are still great friends!!!
Henrik and Dennis (and Anderz) still helps out with old recordings, videos and photos and so on.....


Next part of the question is a big one as we have had several line up changes over the years.


Peter Petersen (originally Bass player 1979- May 1980):

Still lives in Aarhus. Works as a car mechanic just 500m.down the road from where I live. He has been doing that since we left school together in 1979. Married with kids.

Lars Christensen (Drums 1.3.1980 – 1982):

Has done well with his own printing company. Last I meet him he was living in the outskirts of Aarhus in some small village with kids.

Frank Sorensen (Guitar May 1980 – March 1981):

Is a very skilled computer programmer. Last I talked to him he had started studying astronomy as well. He was happily married with kids and still lives in Aarhus. He still likes his Punk-Rock!!

Jens Andreas Müller (Guitar 1984 – 1987 & 2002 – September 2003):

Lives in Copenhagen. Works as a translator for movies and television. Last movie that I noticed that he had made Danish subtitles for was “END OF THE CENTURY” The story of THE RAMONES !!!

Dennis Jensen (Drums 1982- 1987 & 2002 – September 2003):

Became a journalist and worked for the news on TV 3 (Viasat) until they closed them down a few years ago. Did some freelance work but as far as I am concerned he is still unemployed and enjoying his brand new role as a father !!    

Anderz Nielsen (Bass 2002 – September 2003:

Is the only one besides me, there having anything to do with music now (as far as I am concerned). Anderz is a long-term friend of the band and when Henrik decided that he was not going to join in 2002 Anderz jumped in and helped us out. He has played with several punk outfits. Most well known is properly ENOLA GAY. He is still rocking out and doing bass duties in PRESIDENT FETCH and besides that he runs his own booking agency called GEARBOX ( He is living in Copenhagen.   

Henrik Lund (Vocals 1979 & Bass 1980 –1987):   

Is working as a journalist at one of Aarhus biggest newspapers. Lives in the outskirts of town, happily married and are the father of 4!!! Occasionally Dennis, Henrik and I still meet up for a pint before the football match. We are trying to keep a bit of contact !!

Lisbeth & Thomas I have completely lost trace off!! ....... sorry to say! 



To play punk in Denmark, how is that?

-VERY HARD!! It is extremely difficult to get a gig. Punk is just not happening in Denmark !! It stinks.... The promoters are afraid or don’t care to put on shows. Everything is very mainstream. The average music consumers here are a bunch of bozos with their heads up their asses!! Only attending and buying what the mass media tells them to do!!

Please don’t misunderstand me:

There are a few very good bands around and there are people who are trying to get the scene going but basically it sucks and the over all support is missing!!!   


How is it to live in Denmark overall. Politically and so on?

-Basically I think that we shall be very glad to live in Denmark. No one has to live without a shelter and nobody has to starve!! Normal people have never had so much money in their pocket as the do right now. But of course nothing is perfect and nothing comes from nothing.


You did some new songs in 2005, how was the feeling to coming together and do

the new songs?

-It was recorded and written by the new line up there have been going since September 2003 and we have been rehearsing on a steady weekly basic since then........... So it was just feeling naturally..... Something we just had to do to represent the new version of the band........... getting some publicity, some gigs and hopefully a record deal.



Which is most important is it to have good lyrics, good melodies or to have a

refrain that people remembers?

-All of it I think!! I mean: different things can bee important in different songs.


Sick of me on the new record, is it a cover or how is it?

-No that is absolutely our own composition. Both music and lyrics is 120% ZERO POINT !!!!

What on earth gave you that impression that it was a cover song??

You do Chinese rocks also as a cover; do you do any more covers? Why do


-Yes we do CHINESE ROCKS and besides that we do ENGLISH CIVIL WAR as part of our live set right now. I don’t know..... It is just fun... I am enjoying doing them and you will be able to pay a bit of tribute to some of the greatest in punk rock!!
Originally we took up ENGLISH CIVIL WAR because we where approached by Colin from CONFLICT about doing a track for a JOE STRUMMER/THE CLASH tribute CD on their record label. We recorded it with the 2002-2003 line up, it was produced by Thomas Troelsen (from the Danish pop band SUPERHEROS). We send it over but the tribute CD was never released. I haven’t got a clue about what happened!!

Well the song is great so we have kept it in our live set since that. 


You will put out a record on Grand Theft Auto also, what happens?

-I have just talked to Brian from G.T.A. Records and he assures me that it will be released in a couple of month time.


Is it everything you have released on that one?

-Yes all the old stuff!! The 2 E.P´s, The 10 song tape, some never released studio recordings, some old rehearsal recordings of long lost songs and as bonus tracks even some mono recordings of some tracks from 1979 (they where never to see the light of day...... and maybe they never should have but it is honest and it is how we sounded at that time.......... Ha! Danish punk rock history!!) 


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

- You really can’t do that can you??.............. O.K. I will give it a shot!!

Favourite Records:







Favourite concerts:







Important things in life:

1.: Love

2.: A good health.

3.: Food and a place to live

4.: Music

5.: Single malt Whisky


First last and most expensive record ever bought?

- The first album I ever bought must be something by SLADE..... I don’t really remember but the first album I ever got was THE BEATLES: PLEASE PLEASE ME. I got it as a present from my mom and dad together with my first record player.

The last album I bought was the new one by THE REAL MCKENZIES: 10.000 SHOTS I really enjoy them and that sort of “Gaelic Punk Rock”. We did the WASTED FESTIVAL in Amsterdam together in 2005 and I enjoyed every minute of their set!!

