Wolfpack have changed name to Wolfbrigade and Erik was so nice and answered myquestions and this was in august 2000. 

Why did Jonsson quit? Didnt you think the same of things?


What bands have you been in before and?

-In 13 years itīs been some bands but the most famous bands we have been to are  Marcus-Harlequin and Micke-Cosa Nostra

Please tell me a little about every member, age, work and something horrible about every member?

-Micke, have no work , 27 years and he has own a Charta 77 record 

Marcus 28 study, and he is afraid of nails and very nervous every time heīs going to the tattooer

Jocke 27- Work in a factory, he has changed his last name

Erik 27 works in a factory, he had Dag Wennlund as a personal trainer

Frank 27 works in a factory, heīs an uncle to Jocke

Whatīs the most peculiar which have ahppened to you on stage or in the audience when you have played?

-Pantys on the stage.

Some people I have talek to thinks youīre nazis ,why this flirting with it or what shall I say(I mean the name)?

-What the hell! Of course we donīt like fascism in any form and thereīs nobody who believes in the shit people say. Then youīre fucking stupid. But thereīs people who talks very much and we donīt know who they are but we soon are going to find out.

You wree on Distortion before and now on No Tolerance, whatīs the difference?

-I donīt know, the CD version have precisly come out.

It was marked on your CDīs before that Jonsson had been in Anticimex, was it a little tiring?


Is it good to donīt get any questions about Anticimex?

-Yeah, I could understand it when we formed the band but when you release the first record so must the new band be more interesting. 

Did you play any songs by Anticmex now or then?

-Well, Wave of fear is a remixed Anti-Cimex song.

Any covers at all?

-We have done a  GG ALLin cover and then we have been on a Misfitstribut with the song Death Comes Ripping.

What does a cover good?

-Not to far away from the original but in the same time it must sound like your own bands song. 

What do you think about musiclife in Sweden today and what do you think about possibilities for new bands?

-Yeah, here in Gothenburg it happens nothing must I say and I use to go to Jonkoping but the possibilty to start play and reherseal is very good if you compare with other countries. 

Is there any good bands in Sweden? Outside Sweden??

-The latest with Burning kitchen is fucking good. Among the foreign bands i really like Post regement, Lost World, Warmachine, La Fraction, Tragedy, Served Head of state .


What does punk mean for you?

-A lifestyle, both musically and my way to think.

Is punk only a word and did it meant more for you in the past?

-No, I think itīs a lifestyle and itīs not only the clothes. Itīs something you grow with for every day and itīs a individual attitude. 

How is a good concert with WolfBrigade?

-Not so big scene,much people, then we are the best. 

How does the average fan look likr?

-I donīt know if there is somebody like that.

Are you satisfied with the new record, some extrasongs on it if you copmpare with the LP, why. Which company gave out the LP? 

-We are fucking satisfied with the new record. Itīs our best this far. On the CD version itīs 5 extrasongs. Just because thatīs the fact that itīs was already out on LP so wanted we the CD not to be the same as the LP. The vinyl LP was released by  Farewell records and Anomie Records(Tyskland)

Youīre from Mariestad, itīs a small city, what does people think of your way to look there?

-Well, of course we donīt look like the rest but thereīs so in whole Sweden. But Mariestad is a good city if youīre a punk. 

Is it easy to be judged before people know you when you look like you do?

-Yeah, I must agree with that fact, what do you think? 

Is it many interviews ,is it boring?

-Itīs some now and then, no itīs not boring but itīs easy to do it tomorrow every time. 

Which is the question you never get ,but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-Hell, that was the most difficult question I ever had. I canīt answer it right now.

Is there any interest from any other countries?

-Itīs outside sweden we are as biggest.

How much does a group of your caliber sells?

-I donīt really know. Allday hell have sold about 5-6000 .

Does life feels like Allday hell?

-Really often.

Whatīs the best and whatīs the worst of living in Sweden?

-The freedom we have in Sweden to go everywhre in the nature(Allemansrätten) is something we must care about. I much angry on that we pay taxes to a system which isnīt function anyway.

Whatīs the best and whatīs the worst of being in a band?

-To tour and have the right to express ourselves. The worst thing can be that people can have so much expactations on us when youīre out and so. Itīs not easy to have a bad day, you must be alert every day. 

Whatīs the best with being so many in the band?

-2 guitars is never wrong but the best is that itīs more ideas from more people. 

You dopnīt have an own webiste, why not?

-No, unfortuneally, no one of us can those things but it would be nice to have a site which is actual all the time. 

Any favouritezines on the net except Skrutt or on paper?

-Isnīt so much out on the net. But on paper I think that  Destroy and Hell and damnation is really good. In Sweden thereīs many good zines, and itīs difficult to remember everybody.

What shall a good zine contain?

-Reviews, interviews, articles, concertreviews. The most important is that the things that are written is done with interest and love to the things that they write about., 

Something more to add?

-Maybe that our name nowadays is Wolfbrigade and that you can write to us "Wolfbrigade c/o Black Track Musik, P.O.Box 254, 542 23 Mariestad

Futureplans for the band?

-We have precisly recorded a split 7 with german Audio Kollaps and something with EOM is finally on itīs way.

Future plans for you?

-Good question, I really wonder that myself.


-Support your local punkscene, donīt you vere take shit from somebody, stand for your things because with your legs on your back nothing can happened. Thanks for the interview and I hope you continue with your Skrutt.