Urrke has been in the punkmovement for a very long time and is a really nice guy. He has been playing around in various music styles over the years but has always been the punk faithful. This long interview was released in October 2018



Tell me a little about you, where you are born and when, family etc?

Urrke: I was born in Kiruna, spring 1967 (67, where have you gone now?). In 1969 I got a little sister. My dad died a few years ago. Mom lives with her husband, whom she has been married for 35 years. My sister currently has three grown children. Everyone in my closest family lives in Gävle, where we moved into 1976. I also have cousins ​​and relatives in Kiruna. I myself have lived in southern Halland with my cats for 11 years. Before that, I lived in Stockholm for about 10 years


How did you get into punk from the beginning?

Urrke: I was interested in music early. As a kid. Already when I was 8-9 years 75-76 I had records with Rod Stewart, Kiss, Sweet .. etc. Then I heard Sex Pistol's "Good Save The Queen" in the radio in the summer of 1977. It made that the most of my life progressively take a new turn. Especially when I was in a hurry after that heard Clash, Ramones, The Damned, and others also been heard. The Kiss records went into the wardrobe and the Kiss posters in the boys room were exchanged for Pistols & Co. Then the Swedish bands came. The first I heard and liked were Kriminella Gitarrer, Ebba Grön, Noise (Skånska), PF Commando and Massmedia. I become involved in the whole thing. Shaved my hair, sewed purple trousers in the school and took a hole in the ear with a safety needle. These three things were extremely radical then. Today you can laugh at it all because it's not even close to be "weird" for example. have stubborn hair, purple pants and holes in the ear nowadays. 40 years later, ha ha. Then, on the other hand, people became so angry that they would give a fight in every corner corner. Especially raggare. However, I've always been a rebellious little devil who did not want to follow standards and rules and conventions at all if they did not matchy my feelings and opinions. Which they don´t so often. AS soon as the punk arrived, it became like a kind of fuel injection in my already rebellious young blood. My mom had trouble with me from that time, ha ha.


You may have been the punk faithful all the time, but you have made some runaways to other styles ... what styles has this been?

Urrke: I have been musically out there with all kinds of bands and styles. It has been Heavy Metal, Glamrock, Sleazerock, Bluesrock, etc. But all I've done has always been and has some sort of punk attitude. And I do not like when Punk becomes another source of conventions and rules. People who will dictate what is punk and what is not. It can be stuck against the whole thing. Rule number one: "No rules". Or as Freddie Wadling said when he got criticism for using synthesizer in Cortex . People told him that "It's not Punk with Synths". Then Freddie said, "Why should I go from a prison to instantly put me in a new one?" That's just the way I look at the matter.


What does punk mean to you? Is it just a word or is it a lifestyle and what's the difference today if you compare how you saw on punk then and now?

Urrke: Yes, I was quite touching in all that in the answer to the last question. I think Punk is a well-watered word today, in 2018. There has been some water under the bridges. I was a child when I discovered the so-called "Punk". Today I am over 50 years old. But to me, Punk is a kind of "fuck you attitude". Kind of.


You took a position to stop drinking a few years ago? How did this happen?

Urrke: I had enough of all the catastrophic consequences that my abuse caused. Absolutely primarily for myself, but also for others. But I was totally destroying my life. There are so many aspects in this so it would really need a whole book to deal with everything. I started drinking when I was 13 years old and from that day I just drank my whole growth every weekend. When I moved to Stockholm in the late 90's, I started drinking several days a week. Not just the weekends. The last few years before I dropped down I drank every day. A bottle of whiskey and 12 beers every day, 7 days a week. The doctor told me that I could get a stroke every second because I had a blood pressure that was too high to express it a little. And all my money went to alcohol and my bills to the enforcement. But it did not stop or deter me from continuing to drink. But the consequences only got worser and worser and when I started hit people and being taken by the police and ending trial for all sorts of reasons, I came to a limit where I did not recognize myself anymore. I was ashamed of myself and felt badly bad. Felt like either I stop drinking or I'm going to hang myself, kind of. I quit drinking 3 and a half years ago.


Playing rock n roll and not partying can be a difficult combination I understand?

Urrke: Not at all actually. I also thought so before I finished. But it turned out I was ridiculously wrong. It's just about fear and insecurity. Going well to be sober and play rock n roll. You may be a bit tougher only. Without alcohol you get the right nudity. If there is anything else in life that can be harder to go through without drinking I can feel. Have with idiots to do for example. And there are quite a few, unfortunately, ha ha.


You was on the cover of MNW's Punkklassiker with an old picture, tell the story of it?

Urrke: I worked at MNW for a couple of years at this time. And Micke Gustavsson, the old Topper bassist, who also worked on MNW then compiled this collection CD with old Swedish Punk and he had seen that old picture of me in an old photo album. He thought it was the perfect picture as a cover picture. He asked if he could use it and I said "sure". That's it.


