Vetifan has really embraced the wisdomword of punk, that everyone can play, etc. I love the group and had to do an interview with them and now it's here....March-2023

M = Micke, guitar & choir 29yrs

F = Fille, bass & choir(lead at Borgarvisan) 26yrs

K = Kevin, drums 21yrs

A = Alexander, vocals 27yrs T


Tell us a little bit about you, when you started playing , age and do you have any other bands besides Vetifan? 

We are a bunch of happy moderately fluffy guys of varying ages, Fille is 26, Kevin 21, Alexander 27 and Micke 29.

M: Played guitar on and off since adolescence with a bit of a hiatus every now and then, was in slightly different bands even through adolescence but took a break from that until the idea of Vetifan came about. Have a bit of a side project that's supposed to try to grab on going forward is the plan. The band was started in the spring/summer of 2021 during the pandemic by Micke(guitar) & Fille(Bass), Kevin(drums) came into the picture relatively shortly. We tested with several singers but that did not work, Alex (vocals) who is childhood friends with Micke got in touch spontaneously when he moved back to Linköping in December 2021 and the rest is history.

F: Micke and I met in the fall of 2020 via Musicians in Linköping, a group on the face book, he wanted to start a left-wing punk band with influences of Ebba Grön, Sex pistols and Mimikry. Mike knew there was a guy named Kevin who was pretty good so we talked to him and started rehearsing in the summer of 2021. Then we were not so fucking good at singing ourselves so we needed someone on vocals, tried a little different and then we found Alexander who had a fucking energy the first test rehearsal, he almost kicked a mic stand into my jaw and we all felt that this will be perfect! That's the way it is. I'm also pounding bass in system collapse since about six months ago. 
K: But I personally have been playing drums for 3 and a half years, since I was 18. But guitar has been with me since 2012 when I got my first guitar. I don't have a band alongside Vetifan right now but I've previously played in a band called Memory Parade and have a solo project on the side.

A: I'll start playing with Vetifan in the fall of 2021! I've been doing music for as long as I can remember kind of in different bands or just writing lyrics and playing myself. I am 27 years old and have a solo project alongside Vetifan but nothing else right now.


How come you guys got into the wonderful world of punk? Parents, friends or what? 

F: The brother came home one day when I was like 8 and started Ebba Grön, Pistols and Asta Kask, from that day I was saved!

K: It's really always been close to me when my mom was a punk in the 80's and has played punk from time to time growing up and so I listened and I've probably gotten into it the most now in 2022 when the band has kicked off properly.

M: I grew up with hard rock since childhood, but I thought it was too tame but then found the Ramones, Ebba Grön and Mimikry when I was 12-13 years old and was completely sold right away - the frustration I felt was in the music.

A: Getting into punk I did at an early age with my father listening to some Toy Dolls ! then I've also hung out with dad's childhood friend who is an early member of Zombiesuckers from Linköping and his family. At the same time as Zombiesuckers started, his son and I started a band called Kafferep and would play Horror-punk. From there, it's just paved the way.


You've really embraced the spirit of punk with everyone being able to play, I mean you let this go and you have a sound that feels very authentic? 

F: We play punk, no radio-friendly shit.

M: We do our own thing and want to get what we think & feel, if we get something that sounds the way we want and the message is clear, we have achieved what we want. Why make it more complicated?

A: Do we really have that?


You've listened a lot to trall punk, I think, other punk styles you like?  

F: I listen almost to all kinds of punk, a lot of trall, it's a little mood-changing what's right at the moment.

K: I like what sounds good, plain and simple! Then I don't have a great grasp of punk genres, personally.

M: I'm probably the one who listens the least to trallpunk of everyone in the band, personally punk rock is probably the biggest punk style I gravitate towards as well as early HC punk.

A: HC and Crust are nice too!


Where are you from, some other bands in Linköping, some good record stores? 

F: LinkÖping with a big Ö! There are a bunch of other bands, some worth mentioning: Järncell, TV Eye, Grå Vardag, Adrestia. Crazy Records is a nice record store!

K: I lived in Linköping until I was 5 years old and then I moved to Tjällmo. Then I have lived there until I moved from home to Örebro in the autumn of 2022.

M: Linköping, unfortunately the scene is almost dead in this city it is boring but some good bands exist such as Järncell, Grå vardag, Adrestia. 
Regarding record stores, Crazy records is probably the best!

A: We come from Linköping! But otherwise you have Järncell who are a fantastic band from here! Record stores so you have to visit Crazy Records or Bengans


When you do songs, how does it work, is it someone who does everything or is it something you jam out in the rehearsal room? 

