Volt Ghosts was a group which sent me their newest Lp filled with good punkrock 
in an old style and here have Andy after a long time answered my questions in 
November 2011.
When and why did you start to play?
-Volt Ghosts had their first show in december 2009 -but you have to know-in 
the beginning Volt Ghosts was just an one man project. I recorded a 3 
demo songs and put it out by myself with the intention to find someone 
who likes it and who want to join in,so back in the middle of 2009 Locke 
joined the band to play bass and a couple weeks later Matti joined in to 
play drums-so we were ready to rock.
Please tell me about every member, name, work, family, interests and 
something bad about every one?
-We got Locke on bass,his real character is called Jens Klotz- heīs 
something like a freelancer. He can do everything and heīs busy with d
oing what he does -always- he also do reviews for a punk fanzine - 
he ignores that things are getting old.
We got Matti on drums he only works on himself - mostly physical -
he loves the music and the booze - he would like to become a turbonecro 
double and is sleeping when he has to be awake - so he is missing all the 
good things.
Iīm(Andy)the guy who tries to sing and plays guitar in front.I love to 
play music(aargh-itīs the hardest part to describe yourself)when I’m not 
doing music iīm punished to repair cars in a little company. But I need 
the money for the passion. Something bad about me - Iīm not what they call 
an outgoing type especially if Iīm not on stage - I donīt love to do 
smalltalk because I wonīt be a person who doesnīt remember conversations
Youīre only three in the group, but you sound really much, have you have 
thought about having some more in the group?
-Oh yeah my intension was just do the vocals and some crazy performance 
like a drunken squirrel but we started as this 3 piece band ,so no squirrel 
stuff for me yet, maybe weīll get another guitar player someday - at the 
moment it works pretty well.
To play this sort of punkmusic in Germany how is that?
-Itīs fantastic to do music - not only punk/rock - we love some different 
kind of music but a shreding guitar and a electric bassline with an awesome 
headshaking drumbeat in the back and an asskicking voice in the front makes 
us feeling like little kids again - all over the world
How is musiclife in Germany?
-We got good conditions to do music - we got a lot of rehearsal rooms in 
youth centers and a lot of people take care about the music scene.
we also got music in school but we need to learn better instruments like 
guitar/drums/bass... not those instruments like a flute or triangle
less notes - more rhythm, u know.
Why a LP and not a CD?
-It has a little different sound -more dirty- u know
and you got a bigger cover that looks great and of course the lyrics.
you got something in your hand - and of course the nostalgic factor.
I describe you like some mix of Black Flag, Motörhead, 77-punk and 
Hellacopters, comment on that?
-I also play in a hardcore-band called screwed up so we got influences of 
this sound and the other guys played in a punk band called Shoemakers so we 
got punk influences - but Iīm more into the rock thing - so we got a little 
bit of everything - so it fits with your description - but every band has 
the intention to create a new sound or style to leave a mark in the 
Which other groups are you being describe as?
-The Bronx
Do you understand that reviewers always say other bands when they review a 
record...or does that makes you angry?
-We do understand-nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke, because people who 
doesnīt know whoīs behind volt ghosts and how they sound, need to get a 
direction of their music. Itīs like you have to describe a meal or a drink 
to get the clue how is the taste of it.
How is it to live in Germany overall?
-You have to know that we are living in the eastern part of Germany called 
Saxony. After the end of the cold war we finally could join to go wherever-
whenever we want- you can call it a different freedom. We enjoy that really 
really much. Our country has the most beautiful girls and we love to be naked 
with a beer in our hand and no one cares about it or has a problem with that.
What is the best with living in Germany and whatīs the worst?
-The best is without a doubt the cheap & well tasting beer. We got a good 
social system - because you donīt have to be homeless if you donīt want it.
The worst is the bureaucracy - we have to many rules for everything
if you want to do anything you have to fill out a lot of papers.
And we are not what you would call RELAXED because everything has to be 
organized - germans are always organized.
What do you know about Sweden?
-We just know the stuff about the media and what we have read about Sweden, 
something like - you are monarchy, so you got a king -the social system 
and those things, but to get to know Sweden in a real way you have to go 
there and figure it out - that’s what we want to do -go there and talk to 
the people ,that’s the best way
Have you heard any good swedish bands?
- ABBA, Roxette ,Refused, Regulation ,Millencolin ,Hellacopters ,Vicious 
Victims ,Entombed ,Henry Fiats Open Sore ,The Hives
Plaese tell me your five favourite records, five favorite concerts and 
five most important things in your life?
-Locke -
THIN LIZZY -Live: BBC Radio One Live In Concert (1983)
1999 DRESDEN - Dumbell, Moorat Fingers,Cellophane Suckers
2000 Henry Fiats Open Sore - Rosswein 2000
2007 New Bomb Turks- Solingen 2007
und hunderte von andere....
Andy -
The Bronx - first album called I
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmos Factory
The Who - Whoīs Last
Danko Jones - Sleep Is The Enemy
Annihilation Time - Annihilation Time II
Boy Sets Fire - Jugendhaus Rosswein(canīt remember the date) 
they played 2times because too many people went to the show
Foo Fighters - Highfield 2011
Skunk Anansie - Highfield 2011
The Hives - Starclub Dresden
Annihilation Time - Munster 3.5. 2008
Matti- canīt answer cause heīs still sleeping - haha
First, last and most expensive record in your collection?
-My first record was the Offspring - Smash
I got no expensive records because music shouldnīt be expensive. 
The last record was an ep from our friends Axes
Locke canīt remember - haha and Matti is still sleeping
The most embarrasing record in your collection?
-There is no record who is embarrassing to me. I got a lot of records 
where people would say - thatīs shit - like the ordinary radio stuff 
but i know itīs necessary to me because I wonīt see music with just 
one eye or listen to music with just one ear.
Which is the biggest band you have been playing together with?
-The Generators
Which five bands(both live and dead bands) would you like to 
have a big concert together with?
-Foo Fighters
 The Who
 The Knack
 Deep Purple
You do CCR:s old Proud Mary in punkversion on your LP, do you do any 
other covers?
-We did Anthrax -Got the time and we do nineteen from the Dogs(France)
and some more coming soon.
What makes a cover good?
-A cover is like a puppet or a doll - never cut off the arms or legs. All 
you have to do is to put it in new clothes and it will work
Where do you stand when we talk about downloading, mp3 and so on? 
-Itīs an evolution/revolution/future thing. I guess the next 
generation needs it more than we do itīs helpful but I think itīs cool 
to have a balance with all that. Downloads are nothing you can really 
grab - you know - they donīt tell you about the energy and the minds 
of the artist who make this music and lyrics.
Are you downloading music yourself, in which purpose?
-Andy - yes I do but with a balance - if I need songs I canīt get anymore 
or single songs
Locke - he not - he loves vinyls
Matti - still sleeping
Which type of people comes to your concerts?
-Mostly people like we are- those people who love our music and some times 
my parents to check out what iīm doing haha.
Have you been outside Germany and played?
-Vienna/Austria - Paris/France-tour
Where is the best place to play?
-Always on a stage
Futureplans for the band?
-To be a band who loves what they is doing and shows this on stage
Futureplans for yourself?
-To write an one hit wonder christmas song like Last christmas from 
Wham -those songs will be played every year
-Locke:  Lebe lang und in Frieden!
Andy: Get balance in everything - too much of one thing is too less of the 
Something to add?
-Donīt be too serious in life - we are still little kids inside