I interviewed Världen Brinner in 2019 last time and since then they have released two LPs of which the latest Reset is the latest. A really good record. Here is a new interview with the group and it was completed in January 2024 and is thus the first interview of the year.


I last interviewed you in May 2019. What has happened since then in the group, what have you released and have it been any lineup changes? 2019?

- Wow, a lot has happened :) Two full-length albums, some digital singles, a lot of gigs, a guitarist had a baby and had to quit, a bass player couldn't be with us anymore. It has been quite difficult at times to rehearse new people, to have to go through breakups with such close people as you become in a band, and to find the motivation again after that.


You have established a little more now it feels like, have it been noticed on the gig front etc? Do you play abroad?

-We are happy that bookers contact us and want us at their event. There is probably a small difference in that we ourselves are contacted a little more often, instead of the other way around. We often play last or later in the evening, which isn't a plus really haha, but that's another difference. Unfortunately, we have only been to Norway and played so far, with Asta Kask, but we like to go outside the borders and play. It's a dream.


You have put a lot of effort into recording videos for your songs as well. Is it fun to record videos and for what purpose do you do this?

-Yes, but it's really fun, it ́s a different thing than to do the music. It's fun to put pictures on the music and the message. The latest videos were released by our record company and we just went along with it. Those were extremely fun creative days!


You have started to sing a lot in English now... Why is this? Which language is best to do songs in and which language do you like best to use?

-Actually, it's probably Swedish. It becomes more honest somehow.


Tell me a little about the following songs on the new record....

-"Girls and dogs" About finding the pep after a tough period. And to suddenly, one night at a party, realize that all you need is girls, dogs and bubbly wine! Everything will be fine!

-"Här kommer valet" It's about the election results in the last election and that we can't shut up and watch when disgusting powers try to divide our society.

-"Nätterna" How it feels to be really fucking betrayed and broken in a relationship.


Tell me something about which record it could be

-The record that made you start to like punk and wanted to play punk yourself?

Strebers Kaos och Skrål, Dia Psalma, Gryningstid record ,DLK Le som en fotomodell, Rancid Out Come The Wolves.

-The record which makes Världen Brinner sound like you do?

Lots of different records, it ́s impossible to say. A lot of old punk, emo, as well as dance bands and schlager.

-The record which you ́re ashamed that you have but you like anyway?

Don't be ashamed of anyone. Now it's Malin who answers this question and I have the most schitzophrenic taste in music of everyone in the band.


Which is the biggest audience you have played for?

-It must be on the Punkbåten, and damn what fun those boats are by the way!!


Where in Sweden is best to play, any favorite place, or several?

-Gigs where it's all-ages. It's such a fucking awesome feeling with a lot of psyched kids in the audience. That's why we chose, for example, to have our release party/gig on the 44. It's hard to name a favorite place. But smaller places with enthusiasts who are struggling probably feel a little extra nice. We have played a number of times at Bomber Bar in Motala as such an example. If the event is well organized, the city doesn't matter.


You can almost see on the front of the new record Reset what kind of music it is, is it important to have a cover which shows what music you play?

-We want to have a nice cover of course, and if it symbolizes the content is very subjective. The important thing is that we think it suits us as a band and as a record.


Is it important to release physical records? Do you sell much records?

-We've all grown up with physical records so it's definitely important! To be able to sit with a lyric in your hand and follow along with the songs. To put on your self-made vinyl made with love, sweat, time and tears - there are few feelings that beat that feeling.


Is Spotify a hell or is it a must-have?

-Both. It's a shame that money controls so much what is spread on Spotify. That the big giants get to take up so much space there. It's a shame that music is so accessible that it almost feels impossible to get through the noise. And at the same time it's awesome that all music is so easily accessible, and if you're lucky you'll end up on some fat list and get a spin on listening. But it feels like a lottery, and it's important to have the right contacts, unfortunately.


What's the first thing you would do if you became prime minister for a week?

-If I had the power to decide, which a prime minister doesn't have. But IF, I would raise taxes for the richest and put the money on our welfare system, try to even out the gaps in society that just get bigger and bigger. And fight hard for a faster climate transition.


When you do songs, is it one of you who does the song and comes to the rehearsal or how does it work when you do songs?

-Usually someone have sat at home and come up with some nice idea, and when we meet we let the song structure grow. I wish everyone could feel the feeling of creating a song with their best gang in a rehearsal room. We usually record the song when we get the basics together, play a little with the song at home, find their personal touch, and then we have a VB song.


Do you play songs from all the records live, or is there any you have been tired of?

-We mix a little bit different from all records, it varies a little from gig to gig. Now we also have the 3rd full-length to push into the set. But of course there are songs that we have grown tired of and that none of us want to play. I can't think of any specific ones now though hehe


Which songs are the audience's favorites? Which is the funniest song to play live right now?

-Dom Mörda Ida is usually appreciated and also Skrik Bort All Ångest usually have good singalongs. Right now it's a little extra fun to play songs from the new album.


Do you play any covers, why or why not? If you do, which songs do you play?

-We haven ́t played covers except when we did an Asta Kask cover which we recorded a live video for as a tribute to Micke. We've talked about covers but we can never agree, but then it's actually more fun to do your own songs.


Please tell me about your worst gig where everything went wrong and what happened and where it was?

-The most peculiar thing I can think of was when we played in Helsingborg and when we were done with soundcheck so did the sound engineer come up and explain which buttons on the mixing board I should press when we are going to play. I thought he was making fun of me but it turned out that the venue didn't want to pay the sound engineer after soundcheck.


Which bands are you being compared to when you get reviews? Which is the most odd thing that you have been compared to and don ́t understand at all?

-We have been really spared with comparisons, so I don ́t fucking know. Any suggestions?


If you go on tour and are only allowed to bring five records in the tour bus, which five records do you bring?

Malin: Someone with Gaslight Anthem. The others were too slow to answer so I choose theirs too. Alle: Kicki Danielsson "Bra Vibrationer", Pelle: DLK "Gula skivan" Johannes: Death by Unga Bunga, Micke: The Pinks


Futureplans for the band?

-Right now we want to play a lot of live mostly. And to see each other and rehearse more often is a goal in 2024!


Today's word of wisdom?

-Wisdom and wisdom... But use common fucking sense, and be kind!