Wasted Time is a band from the south of Sweden in the age of 15 which sent me a very good demo. I did this interview through MSN early a saturdaymorning. The drummer came later into the interview and goes under the name Hail Jon26/8-2006


Hallo on you ...what are you doing this early a Saturday morning?

Wasted Time :Hehe only writes the interview


Why did you start to play and when?


Johannes Punx –I wasn´t in the band in the beginning

Christoffer:-It wasn´t the same in the beginning….we thought of playing heavy metal but it became punk… 

Yeah .. after a while .. we wasn´t so good in the beginning ,... and we was testing us foreward .. and we didn´t play the same sort of instruments as we do today!! But I remember one rehearsal when I came with the suggestion that we should play Blitzkrieg Bop and then it became more punk of the band...


Good I think and I don´t think that you sound as other swedish punkbands…a little bit more british 80´s?

Christoffer:Ok  Tough !!! It's no one who says so before about us.  ..

Johannes Punx::We played some covers before as Sex Pistols for example. We hope to come foreward with some more songs that people recognize. 

Christoffer:But sometimes we do a little bit of different songs…everyone isn´t the same style…we have a calm song too….and some other stuff. 

Christoffer:-So we test us foreward which will be best to our style.

Johannes Punx:Yeah, it´s really important to play after which audience which is there so we can come foreward. 

Christoffer:-It can be a mix of different bands


But the songs on the demo are own or?


Johannes Punx  –Yeah-they’re all own

Johannes Punx:Have you heard the hidden track? It's a Swedish punksong that Christoffer have written . 


That one I have hear? You haven’t done any more sings in swedish? 

Johannes Punx::-No, but we think about doing it sometimes.

Christoffer:-I have written about 4 songs in swedish in my life. But not one of them have been anything in the band. 


You said that noone had said that your music sounded british 80´s, what does people compare you to? 

Christoffer :-I don’t know really .. what do you think Johannes?

Johannes Punx –I don’t really know but people thinks we’re really good and that it is often many people who says that they’re listening to our demo….. but people think it is punkrock and that we play some more faster songs. ..

Christoffer:-Yes, they say that our songs reminds them about some bands and so. 

Johannes Punx:-Yes


Where do you come from, which city?

Johannes Punx :Bromölla

Christoffer:-We lives in Bromölla in Skåne län..


Is there any other bands around which is good?

Christoffer -SplitSide and they’re from Sölvesborg..

They’re a bit older than us ..


When we speak about age , how old are you?

Johannes Punx –Yeah, they have played for a while... we’re 15

Christoffer:-Soon 14 for me

Johannes Punx –What?

Christoffer:-15 I mean

Johannes Punx:-Yeah, haha


And then you can imagine how old I am….my son is 14 soon! I have been in the punkmovement since the punk was born….but punk seems to live on really well nowadays too…What does punk mean to you….is it only a word or is it a lifestyle? 

Christoffer:-For me it’s about daring to be yourself….to dare to be different...

Johannes Punx –Yeah, I think that you should dare to look they way you want, you shall be the one you are, that’s obvious. 


It sounds like you think the same way as we did. What do your parents says about your style or are they old punks or? 

Christoffer:-My dad listened to heavy metal and punk when he was young. 

Johannes Punx:-No, not precisely, my parents aren’t interested in that type of music. 


Good, Christoffer, does he like what you do now then? 

Christoffer:-Yes, he likes our band. He talks about us much when we meet relatives and so on. 


Is there any other good bands around in Sweden right now?

Johannes Punx:-Yeah, the next gig the second of september on Karthago in Sölvesborg we will play with Tysta Mari and they’re really Ebba Grön-ish and that’s really good. 

Christoffer:-Yeah, I think like Johannes.!! There’s good bands all over..


Is it many gigs?

Christoffer:-There´s some…we take as many gigs we can get

Johannes Punx –If you check out our site so have we about 4 gigs this month but they’re not decided yet. 


Which type of people comes to your gigs?

Christoffer:-Everything .. it depends where you play...

Johannes Punx:-Yeah, in some places, as on Bromölla-day which we have down here, and then you must play a little bit slower and take down the tempo a little maybe

Christoffer:-Yeah!!  It’s fun to play in front of all sorts of people I think. 


But do you take down the tempo in your own songs or do you choose covers or what do you mean? 

Christoffer:-We have some mixed songs .. so we take some of our calmer songs. But we also do fast songs on all gigs...


Soon it´s an election in Sweden but you’re too young to vote but if you have the right to vote which will get your vote? 

Johannes Punx::-Yeah, we vote in the school..

Christoffer:-I´m too young to think about that !!. I haven’t decided what I think yet..

Johannes Punx:-I don’t know what to say about voting and so…But what happens with this interview later. Do you put it out together with the review of the demo? 


