Wrong Band is a group of members who met on Tinder and they've just released their debut single on Grönpeppar Records and it's really good! August 2021


Some history about the group? You got the group together in a slightly odd way?

Hannah: Jesse and I played in a band together, but decided to start a new music project. That same week, I met Andy on Tinder(!!!). I asked him if he wanted to be in the band after the first date. He then brought John in on drums- and that's the way it is!


Tell me a little about every member, age, job, family, band before and band on the side?

Hannah: At the risk of getting shit in DMs that I don't want, I choose to remain anonymous and leave the focus on the band.

Andy: The Gestapo controls what I write so no comments.

Jesse: I'm single.


I can hear a lot of very old punk? Was it better back in time?

Hannah: I loved punk in the '80s and '90s. Above all, the skate punk runs through my blood. But nothing was better before, everything is better now and I'm fighting for it to get even better tomorrow.

Andy: Quotes the text from Niklas Strömstedt's version of Magnus Ugglas's ”Jag mår illa” (”Jag kan gilla”)("I feel sick" ("I can like"); "Then be then, and now is now and if it wasn't better before, it will be".

Jesse: For nostalgic reasons; yes. However, punk the upper hand of the time by being in the very awakening of not only the music genre but also the lifestyle. Politics, attire, rebel. the novelty is over and so I don't think punk can get back to what it once was. But it can be re-created and still shock, so we shouldn't grieve too much.


Wrong Band, are you happy with the name? What were you thinking by that name? If the best band name hadn't been busy, what name would you choose? I mean, what's the best band name?

Andy: The best band name is ABBA, short and damn easy to remember!

Jesse: The name is demanding, we don't have to have any expectations of us. In other words, no organizer or the like can complain if they are not satisfied. After all, they were the ones who chose to book the wrong band. Jokes on the side, I still think we hit a jackpot with our band name, so I don't feel the need to be anything other than "the right person in the Wrong Band".


What's the best thing about playing live? Have you started playing live after COVID yet? What kind of band do you have gigs with?

Andy: The best thing about playing live is to see the response from the audience and how they hopefully start like the music and singing along.

Jesse: "Adrenaline kicks in while runnin' and now we're full agility" (a line from our song "Roadtrip") reflects the feeling I get from being on stage. There's no better "high" than that feeling. We have so far played on the live stage on two occasions, at the 4everrock Festival in Sthlm and a private event where we were invited to play together with the rock band Liz Sipper.


Where's the best to play, where's the worst?

Hannah: All gigs are great gigs.

Andy: I don't recommend playing in a wood-burning sauna.


What is it like to play this kind of punk in Sweden today?

Hannah: It's awesome to be able to play in a band of music that I really like and believe in myself.

Jesse: I really think punk with subgenres will make a boost, especially when the restrictions start to drop and the live scenes dust off. Whether it's happy "partying iron" punk or more serious political punk, I think there's a need for people to scream and drop out of their pent-up frustrations and then punk is just the right genre for that.


How would you describe your music in three words?

Andy: A fat bang.


What does punk mean to you, is it just a word or is it a lifestyle?

Hannah: Punk is both a word, a style of music and a way of life. But I'm tired of the punk cops deciding what's punk or not. Saying "that's not punk" is the most un-punky thing I know.

Andy: That's what you make it. The bottom line of punk is still to go your own way and do what you believe in, and I think we do that in this band.

Jesse: For me, it's a lifestyle, but it's fucking hard to live up to. Punk is basically DIY and I have always been a flea market/junk finder who finds new uses for everything instead of throwing away. But it absolutely happens that I end up in the clutches of the commercial, especially during the pandemic when much of the trade has taken place digitally. It's not important for me to hold a label, as in this case punks, people will still call you whatever they want.


How do you see on downloading, mp3 and the like? Does it benefit smaller bands?

Andy: I don't think downloading is a problem anymore. But unfortunately, the new serious streaming services don't benefit the bands either, unless you're a band or an artist with millions of streams of course.

Jesse: I think a lot of people who listen to our genre prefer vinyl and live gigs and that benefits the bands.


What do you think it's like to live in Sweden today, politically? SD-KD-M?

Jesse: I have long worried about the brown winds blowing in over Sweden. What is particularly unpleasant now is that SD has gained so much influence, not only by growing as they draw followers from other parties on the right flank, but that other parties start to do the same thing behind to attract their followers back. In the long run, it normalizes racism, something that most parties have previously (anyway pronounced) kicked back at. It feels uncomfortably similar to what it looked like in the interwar period when NSDAP emerged.


Are there any good bands in Sweden today? In your hometown?

Hannah: I'm from Stockholm, so lots! Världen Brinner, Baboon show, Besserbitch. There you have three Stockholm-based punk bands that everyone should listen to.