F & M: Usually it starts with a line of lyrics, usually chorus or a riff/loop on the guitar or bass that we then build on. Micke usually writes a rough idea. The choruses are usually left but Micke's verses are a disaster so the rest of us write about them then haha!

K: It varies but everyone contributes to song ideas, both instrumentally and lyrically. Sometimes someone comes and sends a text in the group chat. Sometimes someone sends a clip with their instrument and text and sometimes we run some random stuff in the scratch that sounds good.

A: It's a little different how songs come out! We have some in the band who are diligent in writing lyrics and then we all have some kind of melody in our heads when we write.. Humming it to the comrades and then they put some turns of their own on it and then it comes out half-good.


The lyrics seem quite important to you? What is your most political song? 

F: Texts for me are everything. If you have any message you want to get across, there is quite a lot of time spent on text, even if they are not always good haha! Oops, the most political I would say is Landets stora skam

K: Yes, it's important that the lyrics can both be sung and that they are about things we care about and are passionate about. I think Landets stora Skam or Hycklarkärring is our most political song at the moment.

M: Oooh difficult question, it now depends on how you see it but the one I myself think is the Borgarvisan to show how people's boundaries with right & wrong are blurring more and more.

A: Landets stora skam. It was rewritten when it was called Skyddsjakt på statsminister before. But after some rethinking and that it may not be 100% legal, it was called that and the chorus etc was rewritten a bit.


What do you think about living in Sweden today, politically with SD-KD-M etc? What's the worst thing about this government? 

F: That's crap! The new government's policies are only for wealthy white middle-aged men. The world belongs to everyone and everyone should have the same rights and opportunities. I hope this is not a new beginning in 30s Germany....

K: In general, it's very good to live in Sweden. It is tragic that SD, KD and M get so many votes, but I think many people forget that it is very good to live in Sweden. This does not mean that Sweden is a perfect country. There are many things that can be fixed but there are other First-world countries where it is much worse.

M: Hell is probably the only word that can describe it.

A: People have been thinking about a one-way ticket to Norway.


I've noticed through all the years in punk that when it's right-wing governments, there are more and more punk bands? Is punk a good way to express their contempt for them? 

F: Punk is a very good way to say what you think and think without any complicated detours, straight to the point!

K: Yes, I'd say so. It may also be that it is something that is more noticeable during right-wing government because you need a place as a voter to put your feelings in.

M: The only positive thing about the sad thing is that new punk bands are born or older ones are being resurrected. Punk is probably one of the few who dares to say what they think and dares to take their place in the dialogue.

A: You're absolutely right that there's more and more music coming, yes! But it's not just in punk! Many other styles of music write about this as well. But I think punk itself is good because you don't mask the truth in punk. Punks say what the hell we think! Do you have a problem with that? Throw yourself in the wall type.


What does the word punk mean to you , is it just a word, style of music or lifestyle? 

F: Punk to me means everything! It's a fat fucking kick in the ass to the whole community and a good way to dare to question things that others might just take for granted and that I myself might not have done without punk. And of course a great community and damn good music!

K: I'd say punk is an attitude. To be completely against oppression and do everything in his power to work against it.

M: As a philosophy that becomes lifestyle, that everyone is accepted for the one you are with zero tolerance in making a difference between people. That for me is the most important part about punk and that has made me end up there since it started.

A: Punk for me is home, community and the finest thing we have. Punk for me is not just a style of music. This is where I start my music journey and this is where I will stay.


You release the album yourself, not any record company that is interested? 

F: We want to own our own music, if there is a company that suits us and that is interested, we are always open to discussion, but the music is ours!

K: We've talked to different people a little bit but we still wanted to release the album ourselves to keep that DIY feel.

M: We've had several people show interest, but we want to do it our way and this time it was like this - we'll see what happens in the future but we're open to it.

A: It sure is! But nothing that interests us right now. When we release the music ourselves, we also own our own music. Not anyone else.


Is it important to get your record out in physical format do you think? 

F: It feels more authentic to release in physical format while digital is a great way to reach out to more people. 
K: I personally think it's more important to push music digitally but I've noticed that a lot of punks like to have record collections and I love collecting everything possible so it's fun to be able to offer the same to our listeners.

M: We thought it was a fun idea ourselves so why not? Then there are several who are often at our gigs who asked for it so then it was a bit obvious to give back. 

A: Absolutely! If you get it physically, it's also a collector's item. That's also why there are 2 bonus tracks on the disc you can't find otherwise today.