It comes as a seperate interview. Here´s the review of your record.....här kommer recensionen av er skiva: WASTED TIME-DEMO 2006(MINI-CD) It's fun with a Swedish band which sounds a little bit different because that do wasted Time. It's not the same style as other bands when we talk about Swedish punk. It use to be melodic punk in Swedish(trallpunk) or USHC but here it's some mix of these both styles in some way. They plays fast but they have a style which reminds me about early English 80´s group and I think much is the singers “fault” because he have a voice which sounds different.  Like their style much and you can surely expect an interview soon.(EIGHT) 22/8-06  What do you think about that?

Johannes Punx:-Ok It sounds really good

Christoffer:-Yeah .. it sounds good I think..


To play punk in Bromölla and to be a punk in Bromölla, how does people take this around you? 

Christoffer  -There´s many who try to beat us down as soon as we walk by them…But there´s many good people who likes our band too.  !!

Johannes Punx::-Yeah, I have heard them who shout bad things but it´s only to ignore them.

Christoffer:-Yeah!! They have only problem with that we owe them…. !..haha


We had problems with raggare(Teds) in my time but which people is it who shouts the bad comments after you?

Christoffer:-That´s the type of tough guys which are the one who’s partying and drink and they´re better than everybody else. There’s many different types. Nazis and those people become very angry when they see people like us!!


Is there many nazis down there?

Christoffer –We cannot know people opinions…but people see us as communists or anarchists…but they don’t know anything about us and what we think…we’re nothing of those things. 


It sounds like it always have done. Your lyrics , what are they about?

Christoffer –Different, you can hear a little on the lyrics also….Place to go is a really toguh song!!


And it’s about?

Christoffer –Most of trying to decide yourself and do what you want and likes…Something in that style I think

Hail Jon  :-Yeah, and you can hear it on the songtitle that everyone needs somewhere to go?? Or something like that. 

Christoffer:-Yeah .. It’s mostly bad if you don’t know where you’re going. 


Is it problematic to have somewhere to go when you’re in the age you are? 

Christoffer:-Sometimes we feel that way.

Johannes Punx :-Yeah, in this age, it´s really distressed with both shcool and the band and you cannot miss any grades or so… but I´m on my way I think. 


It feels like it’s hard pressure on today’s youth? 

Hail Jon –Yeah, it is. And especially if you’re an alternative person. Punks for example have a really bad rumour among older people..

Johannes Punx –Yeah, that’s not always so fun I think.

 Hail Jon::-Yeah



So have it always been…..is this the first interview you ever have done? 

Hail Jon :Hmm it´s the second isn´t it?

Johannes Punx :-Yeah, we did one just before the Bromölla-day.

Hail Jon  :-The Kristianstadpaper too

Christoffer:- Yeah, we have been in the paper too.

Johannes Punx:-Yeah


Is it the morning paper?

Hail Jon  :-Evening paper is it, I think? 

Christoffer:-But you get in the morning, aren´t you?


But which question do you want to have? Please ask it and answer it?  Hail Jon  :-Hmm.  How the hell can your drummer be so fucking good..Haha …only joking. 


Johannes Punx :-We have actually a very good drummer

Hail Jon:yeah.

Johannes Punx :-Hehe .What´s the most fun that you know with the music? – When we can play live in front of real punks and see how they sing along and moshpit and everything is totally fucked up…that I like anyway and you get a certain feeling that you can do whatever you want..


Which are the futureplans for the band?

Hail Jon  :-Hmm.

Christoffer:-It´s to get as many gigs we can ..

Hail Jon  :-we must soon do some t-shirts

Christoffer :-and see how it goes..

Johannes Punx:-To get more gigs and find a good bassist

Hail Jon :-Haha

Johannes Punx :Haha no

Christoffer:-Try to get us more wellknown.

Johannes Punx :-Yeah and you can say if you know any bassist but don´t write that down. 

Hail Jon:  -Hahaha, what was the grade you gave the demo?

Johannes Punx :-But we want to get more fans and try to get a record label…that’s a dream. 

Johannes Punx:-3?

Hail Jon  :-If it´s the right label.

Johannes Punx:-of 5?


8 of 10.....was the grade. ....Your own futureplans , what do you want to work with?

Johannes Punx –Wow…thanks

Hail Jon :-OH  I wouldn´t have give such good grade.

Christoffer:-That was a difficult question..

Hail Jon  :-I want to work with music, in some way.

Johannes Punx :-I want to go to a music class…what it is called now again? 

Christoffer:-I think I also want to be anything with music ..

Johannes Punx :-But right now it´s OK if we get as much gigs as we can so we can get 1000-2000  for a gig so we can buy some more equipment. 

Hail Jon  :-Yes.

Christoffer:-It would have been good..

Hail Jon  :-As we asked before, where does this come, this interview I mean?

Johannes Punx:-And we want a direct link so I can put it out on My space too. 


Do you have something to add?

Christoffer:-Hmm Do you have something to add Ralle or Johannes?

Hail Jon  :-Except the fact that you´re homoesexual man?

Johannes Punx –No, this is good...


Hail Jon  :-Yeah

Johannes Punx :-Yeah