Andy: As a native sollentunabo, I can say Europe, even if they are from the neighbouring municipality of Uppland's Väsby. Otherwise, I'll probably have to give Gothenburg cred to spit out good bands.


Do you play anything outside Sweden?

Hannah: We'll go to Germany and possibly Poland next year, when we'll see, depends a bit on Corona of course. But the answer is yes, we're going to leave as soon as we can. Andy: If we come to Borås, I'm happy.


Other good bands from abroad?

Hannah: NOFX, Bad Religion, Interrupters.

Andy: Bad Religion, Extreme, The Offspring

Jesse: System of a Down, Gogol Bordello, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


Your lyrics, what are you influenced by? Will you never sing in Swedish?

Jesse: I don't really know if I have any influence when it comes to my lyrics. I love writing in metaphors and using double meanings and the like, which you can probably notice if you listen in. Whether there will be anything in Swedish will probably be revealed in the future. A large part of our followers are from other countries, so it would be no more than a single song in that case.


Grönpeppar Records released your record.. Will there be more there? What do you like about the other thing they've released?

Andy: What I've heard I like and I'm incredibly grateful that they believed in us the way they did


Is there anything you'll never write about? Or is there nothing sacred?

Jesse: I'm not a person who would write about love in the first place (apart from friendship). But if I feel right, I will now take it as a challenge, and if a song about love appears in our repertoire, you have this interview to blame. Emergency rhyme à la "heart-pain" has nothing to do with my textbook. Otherwise, I think I could write about most things, as long as it does not go against my values.


Politics and music, is it always connected? Or shouldn't you mix these?

Hannah: Politics and music can of course belong together, but we don't want to be a politically bound band. On the other hand, we stand up for a little general public conscience like racism is shit, feminism is good and consumption can be problematic.

Jesse: I'd say we're non-partisan, but we're political in that we don't hymn about our values conveyed in some of our songs. One of our newest songs "Sell anything" for example, as you probably hear on the name, is about the consumer society.


Best political band/artist?

Hannah: The Baboon Show.

Andy: Bad Religion

Hannah: Damn it, I should have said, Bad Religion...

Andy: Too slow

Jesse: System of a Down


Do you think music can change someone's life, I mean lyrics etc? Do you have an example of that? Jesse: Clearly. If I look small-scale and start from myself, music has saved me many times. I have also been able to get help to solve and delving into my own problems and shortcomings by writing lyrics of it. For example, I wrote and dedicated a song to a friend who passed away. Because every time we played it live, I felt like I had to deal with the grief.


Your cover is really nice on your record, who did it. Is it important to have a cover that you understand what kind of music you are playing? What's your favorite cover all the time?...

Jesse: Thank you! I'm just a happy amateur and this is the first time I've done anything like this, but I'm really happy with the end result. I don't think album covers need hint at the genre. You eat with your eyes as it's called, although someone who has already eaten the dish before and likes it will probably continue to buy regardless. But for those without previous experience, the most important thing is that it attracts in some way; either purely aesthetically pleasing or that it catches one's attention. Should someone then turn out to be allergic to the content, they have to blame themselves for not reading the table of contents first.

Hannah: I'm so incredibly impressed that Jesse got our cover together. It's my favorite cover. Otherwise, I love Bad Religion the Empire strikes back. Think red and white and black combined is so crazy nice.

Andy: Jesse did a great job! Green Day's "Dookie" is a favorite.


Is it important to get physical records out? Vinyl or CD or both? Is there a good record store around you left?

Jesse: In the genre we play, there's a lot of demand for vinyl. CDs, I don't think we've been asked for. There is something special about vinyl as well; the sound, the feeling and possessing a little piece of art you can put out. That's how I work anyway. In Stockholm, unfortunately, I am not very familiar with record stores, but I usually look around the vinyl corner when I am in second-hand shops and at flea markets.

Andy: Nostalgia Palace, Mad Records and Record Hunter are great places in Stockholm.


Please tell us something really funny that has happened during your career on stage or backstage etc? In this band or any other band if you haven't had time to play out so much yet...

Hannah: Most recently at 4everrock we found out that we were going to bow with our backs to the audience as well, which was a bit unexpectedly funny because I had a very short skirt. Extra fun that my panty liner is documented everywhere too... shame pillow on it, haha.

Jesse: At a gig with a previous band, I did a fancy air kick in a song and my shoe went off and hit a man right between the eyes.


How does your audience look like? What kind of people do you draw? Are you missing any types of people? You had your first concert just a while back, didn't you?

Jesse: It's probably too early to say so far because we've only had two live gigs. But the audience we've had so far has been fun people and things like that we like.

