Olle from Vintertid , a swedish melodic punkband, was so kind that he answered a lot of questions from me in the end of march 05.



-Daniel and Markus wanted to play punk and just because of the fact that both wanted to play guitar and sing so became Olle on bass and Kim on drums also members in november-03. Some gigs was done and a demo was recorded during the spring 04 and the response was really good. In the summer 04 Markus decided to quit the band so the band continues as a trio and in September they went to Umeå and recorded material to the “Ge oss en orsak”. The record was released as a co-production with  Oslipade diamanter records, Kamel Records and Second class kids Records in february this year..



Please tell me a little about every member, wpork, age, family and something bad about every one?

-Kim -83 works on a delieveryfirm  in Stockholm, the things he likes the most is to eat and sleep, once he slept for 20 hours in a row.

Daniel -81 He´s a faithful member in the beersociety, have emigrated from the Northern Swedens big city and he works on the postal office here in Gothenburg but he was recently fired. He was sober once at the Roskilde Festival once and he urinate in his own tent. 

Olle -84 The most faithful member in the group due to the fact that he never have moved from Kiruna or stopped playing. He doesn´t do anything ij his spare time but he plans to move into Daniels livingroom during the spring. 


Band before or bands on the side of Vintertid?

-Olle have played deathmetal "Every bone broken" and runk pock together with Daniel in"Billy Mayhem and The fucking cosmonauts". Daniel have also played hc and punk in some bands, among others Sideburner. Kim plays on the side with a hillbillyband called Reek and before that in the punkband Jonny Mögel.


Why a name like Vintertid(wintertime), sounds depressing?

-It was precisely the way we anted it to sound, dark, cold and miserable. As a man from northern Sweden so can you see the midwinter as a long as big wound against the wind with total fucking darkness. But now have the sun begin to come foreward so everything feels a less more bad right now.


You says that your punk is depressing but isn´t it really happy music? 

-From the beginning it was a thought that both music and lyrics only should be depressing and loaded with anger but it went over to be more and more political and aggressive.

But I don´t think our music is happy. 


There´s not so many bands in this style in Sweden right now and it maybe depends on the fact that it doesn´t get so much media as bands as Diapsalma and similar bands came? 

-Yeah, but there´s a whole lot of good bands which is playing today as  Varnagel, Total apati and Lastkaj14 as examples on three new bands which have hold high class. And then we have Skumdum, Asta Kask and Charta 77 which still is playing. The space depends mostly on trends and it´s more hard to get out for unknown bands, Everything is about money so it´s not so revolting as it was in the beginning of the 90´s


Is there any other good bands in Sweden right now?

-Except the ones I said we have Totalt jävla mörker, Skitsystem, Winnerbäck, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Human Waste, Millencolin, Cult of luna, Deadlock, Hellacopters, Timbuktu, Raymond and Maria, Looptroop and Sahara Hotnights mm. mm...


Outside Sweden?

-Rancid, Nofx, Bad Religion.. yeah, there´s a lot of bands so I get damp in my little brain. 


What do you think is important when you listen to a group, is it anything special you listen to and do that you can say that the group isn´t like everybody else? 

-That the group is seperates from others I don´t know but I think that the sweat, the drive and the adrenaline is most important. The lyrics are also important, especially when they´re in swedish. In calm music I want to hear, anxiety, sadness and hurtnesI


What is most important to you, is it the lyrics, the melodies or is it to have a refrain that people remembers? 

-Drive, melodies, harmonies and lyrics.


Which type of people comes to your concerts?

-Just because of the fact that we´re almost new and unknown there is mostly musicinterested and mates who comes on our concerts but now when we have released the record we hope it will come more people who have listened to the record.


You released ” a real” record on Oslipade Diamanter, howcome it became a real one?

-We came in contact with them when OSD had us on their compilation ”Mera Kol” which was released last summer and when they heard that we were into our way to a studio they asked us if we wanted to release it on their label.We got some economic help from Kamel and Second Class Kids too when they heard that we couldn´t afford to do it ourselves


Now when every band can put out their own record, does it comes more shit than before you think?

