Alex who plays guitar in Young Acid plus some other groups told me when I was at Bengans to buy this record that he plays guitar on. I did and it sounded very good. The album was Young Acid's debut LP. Alex answered a bunch of questions in early June 2024.


Young Acid, tell us about how you started and tell us a little about each member, bands on the side and previous bands?

-The first seed was sown in 2020 after me and Arvid (Greenleaf) worked together on the second Novarupta album. The music we make is usually extremely draining and emotional. But me and Arvid found common love for bands like Misfits, Turbonegro etc. And there we thought it could be a fun outlet for us to play a little messy with twisted lyrics. In connection with Novarupta doing their second gig at Suicide Records Fest, the live band consisted of Arvid, Martin (Domkraft) and Andreas (Besvärjelsen) and Svante (The Moth Gatherer) was there as a guest. In the drunken and the dizzyness we all 5 agreed on the love of punkrock and we went on like Young Acid.


Is this your first record or how have you done something else?

-This is the debut that we have been working on since 2020. So it felt damn good to finally let go and let it out.


You sound a little bit like a mix of Cortex, Leathernun and some other nice punk music... What comparisons do you usually hear?

-Haha, we have no idea what we're doing. We thought we would be a punk band, but it was demonstrably done, and I think it did because all the influences from all five found their way into the songs. We've heard comparisons to The Hives, Queens of the Stone Age, MC5 and more. And it's just fun. We seem to have, unconsciously, carved out some niche of our own.


I was fucking surprised when I heard the record in the store and when you "forced" it on me....did you sell any more of the record that day?

-Hahahaha, guerrilla marketing you know. And yes, there were a couple more examples sold during the day.


When you play live, which audience do you draw?

-We have no idea. Than. The first gig is not done yet. So we'll see in the fall.


How do you do the songs, is there someone who does everything or do you help each other?

-It's a somewhat diffuse writer's cottage. Everyone contributes, but in different ways. But when we've all poked around in the song, that's when it becomes a Young Acid song.


You yourself are playing in many groups right now, this one, CHILD and two more... Tell us a little about all the groups you play in right now?

-Right now the active bands are Young Acid, Grand Cadaver, CHILD and Novarupta. Then I'm working on a project called Skrckvldet together with a friend, who just released his debut. You could say that Novarupta is a solo project but with a lot of moving parts. However, that journey will end in the autumn when the goal is achieved. Four records about the four elements.


From what I understand, you are originally from Stockholm... why Gothenburg now?

-I moved here in 2013, for a reason as old as time itself: love. Since then, I've stayed behind and come to love Gothenburg. It's home now. The roots will always be 08 but I see myself as a Gothenburgian.


Advantages of working in a record store like Bengans as you do?

-Oh, that's all the music you can consume, regardless of genre. You learn a lot and learn to open your senses. And incredibly fun with all the lovely customers that you get to chat with.


What style of music that you have played is most fun to play?

-Oh, everyone has their charm, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. But somewhere I always end up back in death metal. It's kind of home ground.


Have all the groups you have been in given you many chances to play abroad?

-No, absolutely not. But everyone has given me different experiences. I'm grateful that the music has taken me around as it has and all the places I've seen and people I've met, both in Sweden and abroad.


Do you play only guitar or are you a bastard on other instruments as well?

-Haha, I'm not even a bastard on guitar. Drowning everything in distortion and playing with attitude, then it seems like you have control. Joke aside, guitar is my main instrument, but I'm a bass player at heart. Then I can cheat a little (incredibly little) on the keyboard.


Back to Young Acid, the lyrics are quite long, is it important to have good lyrics, or can they be about anything?

-For me, lyrics are just as important as the music. It is with them that you build a universe around the music and everything becomes a big whole. I wrote more lyrics in the past, but I'm still just as familiar with it and that's an important part.


Political texts is that something for you?

-Considering that Young Acid's texts and themes revolve around Astrid Lindgren's world seen through Roky Erickson's eyes, we leave politics to CHILD.


Which is your most political song?

-No one, I would think.


What about politics itself, uninteresting? Or is it important to get involved politically?

-For me, it is very important. I have no problem showing political positions in music or through the band. But then there are different ways to do it. Novarupta, for example, has an introverted approach and is about the psychic journey, so you don't find politics there. But if you look at Novarupta's social media, it is all the more political. The heart is on the left no matter what I play with. Then how much it shows, it's different.

Best political group?

-Boring answer but I have to say Rage Against The Machine thanks to their impact.


If you had the chance to play together with five other groups, living and dead and have a mini-festival with these five plus Young Acid, which five would you choose?

-Oh, exciting. Now I answer for myself: Misfits, Division of Laura Lee, Turbonegro, The Hellacopters and Honningbarna.


Five favorite records all-time, five favorite concerts of all time?

-Haha, these are changed all the time. But the shape of the day is:


Tiamat - Sumerian Cry

Entombed - Wolverine Blues

Breach - It’s Me God

Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights

Metallica - Ride The Lightning


Swans - Debaser 2012

Sunn O))) - Folk 2015

Neurosis - Pustervik 2017

Ulver - Kägelbanan 2018

Skinny Puppy - Arvika 2004


How do you think the music scene is in Sweden right now?

-I think it feels like the underground scene is thriving, especially in the subcultures. A lot of simmering and many enthusiasts. However, the mainstream has stagnated. Well, it's always been pretty boring.


Good Swedish groups that are worth mentioning that should get more space?

-There are a lot of good ones, and you should do yourself a favor and explore the Swedish underground scene. And since it's so big, I'm only choosing one band right now. Check out: Voldet!

How do you think otherwise, it is to live in Sweden, politically, taxes, higher interest rates etc?

-Everything is well polarized and on its way to hell. But Sweden is not unique in this respect. The world is heading towards a total dystopia. But Sweden has a good music scene. Until the politicians manage to kill it too.


What was your dream to be when you were little, was it to work in a record store or what?

-My dream was to become a teacher. And I started the teacher training at SU. But along the way, something happened, I don't remember what, and I couldn't find my way back.


Do you buy a lot of records yourself? Favorite format?

-I am a periodist. And has lots of both CD and LP. Nowadays it's mostly LP though.


To release music only digitally, is it something for or does it feel like you haven't released for real then?

-I don't want to think so, but if I'm honest I think it doesn't feel real if it doesn't come in physical format. And even then it should preferably be both CD and LP.


Once again back to Young Acid, how did you come up with the name?

-I actually don't remember. I think it may have been Martin who came up with it.


What are the future plans for the group now?

-Now we will try to get our schedules together and manage a gig or five.


For yourself, but maybe you have enough with the groups you play in?

-I float along and take it as it comes. I guess I'll have to write new material for everything. But I don't feel any direct stress.


Words of wisdom?

-Don't take life too seriously, you won't come out alive anyway.


Something to add?

-Thank you for wanting to ask lots of questions and are passionate about music!