TJ from Welch Boys was eager to do an interview and he answered me the same day (1 st of September 2005) I send the questions. Welch Boys have members from Blue Bloods and Slapshot in the band…..


Why did you start to play and when was it?

-My dad gave me a guitar when In 1976 was about ten. I listened to a lot of

punk and new wave in the late 70's and Early 80's, and the music inspired me to play. I took about three lessons, and got bored. I learned most of what I know from friends who also played guitar.


Is it still the same memberSor do you have had many personal changes?

-The members of the Welch Boys has stayed consistent over the year that we have been together.I left my previous band, The Blue Bloods, a couple of years ago. With them,I wrote alot of the music, but never felt comfortable handing lyrics to Tim(the singer) . I wanted to write lyrics also, and The Welch Boys have given me this opportunuty. The Blue Bloods continued without me,and we are still good friends. I have recently heard that they may be breaking up. This is sad, but I know that they will get back together eventually.


Please tell me a little about every member of the group today, age,

family, interests, and something bad about every one?

-Ed Lalli is our singer. He also is the guitar player for Slapshot. He

doesn't play guitar with us, however, he does write some music for us on

guitar. I met him when we did the 2003 "Back on the Map" European tour (

Slapshot, the Blue Bloods, Blood for Blood) The Blue Bloods used to cover a Bonecrusher song, and Ed would come up on stage and sing with us. I thought that he had a great voice. When I left the Blue Bloods, I was looking for a singer for my new band, and Tim from the Blue Bloods suggested that I contact ED. I did, and the rest is history. I think Ed is 27. He works in the film industry. He is single, but has a pretty serious girl. I really can't say anything bad about the guy, because if I do he will kill me.

  Mark Powers plays bass and writes some great tunes. I met him through Mark Doherty of the Boston band NO Way USA. He works in insurance, and is engaged to get married.I think he's 28 or something like that. His interests include sports, tatoos, writing songs, and drinking lots of beer. The only thing I have to say about him that is negative is that he hates Pink Floyd. How anyone hates Pink Floyd is beyond me.

 PJ, our lead guitarist, is in his mid 30's. He works in a hospital. He

reads brain waves. He is married, with a lovely 2 year old daughter. I have

been playing off and on with him for ten years, and he is a great lead

player. He really doesn't listen to much punk, but that is what I like about him. He likes to golf, and has the ability to naturally master anything he tries. He is also a drunk just like me. The thing I don't like about him is that, whenever I try to quit drinking, he offers me a beer. The guy always has a cooler of beer with him.

 Ronnie is a great drummer. Like PJ, I have been playing off and on with him for years, and he doesn't listen to punk. His favourite band is Black

Sabbath, and he likes alot of that progressive shit like Porcupine Tree. I

like the fact that he doesn't listen to punk, because that makes his sound

unique and different from the typical punk beats. He understands rhythm

well, and is not afraid to use all of his big John Bonham Ludwig kit. Ronnie is in his mid 30's , and is single. He has two lovely daughters. The thing I don't like about Ronnie is the fact that he has long hair. If he passes out on the tour bus, I am going to shave his head.


You have bands on the side of Welch Boys, please tell me(can I get an

mailinterview with Slapshot too)?

-I can't guarantee you,.. but send me some questions to Slapshot, and I will forward them to Ed. The Welch Boys is my only band right now,... however, if Tim from the Blue Bloods told me that he wanted to re-form, I would do it,... but I could only offer them a limited amount of time.


You´re from Boston, many other punkbands have come out of Boston, which

are the best from now and from then?

-My favourite band ever from Boston was SS Decontrol. They were powerful, and very unique. They raised hardcore to a higher level. I used to go see them live when I was a little punk rocker back in the early 80's. I had the pleasure of playing in a band in the 90's called Gage, with Al Barile. Al

was the songwriter and guitarist in SS Decontrol. I still talk to him, and a few years back, The Blue Bloods did a show where we played about six SS Decontrol songs live, and Al played Bass on stage with us. Springa, the

singer from SS Decontrol used to get up on stage with us also. The Blue

Bloods covered "Glue", and he used to like to sing it.