Do you buy records yourself or is it only Spotify that applies to you? 

F: I collect vinyl records, punk of course!

K: I don't buy a lot of records myself. I've had Spotify since 2012 so it's a no-brainer for me to listen to music there.

M: Rarely but after an ex threw my collection, you're not as motivated.

A: Buying LP records and all the other fun you can access from bands I like with! You can never have too much.


If you had the chance to choose five bands (both living and dead) to have a concert with you, what five would the dream bands be then? 

F: Asta Kask, Mimikry, The Adicts, Moderate Likvidation, Psykbryt 

K: Kardborrebandet, Björnarna, Paramore, The Offspring, ?

M: Ramones, N:A hospitalet, Mimikry, Rövsvett and Sex pistols.

A: Toy dolls! Always number 1 and always will be! Mimikry had been fun! Playing with our dear friends in Järncell is always amazing so I want to do more shit with them. Matriarkatet is a shame they don't play anymore though! Really good band. Ett dödens maskineri would have been a dream too!


When you play live, do you just draw young audiences or do old men like me come along? 

F: It comes mixed with people, that's what's so fucking fun!

K: We see all sorts of different people in our audience, young and old, feminine as masculine, tall, short. The only sad thing is that there are noticeably a lot of white people in our audience and I hope it's not because non-white people are deterred by us who are a punk band made up of white men.

M: All ages which is shit funny! Even ordinary people!

A: We have very mixed audiences! It's great to see that we can reach out to both younger and older people! That everyone feels that it is something they can listen to and want to see. Getting the young into punk and all the old foxes who live back to youth with the help of our music is probably one of the better things about playing live.


Living in Sweden, what is best and what is worst?  What about living in Linköping?

F: Surely the best part is that we don't have a war here, not yet anyway.... The worst thing is that right now we have a right-wing government and the people are just getting more and more blue-eyed and selfish. Linköping is good. 

K: The best thing about living in Sweden is that we have free education that falls in quite well in most subjects and we are a country that is generally respectful of HBTQ+ people. The worst is the systemic oppression that non-whites, women and other minorities are subjected to and the lack of mental health care we have in Sweden. Now I don't live in Linköping anymore so the others have to speak for it.

M: The worst thing is politics, but thankfully we have a reasonably functioning welfare system. Linköping has started to come to life now after the pandemic but a lot of live music and above all - punk is starting to live in the city slowly for sure!

A: To live in Sweden... I don´t really know. But living in Linköping is quite nice! Close to everything, folks, good beer and it's starting to happen more in the punk scene here which is so sick nice!


Do you have any young new bands to recommend otherwise?' Any old bands that you like a lot? 

F: Young: Prinsessan Pissluder, Anal Kallsup, Ärkepucko, Ztereotyperna, Skräp, Småjävlafötter Old: Världen Brinner, Lastkaj 14, The Adicts, Asta Kask, Civil Olydnad

K: I would highly recommend the ZtereotypernA, Skräp,, Revive and Gaarmr!

M: Järncell is not super new, but can be highly recommended from someone who is not very keen on trallpunk haha! Unfortunately, there will be few new bands from our city or they are not visible which is sad. ZtereotyprnA  are also a sickly good band not to be missed.

A: Would recommend listening to Hesa Fredrik! Otherwise, if you haven't heard Toy Dolls, it's time to listen now.


Playing music, is it a good way to get frustration out or what do you say? 

F:So into hell! Sometimes, read often, you are pissed about something but after a gig or a rehearsal you feel so damn good again! Music is the best therapy!

K: It's a great way to get all sorts of emotions out. One can be angry, sad, happy. Everything can be expressed through the music.

M: Really, and also get their opinions across.

A: Not just frustration. You let go of all the fucking misery for the hours you stand and rehearse!


Tell us a little about the following songs and lyrics 

a)Knark i min öl 

A: Yes, it's about our guitarist who got a spiked beer when he and I were out at the pub.

M: Simply put, a bad tavern night for me, the beer was meant for a girlfriend but happened to be me who took it but clearly worth it than she was drugged. 
The lyrics are simply the story of how the whole day went, don't recommend.

b) Ludde som egentligen heter Oliver men handlar om Adam 

F: This one is about white Offended Men Who Swine.

K: Is a song about tough white macho men that I've met in my life. Ludde is an old childhood bully, Adam is precisely because I have never met an Adam that I have liked, Oliver refers to someone who was interested in singing with us but got very upset when we sent him one of our then lyrics.

