Ian Glasper write in Terrorizer, have made a lot of books about punk/HC/Thrash and he plays bass in Warwound and he have been in many groups through the times. I have been in contact with him for the latest 20 years. He like most CD´s like me and not downloaded things and here he have answered a lot of questions from me. June-2017


I understand that the group was founded in 1982 and disbanded in 1984. Am I right with those facts?

-Yes, Warwound originally started in 1982, and recorded three demos, and played a few local gigs, before splitting up in 1984. Damian Thompson put the band together, and was the bassist at the time - the band basically split when he went off to join the Varukers. Another version of Warwound carried on for a few more months, but never recorded anything else.


Why did the group start up again in 2015, how did you came into the group?

-After the Varukers, Damian formed Sacrilege, and then pretty much vanished from the scene for over 20 years. However he was involved with the Relapse reissue of the first Sacrilege 12" in 2015, which included one brand new track from Sacrilege... this reignited his desire to play punk music and to play live again. But unfortunately Tam from Sacrilege doesn't want to play live, so Damian thought about reforming Warwound, so he could play gigs again, and then he thought about playing some of the Varukers and Sacrilege songs he wrote, as well as Warwound songs... he didn't want to play bass himself though, as he's grown more accustomed to the guitar, and he knew I was a decent bassist and a big fan of all three of his bands, so I got the call!


Your members have been in such fine groups like Decadence Within, Varukers, Fiend, Hellkrusher, Sacrilege….are there any groups more that they have been in?

-Well, Damian was in Cadaverous Clan before Warwound... Rat was in Discharge for many years... Stevie was in Dogsflesh, and still plays in The Vile with Rat... I was also in Suicide Watch, Flux Of Pink Indians, Freebase, Thirty Six Strategies, Burnside, Stampin' Ground and Betrayed By Many!


Do anyone of you play in another band than Warwound right now?

-Rat is still in the Varukers, of course, and Rat and Stevie play in The Vile as well. Myself and Damian are only in Warwound now.


The name Warwound wasn´t occupied by any other band…a fucking good name isn´t it?

-Yes, it's a great name for a punk band - I'm amazed no one else has used it too!


Who does the music in the group and who does the lyrics?

-Damian wrote all the old songs, but with the new material on the new LP, I wrote half of the music, and Stevie the drummer wrote the other half. Rat wrote most of the lyrics, although three of the songs on the new LP I wrote the lyrics to...

We all collaborated on the arrangements though


The new songs, what are they about?

-The new songs are basically about modern life, and our frustrations at government, police, religion, and society in general. A big source of frustration for us is the right wing media, constantly whipping up fear and paranoia amongst the population, fuelling racial and religious prejudice. I don't think we're overtly political - our politics are more personal, but we have a strong sense of right and wrong, and we are very much against racism, sexism, homophobia etc. Hence we called our album 'Burning The Blindfolds of Bigots'... there's far too much bigotry, prejudice and discrimination in the world today.


Is music punk/hc a good way to get out political views? Is it necessary or can you play punk/HC without being political? Name me some example if you know any good nonpolitical bands?

-I think it's impossible to exist as a human being without being political these days. You make your life choices and they have a political leaning, whether you like it or not. Similarly with music, it's impossible to say or do anything without making some kind of political stance, even if it's a subtle one. The gigs you play, the venues you go to, the labels and records you buy, the fanzines and newspapers you read... even the TV that you watch... it's hard to separate life - and music - from politics. I can't think of any punk bands that are COMPLETELY apolitical... I was going to say GBH are a good band who aren't political, but whilst they aren't OVERTLY political, even those guys have their own take on politics.


How is it now in England after all terroristactions, Brexit and so on? Are people angry and frustrated?

-Yes, people are angry, it feels like the country is split in two and is heading for serious civil unrest. Half the country wanted Brexit, half the country didn't... half the country blames the terror attacks on immigration, half the country can see through the media smog... I think it's going to be a long hot summer!