The most expensive one?? I really don’t know...... maybe it is my copy of ANARCHY IN THE UK on the EMI label ?? But then again someone offered it to me for about 30 £ ......... I have paid more for my WEIRD TALES OF THE RAMONES box set and it have just been released!! A lot of the records that I got in my collection cost a hell lot of money now, but when I bought them it was just at normal prices......... the collectors prices on old punk rock vinyl have gone rocket high!!   


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

- I actually don’t think that I got any embarrassing records in my collection.......... My girlfriend does!!....... I think the most weird/funny one I got is: THE PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA playing twenties and thirties “hot dance music”........... but I like it !!!



Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

- Ha! Ha! Yes there are a few........... Luckily enough!!

But I enjoy doing them and we always try to do our best.... I mean: We try to give you the same time and do the same job...... if you are from the national newspaper or from a 50 copy photocopied fanzine!!

Good interviewers make me think thinks over....... and I like that!!.................. So: PLEASE KEEP ´EM COMING!


Which is the question you want to have and you never get, please ask it and answer it?

-Question: Would you like to receive 6 bottles of ARDBEG PROVENANCE as payment for doing this interview??

Answer: YES PLEASE!!!

(Just kidding!!........... I really can’t think of anything serious........... But I absolutely would like them)


Any new songs on its way? How do they sound?

- Yes there’s plenty!! Right now we are working pretty hard on new material and we got 4 new songs done already..... Just needing the final polish! Besides that we got a hell lot of loose riffs and ideas hanging around. We are quiet productive right now...... so to say!

We hope to be able to release a complete new CD during this year............ That’s what we are working on anyway!!


How they sound?.......... Like THE ZERO POINT 2006!! 
There’s a Hard Core track, there’s a Punk´N`Roll track............... there’s even a hillbilly/Gaelic/I drink Whisky song with a kick in the butt!! Don’t worry: we will still be kicking out the same old Punk Rock/Street Rock´N´Roll/Hard Core as we always have done............ only in a 2006 updated version!!!     


It feels like you sound a little bit harder than you did back in the 80´s,

how come?

- Weird........ You are not the first one that tells us that...... but it is actually not my impression!! ..........but then again: who am I to judge? You are probably right!!
But it is not like we have sat down to discuss and then come up with a master plan saying: We are going to do the shit..... but this time we are going to do it harder!! It is no band agreement; it is just how the songs come out when we compose and work on them. I mean: time has moved on and 3 of the guys in the band are “fresh blood”................ It has to do a difference!!

When all that is said I have to say that I am very very happy with the new songs and especially with the new line up............... THEY KICK ASS!! 



TV Smith says something about you, which is written on the website, what is


- ".....good to hear something different instead of the usual cliché punk rock!"

We had the privilege to meet Mr. Smith when both of us were doing the PUNK AID 2004 FESTIVAL in the U.K. We became quiet friendly and TV asked for my E-mail address so we would be able to keep contact afterwards....... He’s a real nice down to earth bloke..... for me it was really something to hangout and have a couple of pints with TV, I have always been a big ADVERTS fan!!
The day after we returned home he mailed me, and I asked him if I cut send him some TZP stuff and his response on the stuff that I send him was this quote!!

Besides that he agreed in coming to Denmark and do our 25 Anniversary Shows together with us. He would be doing his solo show and then in the end he would join us on stage and we would be doing a few ADVERTS classics together!! Well.... he had to change his plans because he was offered a complete month on tour in Germany instead........... We could not compete with that!!  


Have you heard any good Swedish bands that you like?

- Absolutely!! There is the mighty EBBA GRöN when they where a punk band..... I got HÄNG GUD a real classic!! GRISEN SKRIKER, TRAVOLTA KIDS, ANTI CIMEX and then of course my personal favourites: ASTA KASK I got what must be their 3 first E.P´s and then I have never been able to find anything with them!! I understand that they are going again as well............ I would love to do a gig with them!! 


Futureplans for the band?

- To get drunk and play some loud blaring punk rock!!................ no not really.... just joking!

As I told you: right now we are working on material for a brand new CD some of it has been recorded (you will be able to check it out on our MySpace page: the rest we are composing and working on right now!! ......... We are still looking for the right Record label to release it!

Besides that:

There will be a GTA Records release of all our back catalogue (as we has talked about).

There will be a BOX SET release by an Italian company containing 2 CD´s and a DVD!! Mostly featuring old live recordings, but also one of the brand new tracks (both in audio and video)............. stuff that did not make it to the GTA release.
There should be a vinyl album release of the old shit from a label in Belgium.

We should have a track on the new CultJam compilation CD together with bands like: BROKEN BONES, FOREIGN LEGION, PARTISANS, PICTURE FRAME SEDUCTION and so on.

  And besides all that, there’s people working on shows and tours in: England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for us right now.................. funny and typical enough: NOTHING IN DENMARK!!

We would LOVE to go to Sweden!!!! If anyone will be able to set anything up PLEASE contact us!!
We have NEVER done Sweden......... we have only been hassled by your police officers when we where travelling through to Norway in the ´80´s !!   


Futureplans for yourself?

- I really hope that I will be able to run with the band and the Punk Rock/Oi!/Street Rock/Hard Core scene until you have to carry me out!! It’s my life.............. AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!



-A dram in the morning keeps the doctor away!!
Stay true to the scene!!


Something to add?
- Thanks a lot for doing this interview!! Things like this keep things going!!


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We really hope to be able to go to Sweden real soon!!


Please keep on doing your fanzine!!