Zeke´s Donny Paycheck took his time to answer some questions from me. They will go out on tour with Puffball, some dates with Motörhead and COC soon. read his enjoyable answers immediately. This was done in the end of january 2005.

You didn´t play together for a while, what happened, and why did you start to
play again?
-We broke up from too much touring and too much trying to kill each other. But
after a year of being broke up we played a record release show for Live and
Uncensored and it was a lot of fun, so we decided to play a few more shows, we
went off to SXSW to play a showcase, soon after that we went out for a short
tour. During that tour we where approached by Relapse and a new record deal was
in place so we where back in full force!

Have it been many member changes during all your years as a band?
-A few, 6 to be exact, Dizzy Lee Roth was replaced by Sonny and Sonny is now
replaced by Chris Johnsen
Mark Pierce was replaced by Kurt Kolfelt and subsequently re-replaced by Mark
Pierce and finally replaced by Diamond Jeff Matz

Which are the members today?
-Blind Marky Felchtone Guitar and Vox
Donny Paycheck Drums
Diamond Jeff Matz Bass
Chris Muscles Johnsen Guitar

Can you please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests and
something bad about every one?
-Blind Marky Felchtone, is a satanist, he likes burning stave churches, long
incantations on the beach, horror movies and he wants to meet a vampire woman
h.w.p. he's mid 30's and loves dead babys
Donny Paycheck, is a redneck, he likes barbecue on a hot summers nights,
shotguns, racing, he wants to meet a fat girl for square dancin', ridin' in his
pick up truck and shootin' en up'. Age unknown.
Diamond Jeff Matz, used to be a porn star but joined Zeke to get away from his
stardom, he now looks for solitude in jagermeister and beer, he wants to meet a
woman not afraid of his 19" cock
Chris Muscles Johnsen, Muscles says it all, a former body builder with
aspirations of joining Alice Cooper's band, flips burgers at Jack In The Box,
when asked to join the band he had to ask his boss if it was o.k. he wants to
meet guys for friendship and other things but no meaningfull relationships.

Are you working anything or do you have Zeke as your fulltime-work?
-Mark works construction
Donny works security
Jeff works at a print shop
Chris is a program designer

What drives you to play music?
-A love for playing, it's my art, it's what I've always done. Also I hate to work
for other people so playing to make money and working for myself is great, I
feel fulfilled.

How would you describe your music in three words?
-Fastest, Hardest, Rock

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-I don't know, we aren't really punk we are just rock someone a long time ago put
us in the punk category. I think rock is a lifestyle and punk is closer to what
I see as a rock lifestyle and what I believe the first rock musicians where
trying to achieve. But with bands like Green Day that proclaim to be punk I don't
want to be punk. I think they are Mcpunk or punk on a stick. I like rock and
roll! Not pop bullshit!

Many people compare you to Motörhead among other bands, which is the most odd
comparison you ever have heard?
-Nirvana, the film Kurt and Courtny said we were influenced by Nirvana and that
we played with them! So UNtrue.

If you´re forced to be compared to a band which band would have been nicest
to be compared to?
-You said earlier Motorhead but also the Ramones or the Dwarves.

Do you care about reviews? Do you trust the good or the bad ones most?
-I don't know? They are just opinions and opinions are like assholes everybody's
got one but they are never the same! So they are not to be trusted unless you
trust the writer's asshole !

Have you ever been angry after you have read a bad review?
-Yes but there really is no reason to be. I have only seen like 2 bad reviews
anyway, but you know if you like pop or whatever maybe you don't like Zeke so
that person will give a bad review!

Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?
-West Seattle acid party comes replete with acid flashbacks not like I haven't
heard this style before. Our very first Seattle mag review.

Have you ever changed anything in your music after a review?

Do you have good contact with your fans? In which way?
-I try to meet and talk to everyone. Sometimes in the beginning people didn't get
the sarcasm or me flipping the bird but through the years people got the
message. Let's have a good time, fuck everything else! So now we go places and
the whole crowd flips me off and when I don't do enough they complain!!

How is a good gig with Zeke?
-Complete out of control mayhem, with circle pits, stage diving and people
singing along!

You have been to Sweden and played, which are your brightest memories from
-We played the Hultsfred festival this summer, it was raining and I thought no
one would come to check out our stage I think it was number 3 or 4 but the place
was full of people screaming for their favorite song and going nuts it was very
fun! I also remember one time we played in Stockholm and we hooked up with Johan
and Dregen from Backyard Babies and after the show we went drinking and Johan
got us kicked out of every pub we went to!

What do you know about Sweden, what is typical Swedish?

Have you heard any good Swedish bands?
-Yes many, we just played with the Hives here in the States, the Hellacopters,
Backyard Babies, the Nomads, Puffball, Dozer, there are so many a can't name
them all!

Many Swedish people have died in Thailand in the Tsunamicatastroph , how have
the reports from those areas was in your homecountry?
-Yes, I feel sorry for the whole thing. We have joined with some other bands who
will put out a compilation record and give the proceeds to the relief fund!

Can you imagine to play on some sort of aidthing fro such a thing or shall
bands keep out from politics?
-I don't think human disaster is politics, but I do stay out of politics

What do you think about the thing that many bands did against Bush?(Rock
against Bush)
-I think it's a great idea but I don't like many of the bands who played on that,
it's not punk it's pop ( of course that's my asshole)

Can music change people life? If you think so give me an example?
-Sure if you're sad it can make you forget your troubles and be happy, if you're
happy it can prolong the party, it can bring people together to help one
another, you don't even need to speak the same language. I'm sure the Beatles
have changed the lives of all people even if they are unaware, just by changing
the face of music itself.

You´re on Relapse now, howcome? That´s not your kind of label or?
-What do you mean? They put out extreme music and we are extreme, probably the
most extreme band around!

Please rank five favourite records, five favouriteconcerts and five most
important things in life?
-Black Sabbath Vol 4
Led Zepplin 1
Ramones Rocket to Russia
Motorhead Motorhead
Dwarves Blood Guts and Pussy

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-Black Sabbath Box set

Most embarrassing record in your collection?
-BeeGees Night Fever

The best record to have sex to?
-I don't know

The record which must be in the tourbus?
-Black Sabbath Vol 4

You´re going out on tour now, for how long time and with another band?
-We tour Europe for 6 weeks and some dates are with Puffball. We will tour with
Motorhead and C.O.C. this spring. We'll start working on a new record late

In which country is best to play in?

Futureplans for the band?
-Not to break up, to play lots more shows and kick puny little humans' asses who
can't get enough fuckin' Rock!

For yourself?
-I need to loose about 40 pounds but who cares, fuck it, I'm gonna get a

-Don't push too hard trying to fart, you just might shit your pants

Something to add?
-See you soon, Sweden fucking rules!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Hugs and Kisses with
Middles fingers flyin'