Krolik from polish W Sekund 5 helped me out with some answers on my questions. It seems like Poland is a very interesting country for punkmusic.



-We're together since 1997. And we're still playin' in the same

squad after a short break!


Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age,


-Krˇlik, 24 - vocals, handsome and a last true punk in Poland ;),

married 3 times, origami is his hobby.

Koza, 28 - guitar, vox, less handsome, he's responsible for

creating romantic punky background for my vocals.

Makˇwa, 26 - bass, vox, least handsome, the only passion in his

life - alcohol, occasionally play in a band (if he's sober - very


Sycha, 26 - drums, this guy looks like shit, married with Makˇwa's



Family, bands before and something bad about every one?

-Of course we've got families, some of us smaller, some of us

bigger... Something bad? We're the worst-playing (worse than NOFX at the beginning of their career) band on this planet!


How is it to play music like this in Poland, because I know

before on Dezerter and those bands time, it was difficult to get

out their records and they were difficult to get too for us in

western countries?

-Personally, I don't like Dezerter. There's too much politics in

their literary output (read: lyrics). On the contrary, we're not

interested in it at all. Foreign punk rock is still difficult to

get in Poland. Fortunately, there is Internet and Kaaza... ;)


How is it to live in Poland today, is it better or is it more

bad than it was 20 years ago? What does the old people think?

-It's equally bad for everyone, no matter if you're young or old. I think you'll not understand it 'cuz you weren't born here. My job is English teacher in primary school, but I can't find work in my country paid more than 150 Euro a month. That's why I have to go to England work in some fuckin' 5-star hotel carrying luggages of some fuckin' richies 10 hours a day. I'm leaving Poland next month... As far as old people... they're... old!


What┤s the best and what┤s the worst of living in Poland?

-The best - it's still a safe country, far from conflicts and heavy crime. The worst - Epitaph bands don't want to come here!


I have heard that it is much racism in Poland and especially on


-Not more than in, for example, Italy. But it's a highly unpleasant experience to come across a bunch of aggressive pseudo football fans who have only one rule: 'Cross my path, and you''ll be gone,c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!, c'mon'!' (citation taken from Shelter's 'Empathy')


Are you working against racism in any way?

 -We, as a band, not. However, it does not mean that we support such attitude.


Does politic and music goes hand in hand?

-Not in our case.


Who does the best political music in the world?

-What is 'a political music'?. You mean 'a band'?. Surely, it's Bad Religion.


You mix between three languages when you do your songs, german,

polish and english? Which is the best language to sing on?

-We does not use German! Where did you find it? We mix between

Polish and English. Polish is the priority because we speaks it

everyday, and we don't have an ambition to make an international



How is a good concert with W Sekund 5?

-I don't understand a question. All our gigs are fine and

unforgettable, especially these during which I took off my pants...


How does the average audience look like on a gig with you?

-They look like humans (with the exception of a few Martians and

Nazis who attended a wrong gig :)


Do you have good contact with your fans?

-Of course we got better contact with a female part of the



Is it important to have a  website, have it helped you out in

some way to get outside Poland and played?

-It's a matter of crucial importance. Thanks to our website we have 1000 more fans every fuckin' day (ye, it sounds like Bad

Religion's '1000 more fools are being born every fucking day' :)


What do you know about Sweden?

-A country of blondes. (?)


Have you heard any good swedish bands worth to mention?

-I've heard Coca Carola - it's  Swedish, isn't it? If it's the band I

think of then it's good.


Is there any good bands in Poland right now?

-I mention only the bands playing melodic punk rock: W Sekund 5,

Upstream, Tube, Hartal, Maypole... etc.


Please rank your five favourite records, five best concerts and

five most important things in life?


1. Black Train Jack 'You're Not alone'

2. Bad Religion 'Gray Race'

3. Nofx 'Punk In Drublic'

4. Me First And The Gimme Gimmies 'Blowin' In The Wind'

5. Shelter 'Mantra'


1. Nofx in Poznan, PL

2. Shelter in Czechs

3. Ignite in Reading, UK

4. Skrewdriver in Afganistan ;)

5. First W Sekund 5 gig in 1997 in our home town


1. Punk Rock - I'd die without it!

2. Money

3. Money

4. Money

5. Money ;)


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First was AC/DC 'Highway to Hell', last I bought in the record

store was Less Than Jake 'Greased' 2 years ago and it was the mostexpensive 15 British Pounds. But I needed it badly... Summer lovin' give me some blast...


Is it difficult to get punk records from other countries in

Poland nowadays and are they expensive?

-I can't afford buying original CDs from Epitaph, Revelation,

Victory, etc. I would have to work 10 hours to buy a new CD. The

same thing is with the ordinary CDs. Polish bands are 2 times

cheaper, but I don't like Polish crappunkrock.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a


-For me it's a lifestyle, for majority a mood, tattos and baggy

jeans. it's sad.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-I.K.A. - It Kicks Ass!


How does the reviews been on your new album (what is the album


-Your review is the first - I like it. But why am I 'desperate



What does people compare you too?

-Early Offspring, sometimes Bad Religion... But only from the

musical point of view. My lyrics can be compared to these of

Alkaline Trio guys - much poetry, broken hearts, miserable love and that kind of things. It's not a joke! I sing mainly about intimate relations between men and women. Some of the lyrics contain bitter life irony of Nofx's kind. I'll send you translations one day, then

you'll see...


Do you care about reviews? Which do you believe the most, the

bad or the good ones?

-I've read only two WS5 reviews during my whole punk life. To be

honest... I shit on them.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever got?



Which is the most peculiar which have happened on a concert with

you, on stage or in the audience?

-Once I shouted to the mic: fuck the police and president! I didn't know that there were 200 cops outside the club...


Which are the futureplans for the band?

 -We're gonna play 3 gigs in the near future: one in the capitol,Warsaw with Tube and Maypole, some kind of mini Warped Tour, heh,heh...  and the other two in Nowy Targ with Germans from Deadlock and in Zakopane in the fuckin' mountains for highlanders.


And for yourself?

-Lose some weight...



-Do not eat green apples and drink milk!


Something more to add?

-A pint of salt.





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