  Right now, my favourite band in Boston is Darkbuster. The new cd, "Weakness for the Spirits" is brilliant. Eric from Darkbuster co - produced the Welch Boys cd.


Wasn´t it Boston the planes was starting off from the 11th of september,

How has it colouring your life?

-Yes, that tragedy has affected us greatly. This town has a rich history of

freedom.  The Pilgrims first came to Boston in 1620 for religious freedom.

Boston is the birthplace of the American revolution.

  We live in a world where freedom will has to be fought for. I have a song

on the new cd, called "United" that sums up how I feel. "Live free or Die"

There will always be opponents of freedom, whether it is the Nazis, the

Communists, or these fuckers. We will always defeat them. It's too late to

stop freedom. It's infectious, and will eventually encompass the world. It's part of Human evolution.

   We all want peace, but sometimes, we can not hide our head in the sand

and be nuetral. I am not saying that we were justified to invade Iraq, but

Sooner or later, opression and facism have to be faced. 9-11 was the Pearl

Harbour of my generation. It is a call to arms. Don't kid yourself, They

hate Sweden just as much as they hate the US. The US is just a more visible



Is people afraid for that it can happen again?

-It will happen again, both here and where you are. They want us to be

afraid. We won't be afraid. Theo van Gogh was an artist with the balls to

spaek out against them. They killed him for what he said. Theo Van Gogh was not afraid ? They may kill me or you for what we say, but we can not live every day in fear.


This record have you released on your own, isn´t that any label which is


-Yes, right now we are talking to Thorp Records in the US, and I Scream in

Europe. A bunch of other labels are interested, but these are the two labels that I like the best. It should be out in January.


What about that Bush won the election? Are people stupid or what is wrong?

-I did not like either candidate. My mother was John Kerry's secretary in

the 80's, and I know first hand that Kerry is a piece of shit. Bush is no

bargain either. He has managed to screw up our economy, and he really turned Iraq into a mess. I am looking forward to the next election in 2008. I really like Senator John Mccain, and not just because he's Irish. The fuckin guy survived years in a prison in Vietnam. I know he will make a great leader, and that is what we need now. I think he will handle our

relationship with the rest of the world better than Bush has.


Music and politics, does it goes hand in hand?

-Sometimes it does. Politics is life, and music is a reflection of that. It's hard not to write songs about what we feel, however I do feel that musicians political opinions are no more correct than anyone else..... we just have more people's attention.


Best political band?

-I don't care if it's cool or not, I like U2, and not just because they are

Irish. I think that Bono has done more positive things for the world, and

shed more truth on injustice, than any other band in the world. He is also

careful not to let his personal political and religious beliefs overshadow

his message. I am inspired by him.


What do you know about Sweden? What is typical swedish?

-I have never been there, but would love to visit. I admire your history,

especially the Viking culture. I am alarmed to hear about the church

burnings, but I am sure that this is the work of a handful of morons, and

most Swedes are tolerant of all religions. I also think that you have an

unusually large share of the world's beautiful women, and you should not

take this for granted.


 Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

-Yes,Sweden is fertile territory for good rock and roll of all types.

Soundtrack of Our Lives is amazing. They remind me of The Who. I like alot of the Swedish Black Metal,but I just laugh at the lyrics. I'm sure that they laugh at my lyrics. Anti Cimex is a great band. The Hives are cool too. The Cardigans are talented. ABBA was really good too. I like Abba, Does that make me a pussy ?


Have you done anything more than the record you sent to me?

-Not yet, but I write songs constantly. I keep a notebook within arm's reach of the toilet. Every time I take a shit, I have a new lyric. I have about half of a new cd already written. I take these ideas to the other guys, and we shape some good stuff out of it.


Which apart from the latest one are you most satisfied with?

-I like the way Jim Seigal recorded us, and captured our power. He has done alot of good stuff over the years with just about every Boston band. He is a big part of why this town has so many good punk bands.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-It is very much a lifestyle. I could care less about the fashion end of

it. I think that punk represents a way of free thinking. It is also more

rooted in working class, urban reality than the Hippy thing. It has more

integrity. This is because most bands playing punk music do it because they love the music. For the most part,We are not motivated to do it for a career. Slapshot is one of the biggest , long running bands in punk, and

those guys all have day jobs. You can hear the integrity in the music.