You, like I try to propagate the brown ones (read SD) on FB. What has it rendered for you. Get rid of many "friends"? Do you think it helps or we only talk to those who already think the same as us?

Urrke: I do not see it as I'm trying to propagate. I just see that in this, like everything else, I say what I think. I do not think I've "got rid of many friends". But "things happen" on Facebook. To take a few examples: A girl I was together with during the punkdays in Gävle in the early 80's. When "everyone was anarchists and liked Crass". She is active SD politician today and removed and blocked me on Facebook without comment. I clearly understand why. Another is a singer who sang in a band I played drums with in Gävle in the 90's. He wrote one pm to me: "Look! You're thinking like a Muslim! You're not my friend!" Poff, so I was blocked there too. "Funny", so are some who are angry on me because I criticize fundamentalist Salafist Islamists too. And calls me racist (!). So that's the way it is now for some apparently. Either one is "Muslim" or you are "racist". And I'm apparently both. According to some, then. Black or white. I am neither "Islamist" or racist I can say. I just dislike fascists. Whether it's religious or political fascists. I've never wondered where people are from or what they look like. Just about how people behave and are like people.


Was it more important than ever to vote this year?

Urrke: Yes, probably. It's blowing dangerous winds all over the world right now. From all sides and edges.


Do you think politics and music belong? What is the most political song you've been with and recorded?

Urrke: I do not think it's either that or not. It's like movie and theater. It can be political. But that depends on what the purpose of the music, the movie, the theater is. What you want to say. Or if you just want to entertain. Or "rock a little" just. We made a lot of political songs with both Destruktiva Liv and Fosgen in the early 80's. There is also a political song on my last solo single from this year ("Stopp och halt"). But what is the MOST political I can not say.


Best Politicial artist/band?

Urrke: Hmm .. I have actually never thought of this before. So now I have to think a bit. Who are political and who are not? Feels weird to answer eg Ebba Grön. Which was often political. But not always. I can not put a label on them and arbitrarily call them "a political band". Same thing with Clash. Not even Crass was always political. Songs like "So what" or "Banned from the Roxy" were rebellious. But "political"? Naahh ... I do not know.


MIDLIFE CRISIS from the left Urrke, Måns, Robban, Dregen


You will release a new single, including an USCH member and an USCH song. How did the choice of this song fall?

Urrke: Always wanted to make a cover on that song ("Ditt eget liv"). I loved everything Usch did. Especially the debut, but also the second and the third (where they suddenly changed their name to Enola Gay). I lived in Gävle and was a 12-13 year old little spunk and secretly in love with Irre on distance, haha. And now she's on the record and do background vocals on my record It´s fun when I´m today is a friend with many heroes from the past. People you looked up to. Everything from Usch and Bitch Boys to people who played in Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. "Ditt eget Liv" has always been my absolute favorite song with Usch! The text on it met me so clockwise when I heard it the first time. That was just how I felt. And the fact is that I still do it today. So far I have come on the development scale after 40 years, ha ha ha. In addition, it begins with the bass and is purely tough musical as well.


If you have to rank the five most important albums in your life. Which will it be then?

Urrke: Not simply when you like one billion records and music is the most important thing in one's life in addition to cats, relatives and friends. Almost impossible actually. But above this, then I say::

1: Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks"

2: Kiss "Destroyer"

3: Rod Stewart "Atlantic Crossing"

4: Status Quo "Quo"

5: UK Subs "Another Kind Of Blues"


Is there any disc that you really miss and want in your collection? Which?

Urrke: The first thing I think is that in the 90's I sold a lot of records to a disc shop in Gävle, because I needed to quickly get money for a US-trip. Some of them have I never been missed, but some have been rebought. A pair that I have not yet managed to recover is the debut LP with GLO and single "Goo goo muck" with The Cramps in yellow vinyl. Had been fond of having Sex Pistol's "Good save the queen" on A & M original. But on the other hand, what would I do with it? Chips (Kiesbye) joked about it once and said (at fun) that he had two. "You have to have one at home and one in the summer house", Ha ha ha!


Do you know all the records you have been to? If so, write down these? What are the bands you've been involved in through the ages?

Urrke: Yes, there are a few. These I remember directly from memory in any case:

2 singles with Glamrock band King Size.

1 album with Mora Träsk ("Träskliv")

4 albums and a bunch of singles and collectionrecords and tribute records with Maryslim.

2 albums with Bizex-B.

1 single with Jacob Gordin.

4 singles / EP with Midlife Crisis.

2 singles like Urrke (solo).