Andy: If you're going to look after your followers on social media, it's high and low, old and young.


Please rank five favorite records, five favorite concerts? The most embarrassing record in the collection?



        Bad Religion - Stranger than fiction

        Rancid - ...And out come the wolves

        Interrupters - Fight the Good Fight

        NOFX - The war on errorism

        Green Day - Dookie


        Bad religion - Gröna lund 2013

        NOFX - Fryshuset Klubben 2014

        Offspring - Gröna lund 2018

        Interrupters - London 2018

        Weezer - Gröna lund 2018




        Bad Religion - Stranger than fiction

        Mr Big - Lean into it

        Extreme - Pornografitti

        Weezer - Pinkerton

        Green Day - Insomniac


        Bad religion - Gröna lund 2013

        Mr Big - Cirkus 2017

        Green Day - Globen 2017

        Twenty One Pilots - Hovet 2016

        Weezer - Gröna Lund 2018

Embarrassing record

Black Ingvars - Sjung och var glad




        System of a Down - Steal this album

        System of a Down - Toxicity

        Pink Floyd - The Dark side of the moon

        David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

        Thin Lizzy - China Town


        Roger Waters The Wall - Globen 2011 + 2018

        Peter Gabriel - Globen 2014

        Gogol Bordello - Debaser Medis 2007

        Alice Cooper - Fryshuset 2005

        Nazareth - Träffen 2004

Embarrassing record

I find it a little difficult to put the stamp embarrassing as I feel that everything in my collection has a "function". I have records that may not reflect my own style of music at all but they can still have an uplifting effect, play as "a fun thing" or fit a certain mood.


Interviews? Necessary pain or fun to do?

Andy: Fun!

Jesse: I like it, then whether I'm doing well or not is another thing.

How have the reviews been on the record? What bands are you compared to? Annoying or fun to be compared to other bands?

Jesse: I'm completely floored over the response we've received, I don't think I've ever received such good reviews before and so little criticism. It's almost like it's a little uncomfortable because I'm sure I'll take on even more once the criticism comes. We've been compared primarily to bands like The Offspring and a trashier version of No Doubt. Apparently, my voice reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefanis, but it's not something I've noticed myself. I think they are good and talented bands, so I have absolutely nothing against the comparison. Then most people have added that our sound is still very own, so it's nice to know that we still stand out a little bit.


If you could choose five bands from the history, dead and alive to have a concert with your band, what are the dream bands?

Hannah: A dream for me is to play the band together withr the Baboon show at some point, partly they are sickly talented musicians and partly Sweden's best live band, but above all they seem so damn kind, funny and humble the whole bunch.

Andy: Then I want us to go on tour with Hardcore Superstar, because IT is Sweden's best live band.


Is music a great way to get frustration out and become a kinder person? Are you angrier today than you were younger?

Jesse: Yes! When I haven't been music for a long time, you can tell, it´s been shown. Music is my therapy and has probably spared many from meeting my evil twin. I think I'm just as angry, if not more today. Now I'm more familiar with what's going on about and around me than I was then and there's so much shit in the world to feel anger about. The difference is that I don't act as impulsively and guided as much by my emotions now as I was then.


What's the weirdest question you've been asked in an interview? (Except for this one then)

Jesse: I can't remember being asked a weird question, it's usually more about weird answers.


What's the question you'll never get, ask it and answer it?

Jesse: How much do you lift in bench press? However, have never tested, so may return with the answer.

Andy: Can you burp? No, no, no, I have a syndrome.

Hannah: What Andy says is actually true, it's a real thing that he has.

Andy: And Hannah can't jump... ask her.

Hannah: No, I'm hopeless.


Future plans for the band?

Hannah: Do a full-length and go abroad on some kind of tour. Would have been cool to play at a big festival too, regardless of the size of the stage. Can play in a corner of the festival for five people as well, maybe it's an idea actually...

Jesse: Take over the world! And do a full-length one.

Andy: BORÅS!


To yourself?

Hannah: I want to get better at playing my instrument. I'm just starting to take bass lessons and I'm going to aim to learn 100 Beatles songs.

Jesse: More gigs, more tattoos, more meetings with fun people! More and more of everything! Andy: Buy another guitar maybe...


Words of wisdom?

Hannah: Always be nice. Being kind is the most underrated trait in the world. Andy: Always look on the bright side of life

Jesse: "Wrong, false and ugly, but never fart song". A quote from a singing teacher I had in high school and it's something that can be implemented on anything, just to replace the word "song". I'll tell the band before we go live to lower any performance anxiety and kick-start the "give it your all" feeling. Works for me anyway.


Anything to add?

Jesse: I'm single.