   Both punk and rap reflect the struggles of the working class,... the

struggle and the joy.


Is punk something you will raise your children(if you got/have/going to


-Yeah, my two boys like punk, but I want them to be individuals, and find their own favourite music. I try to expose them to everything, from jazz to bluegrass.


How has the scene changed since you began to play and from the beginning?

-I had the good fortune to be around in the early 80's. I saw Black Flag,

the Bad Brains, the Dead Kennedies. It was insane back then. Everyone was slamming and Stage diving at the shows. I am glad that punk is still around, although I think that it has matured and taken a different form over the years. People don't go as wild at shows anymore, and I miss it a little,although at thirty nine years old, I won't be stage diving anymore.


How does the average Welch Boys fan look like?

-Usually, they are wearing a Red Sox shirt, with a beer in each fist. they

scream the lyrics to the songs, and that gets us pumped. We love all our

fans that show up at the shows.


Do you have good contact with your fans? In which way?

-Yes. We have regular people who show up at our shows, and we get emails from our site.  It is always good to talk to people that we have inspired.


How is a good concert with Welch Boys? Is it violent or what?

-No, fortunately, I don't see much violence. Our music has a positive

message, and we get that back from the people who understand where we are coming from. Like anything else in life, you get back what you put out. Everything you do is coming back at you.


Is it most fun to play in USA or outside USA? Where is the best country

To play in?

-I like to play in Boston, because we know everyone. I wrote a song called "617" about Boston. I love the fucking place. I had fun Touring Europe too.

I really liked Germany and Belgium. I don't remember Amsterdam.


You have an own website, is it important to a band to have one?

-Yes, it's  The internet is the best thing that happened to music. It exposes underground bands to the rest of the world, and gives us all a chance to get our music out to more people without having to adhere to the limitations of the commercial rock and roll machine.


Is it many visitors from many odd countries there?

-Yes, people in Europe seem to really like us.


Welch Boys, where do the name come from, I understand that it comes from your name but why did you take your name?

-I am proud of my Irish heritage, and my bloodline. It may be egotistical,

but I decided to name this band after my family name.


Is it important to have a name which sticks out, which is the best


-Yes, there are some stupid band names out there, like Loverboy or

Audioslave. I always liked rebellious names like " Minor Threat"


When you do music, which is most important, is it to have a good melody,

good lyrics or is it to have a refrain that people remembers?

-Good melody is most important. That is what sucks people in to listening to the song. Only after that can you get a message across with your lyrics.


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five

most important things in life?


1. SS Decontrol - Get it Away

2. Black Flag - Damaged

3. Minor Threat - Minor Threat

4. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

5. The Beatles - Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band


1. Nirvana at Club Man Ray. I think it was 1990

2. The Bad Brains at Lupo's in Providence 1985

3. Sonny Rollins at the Berkely in Boston right after 9-11

4. The Rolling stones at Wembly Stadium, I think it was 1996

5. The Grateful Dead at Highgate in Vermont 1995


1. God

2. Family

3. Friends

4. My Country

5. Rock and Roll


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First - Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle

Last - Sun Ra - Heliocentric Worlds

Most Expensive - Klaus Nomi - Simple man. I paid $30 for the import vinyl.


Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-Loverboy - Get Lucky   Audioslave - Out of Exile


The best record to have sex to?

-Barry White is the master of bedroom music. Everyone should screw to Barry.


Futureplans for the band?

-I want to do a cd a year with these guys until arthritis prevents me from

playing. I figure that I have another 15 or 20 years.


For yourself?

-I want to raise my kids the best I can, and continue to write and record



How has the reviews been on your new record?

-None yet. It will not be out until January. Thorp wants to put it out in the US, and possibly I Scream in Europe. We like Onno Cromag from I Scream. He is the godfather of punk in Europe, and he helped my previous band, the Blue Bloods out alot.


DO you care about reviews?

-Yes. any artist who doesn't is full of shit. Reviews can both encourage and disappoint the artist. I just try to remain confident in my material,

regardless of bad reviews.





Something to add?

-Sometimes, however, I have found that it created a painful rash on my balls.