M: Mike: The song Kevin wrote from the beginning and the message is probably clear but at some point we talked about what it should be called and then we came up with more people behaving the same there by Ludde, Oliver and Adam.

c) Håll käft

K: Håll käft is a pretty simple song really. It's about people who think they're so smart and special can just shut up.

A: Yeah.. Shut up ? No, but it's about people who can't think really clearly. Think Kevin has some things to say about this song.


You sing in Swedish – never in English?

F: Not yet, whoever is alive will see. 
K: That's right! I don't have a good answer on why. For me, it's because I want to challenge myself by writing in Swedish. There are limitations in both writing in Swedish and English

M: So... None of us are a really good in English, although ideas have existed and there is a lot about what is happening in today's Sweden we want to bring out.

A: That's fine. No English..... than!


Do you play any covers when playing live? If so, which ones? 

F: Freaks and Orginal by Loke Nyberg and Krymplings - Dunken, always go home!

K: Yes, we do  a little differently but what has appeared on live shows has been Alla Vill Till Himmelen, specifically Mimikry's version, Dunken, and Freaks and Orginal by Loke Nyberg.

M: We have two that we have actually play on several gigs, one is Krymplings - Dunken but also our own interpretation of Loke Nyberg - Freaks and Orginal that we will release digitally shortly!

A: We usually end with a song of Krymplings called Dunken. Then we have a remade version of Freaks and Orginal by Loke Nyberg


Vetifan is a really good band name, were you surprised that no one else had named a band to it before? 

F: Haha I think it's a bad band name but that's still a bit funny, but yes a little surprised that no one came up with the idea, in and of itself there is a band from Finspång called No Idea but we didn't come up with anything better.

K: Yes, actually. But at the same time, it's such a stupid name that we understand why no one else wants it.

M: In all honesty, we didn't come up with anything better after a month and run with it because we kept saying Vetifan when we talked about it.

A: Yes, but maybe you are! But then you also feel, the name is so stupid. So both surprised and happy that we were able to take it. It's always so hard to come up with a name otherwise.


Do you have anything to say to other young bands that want to record a record etc, something they should think about? 

F: It will be easier to record if you have played the songs so they sit like an abscess in the ass. Our recorded songs sat pretty well before the studio but we had to replay some guitar & bass at home a number of times for it to be good. 

K: It doesn't have to be perfect and polished but it shouldn't be so that you don't hear what you're listening to. 

M: Just do it, dare to take the chance to lira and do your own thing!

A: Just do it! Stop thinking, just have run.


Five favorite records right now? 

F: Kardborrebandet-Helt inkompetent, Slaveriet-Skuldfri, Skrammel-Under Jord, Sista sekunden-Skyll inte på oss, Zombiesuckers-From Ashes 

K: SHAMELESS $UICIDE av $uicideBoy$, Cirkelns Mitt av CNIDARIEL, Delirium av Sadistik, Natt Klockan Tolv På Dagen av PST/Q and Lifa av Heilung.

M: Järncell - Skymninglandet 

A: Det Svenska Hatet - Ett Dödens Maskineri, Dystopisk Utsikt - Fredag den 13:de,

Är Du Nöjd Nu – Järncell, S/T – Käpprätt, Svea Rikes Hjärtinfarkt – Ztrerotyperna


What was the first punk record you acquired? 

F: Oh, should I remember that? But think it was Toy Dolls-Ten years of toy 

K: I think it was Svearikes Hjärtinfarkt by Ztereotyperna

M: Mimikry – Alderland

A: Dig that Groove Baby - Toy dolls


Future plans for the band 

F: Play, write more songs in the spring and hopefully record this fall again!

K: Continue to write, keep writing

M: Getting out and playing in new places, doing some music videos we've also talked about, writing more songs which we're up and running with as well.

A: Record more material for a full-length, then play as much live as we can!


For yourself?  

F: Snuggle up with the cat!

K: Keep playing drums, work a little bit more on my solo project

M: Well... Time will tell!

A: Write more music both for myself and the band! Otherwise, acquire more records, merch and just have a good time.


Words of wisdom? 

F: Come on it'll be fun!

K: It's not easy when it's hard. 

M: Come on, it'll be fun! (My bandmates probably panic the most from hearing me say those words...)

A: It works out


Anything to add? 

F: Don't be an idiot, be a nice idiot.

M: Take care of each other, accept each other.

K: "I can't, don't want to, do anything but just this. The ugliest man, he's ruined unless his voice carries" – Organismen