-No! It comes a lot of good music which it never have been any money to release before. But it was surely 6-8 years since many people started to download music from the internet and then I wasn´t so old so I don´t really remember how it was before that


This with downloading of music, where do you stand there, is it right that you can into another one´s computer and poke? 

-I don´t want to call it poke, the one that you download from have been confirming it. I think it´s really good not to pay a lot of omey to hear some music. But I buy a lot of records too and put down a lot of money there. The price on records is much too high if you think how much it cost to do a record. 

Have noticed that the ones who gets most upset over the peer to peer process is the companies and the artists which already have so much money that they have money until they die. And in the same time there is musicans which don´t need a yacht on the backyard to live. They don´t do so much noise. For example Håkan Hellström get satsifed when his record was on the net before it was released.

Much want to have more. Yeah, that was only a thing that I have noticed.


Do you download much?

-hmmm... who have sent you?


Should the label blame theirselves ?

-Yeah, I think they´re too slow to development new formats and ways which have been a way to sell music on, Escpecilly the big companies which can afford to do it.


How do you think it is to live in Sweden today? Politically I mean then? 

-It depends in which perspective you out the question in. Generally we have it really good if you compare with the rest of the world. But if you look close you soon can see the difference between wrong and right. A lot of burnt out people in low ages, homeless people on the streets, the workinglife lower status beside academic education which will left Sweden without workers when the previous generation became old scattered drugliberalism among the young people , common accepted oppression against minoritygroups like homosexuals, the politicians treachery (idelogically and realistic), sexrelated oppression in our daily life, the foreginhostility newwon foothold among the politic parties, eatdisturbance among children, a lot of drugaddicts and some other shit. All these examples is sympthoms on a disease as our community have suffered of in many years now. The sickness we can call capitalism if you want, but it mustn´t be the whole truth. The point is that it can´t go any more soon. It must come a border when the whole shit is tearing apart. But as we said, we have it better than the majority.


How did the government react when the tsunamicatastroph was?

-Clumsy and slow, they could have sent more help that they did in a earlier stage and then after that trap it down. In the same time I don´t think we shall judge them too hard because we live in Sweden and we as we know haven´t so much of these things. It´s a little bit typical for Sweden to try to find scapegoats. The government isn´t used to nature disasters and there is a lot of other things to think about. But as I said they could have reacted a lot faster



Is disasters like this a good opportunity to the oppositionparties to do advertisment for their things? Isn´t that bad taste? 

-Yeah, sure it is. Much of swedish partypolitics goes out on to throw dirt one ach other. The middle Swedish doesn´t see any difference on the parties and then it is much more effective to throw shit on each other.


Which changes have you done in Sweden if you have the right to decide for one week in Sweden

-Make everything to be stately own , everything which have something to do with healthcare and communication and makes almost all advertisment forbidden. I have started with that anyway


Music and politics, does it always goes hand in hand?

-No, look on Britney! It´s pure hate. But in the other way everything is about politics, it depends on how you want to overinterpret it.


Can music change anyones life, except that people have it as a work? I mean radical changes in someones life? 

-Without music we haven´t been the persons we are today, we had never met. The most obvious must been that we have been dead for long time ago


The best political band?

-Knutna nävar.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

-I have never had any favourites so I say all RATMs records and all Mora Träsk-records because they made me start playing music


Nofx/Lund -03

Totalt jävla mörker/Hultsfred -04

Rancid/sthlm -03

Refused/pdol -98

Bad religion/sthlm -04

Most important things: Food, roof, stimulation and development. 


First, last and the most expensive record in your collection?

-The first one was Klasses julkalender, the most expensive was the Misfits box and the latest was Salvation with Cult of Luna. 


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-All record have their place in my collection.


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it answer it? 

-Why? Answer: hmm, it was a difficult question. I must pass on that


Futureplans for the band

-We will try to move the whole group to Gothenburg and steer up things. 


And for yourself?

-I will work in the wilderness for some weeks now and then I must come away from this.



-You must see it positive, today we´re one day closer to death.


Something to add?

-Please come to one of all(read ours) gigs in the future, we are trying to blow life inot the livemusic again. It depends on the audience as much as the band