Which is the best political band through all times?



Can you trust any politican?

-No, but I think some are less odious than others. Jeremy Corbyn, for example, seems a far more compassionate person than Theresa May.


You have written a lot of books about punk/HC through the times, are you doing something like that right now?

-Yes, I've written four books on the UK punk and hardcore scenes: Burning Britain... The Day The Country Died... Trapped In A Scene... Armed With Anger... I'm now working on a fifth book, which is all about the UK thrash metal scene over the last 35+ years, which is coming out next April (2018) through Cherry Red Books again, and is called Contract In Blood. It features over 80 UK thrash metal bands, including all the big names like Onslaught, Sabbat, Slammer, Xentrix, Acid Reign, English Dogs, Reanimator, Toranaga, Evile etc. etc.


Are you still writing in Terrorizer etc?

-And yes, I still write for Terrorizer. I've been writing for them since 1993, and haven't missed contributing to a single issue in 24 years. I also write for Down For Life and Bass Guitar magazines too.


What are the other members do, are they only playing music or do they work something at the side of music?

-None of us can afford to live off music, so we all do 'proper' jobs as well. Rat drives forklift trucks, Stevie is a sound engineer and a lecturer, Damian makes flutes, and I'm a safety advisor.


Are you going out and play much now when you have been releasing a new record?

-We play as much as we can, but like I said above, we all hold down jobs to keep a roof over our heads, and we all have families, other bands, other commitments. But we are trying to play even more at the moment to promote the new LP. We've just done a short UK tour and a short trip in Europe... we're off back to Europe in September, and hopefully back to the US in November, and we have various 'long weekends' lined up in the UK and Europe between now and next spring...


Is it important to get out the record physically and can you feel so that you have not released something if you only do it digital?

-I fucking HATE digital downloads. In fact, I don't download music at all, apart from review stuff for the magazines I write for. If I like something I want it on CD. I'm not a great vinyl collector. I play most of my music in the car, as I drive a LOT for my job.


Which are the five best records right now?

-Five good new records right now would be the new Tau Cross album, the new Bloodclot album, the new Life Of Agony album, the new Grand Collapse album... and the new Warwound album! Seriously! I'm very proud of it!


Do you still buy vinyl/CD?

-Just CDs really.


If you could choose five band from now and then, living and dead bands to have a big concert with Warwound, which five have you been chosen?

-My ultimate gig would be Warwound opening for: Dead Kennedys with Jello Biafra singing. Rudimentary Peni. First LP line-up of Cro-Mags. Voivod. The Ruts with Malcolm Owen and Paul Fox (RIP)


Is there any chance to see you in Sweden soon?

-Yes, we hope to, we want to play everywhere eventually. We've had some offers from Finland too, so maybe we can come tour Scandinavia next year.


Have you any favorite Swedish bands?

-I love so many bands from Sweden, but they include Anti Cimex, Mob 47, Refused, No Fun At All, Entombed, Unleashed, Disfear, Skit System, The Vicious, At The Gates...


When you do a record cover, is it really important to have a cover which shows people which type of music you play? Which is your favorite recordcover of all covers in the world?

-Yes, I think it's important to have a good record cover, that tells people about the music and the band, and we put a lot of effort into our LP cover - we liaised VERY closely with Andy Lefton, who did the art, to ensure it was completely representative of Warwound. As for the best LP cover EVER... wow, what a tough question. There's so many to choose from, but I'd probably say 'Death Church' by Rudimentary Peni?


Which are the futureplans for the band?

-Just to play lots of gigs, in interesting places, and make some cool new friends. We've also started to write new tunes for the NEXT record, so you'll be hearing plenty from Warwound in the future...


For yourself?

-I'm working really hard on this UK thrash metal book. It's taking up almost ALL of my spare time, but I want it to be the very best book on the subject possible.



-Think for yourself. See through the lies. Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated.


Something to add old mate?

-Thanks, Peter, you're a star.