Swedens best punkband?

Jonny Stalker was the one who answered my interview with Swedens right now best punkgroup. Ha have "only" been in VOAG one and a half year but it went out to be a really interesting interview anyway.


It was six years since I interviewed you before, it have happened something since then, tell me?

Six years ago? Shit hmmm… then we will see.. Since then we have released Hollywood rebels and now the new record  ”The Final Oddition”, both on Burning Heart, a lot of touring and many members changes.


Many members changes?

As I said, a whole lot. To Hollywood Rebels the old drummer was replaced  Molotov Mike, Simon Riddle was replaced by Danny Violence and Charlie Voice was replaced of Marky Madness and now I have been replaced him. Kim Belly is nowadays the only originalmember from the first Voice. 

In which way have you developed do you think ?

It have been more street than oi-punk the last years  and on final Oddition even some harder things.  Musically the new groupmembers is the best in all times which I hope can be heard on the latest record.  



I think that Itching Fingers have much Misfits in the song, what other bands are you being compared to?

Of course sound Itching Fingers as Misfits, it´s a tributesong to one of the best punkbands in the world. Otherwise we´re being compared to the most things in the punkworld, everything from the 77-bands to ”new” bands as Rancid and Green Day

Are you satisfied with the record, what could you have done better?

We´re fucking satisfied with the record. I cannot come up with something particular we should have done better…



The title, The final oddition, what do you mean with that, it´s not the last record I hope?

The title can say that this can be the last record with us but it could also mean that this is the final Voice. On the other side we cannot say never. The response on the new record have been really good so we will see what happens in the future.


Which are the favouritebands on Burning Heart?

Favouritebands on Burning Heart? It´s difficult to choose but personally I must Turbonegro, Nine, Millencolin, Bombshell Rocks and Monster which not are playing anymore.

In Sweden?

It´s the way as I just said(Except Turbonegro then) plus Hellacopters and Backyard Babies.



Is it easier to get more success with this style of music outside Sweden? Where do you sell most and how much do you sell

Sweden is very sensitive for trends so of course it´s easier to get success abroad. At home it´s more about playing be played on the right place but abroad it´s more established and more devoted punkcircles. I think we sell most in Germany but how much I don´t know …

It´s very many bands from abroad that says that you´re the best punkband, both known and unknown bands, how does that feels?

Yeah, what to say? Of course we´re honoured as hell even if it´s a little bit difficult to understand because it´s so many good bands

Do you care about reviews?

Yes and no. It´s always good to get good reviews but it´s not so that it´s the most important in life if Leffa on Expressen thinks we sucks. Because we do music for the audience and for our own sake

Which is the most peculiar you ever have got?

It was a really fun review in english NME there they said that we were people who beats their women. Really sick. But we only laughs at it, I mean what the hell?


I think that you have gone away a little from streetpunk, it´s more rockik in a poppy way if you understand what I mean, what do you think yourself

I don´t know… I think that we´re more streetpunk than oi-punk anyways and that dominated the early records but it feels like a normal development because 212 have been doing the most of the songwriting on the last records and that´s the things he most listens to.

How would you describe your music in three words?

Gooddamn good punk..

If you could choose five bands through the history to play a big concert with VOAG, which five would you choose?

Shit, that was tough… Okey, then it´s Ramones, Misfits, Blitz, Rancid and the retarded guy with the ukulele in ”The Last trip”(it´s not maybe a band but anayway…)

How is a good concert with you, much people on stage?

A good concert with us is every time we play. Fast, punky and a lot of alcohol and sing-along..

How does the VOAG-fan look like?

Two arms, two legs, often one head and fucking lot of scars of all slamdancing in front of the stage.


What´s the differences to play in other countries if you compare with Sweden?

I Sweden is more difficult to get the people on  Abroad it´s enough going out on stage so is people on and they want to dance, and most is it so in Germany and Austria.



Is it much interviews? Is it boring?

When we do a new record it´s always much interviews, but we´re only thankful that people shows their interest to our band.  .


Which is the question you never get, but you want to have?

”Is Danny Violence really bigger than the Hulk?” And the answer is: "Yes."

Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouiteconcerts and the five most important things in life?

Wow, it´s to hard to answer that so Im´satsified to say ONE GOOD thing from all categories. …


Good records: Rocket From The Crypt ”Scream Dracula Scream”

Good concert: Rancid, now when they was at Riddarholmen.

Good thing: A nice warm sweater now in the winter.

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

The first record was  Alphaville’s ”Forever Young” a long time ago. The latest record is AFI’s ”Sing The Sorrow”. I never buy limited, expensive records because I´m broke all the time, so it must be an importrecord for 300 or something like that

What drives you to play music?

The love to punkrock..

What´s the most important when you do a song, is it the lyrics, is it the melody or is it to have a refrain that people remembers? 

The most important is to have a mix of everything but it´s often begin with a good melody which you write a lyric to and after that it hopefully become a good song

Which are the advices to a new band, what shall they think about to get a contract and so on? 

Be on all the time and never give up. It´s sound maybe like a cliché but it´s true. Dare to stick out, no one have got a contract with being in the background

Futureplans for the band?

Tour as hell whole the spring and promote”The Final Oddition”. After that nobody know what´s happening. 

For yourself?

Much touring as I said. Otherwise I will play as much as I cab with my other band, Action 69.   .


Hit a punch for the punkrock!

Something to add?

No, not more than thanks for a good interview and I hope to see you all in our future gigs!