Then I have played with a lot of bands and artists without releasing any discs. Sometimes there were cassettes and other recordings. And live-gig. Among other things, Fosgen, Destruktiva Liv, Bugs, Dusty Brains, Simon Ådahl, Kitty & The Kowalskis, Plantfood (with Danny Furious from the Avengers on Drums), etc


Which part of your rock n roll life has been the funniest?

Urrke: All "parts" have been fun in their own way. For almost 10 years with Maryslim, many funny memories of course. It spans a very long while very intensive and productive time. Playing at CBGBs in New York was a bit cool. And the tours we made around Europe together with Hanoi Rocks, Marky Ramone, Nomads, Backyard Babies, 69 eyes. Everything we've done with Midlife Crisis has been "a bit extra fun", it also feels like.


Tell me something really crazy that has happened during your music career?

Urrke: There have been a lot of really crazy things. But most of the crazy is unfortunately just a lot of drug and alcoholstories and not so funny stories, either, I can remember. Apart from basses whcih I have forgetten when I became drunk and missed Finnish boats, etc., it is not particularly fun for example. Then there are other things that may be very crazy and fun, but too private hanging out in public. One should keep in mind that involved may not want to be mentioned at all times either. Or, I can feel that there is an humor who does not amuse anyone but me, ha ha. I may write a book sometime. If I can. Then we'll see how fun it was ;-)


Tell me more about your new single, who have been on it etc and the new Mid-Life Crisis single, tell me about it too?

Urrke: My new solo solo is - like the one last year - published by Erik Axl Sund Records. There are three songs on clear vinyl, limited edition 300 ex. And it is also released on Spotify. I sing and play all the instruments myself. Drums, bass and guitar. Then I have guest musicians as Chips Kiesbye and Måns Månsson which have add a couple of guitar solos, Stefan Björk has put on another small huitar and Irre Terad from Usch do background vocals as said on "Ditt eget Liv".

The Midlife Crisis single is the fourth record we released since the debut in 2004. Also this time, the little Bootleg Booze records in Arvika are releasing it. And like all other times, it's Me, Dregen, Robban & Måns. Two songs that I wrote and UK Sub's old hit "Same Thing", which I translated to Swedish - "Samma Sak". Charlie Harper & Paul Slack (who wrote the original) loves it :-) The first edition is 500 ex on black vinyl and they are soon set to run out. A second edition of any other vinyl color will be released at any time. They are on the pressure now when I write. 500 more.


What are your future plans with your music? Do you have new projects going on?

Urrke: I have no "future plans" with my music. I do what I feel for justright now When I played with the glamrockband King Size in Gävle in the 80´s, I wanted to be rock star. Then I gave up those plans when we split. Then I got new air in the late 90's and wanted to be rock star again. With Maryslim. That time, I managed to get well with this plan, you could say. Ha ha .. But then "it went to hell" with that band as well. We left the roads in 2008, after almost 10 years together. Now I'm terribly happy just about doing what I'm doing and that's what it gets. I'm don´t give a damn if I do not do any world tours, if I'm not on the cover of some newspapers, etc. I am - as one of the songs is called on my new single - "Satisfied & Free".


I understand you love cats, what's the best with them? What would a cat vote for do you think?

Urrke: I love animals at all. And I have grown up with cats since I was a baby. Mum had a Siames called "Majka" when I was born. She was my first friend. Where I Was she was. Inseparably and evenly. There is hardly a single picture of me as a little where the cat is not included. What's best with cats, I do not know. All? There is nothing that is not the best with them? Cats are totally unpolitical. Their mentality is enough that they would not vote at all. In fact, they care about themselves and their immediate loved ones and do not worry about everyone else, as long as they are not threatened. Cats are anarchists


What do you wish for the most of all right now?

Urrke: Mankind have their sense left and make radical changes NOW. To prevent the insane development we have, with the climate threat, to continue escalating, until we have killed all of our planet, ourselves and everything else that lives here. And that I and the cats must live in freedom and be healthy until we die.


Do you prefer CD, vinyl, cassette or digital?

Urrke: I definitely prefer vinyl. It sounds the best and is the most beautiful feeling. Envelope and packaging are always best on vinyl as well. The CD is quite ok. Especially if you're just listening. Cassettes have a cozy nostalgia feeling. Digital is the only thing that goes away for me. I do not even have Spotify.


What was the first record you bought, and the latest and the most expensive?

Urrke: Kiss "Destroyer" was the first record I bought for my own money. My last purchased record was Strängens last album, just released. The most expensive disc I bought was a very unusual Kiss single from 1975, which I totally gave 3500 swedish krona  many years ago. Insane actually.


Which of the records you yourself participated in is the most expensive one you think?

Urrke: I do not think any of the records I participated in did any exceptionally collective values actually. Perhaps some of the limited vinyl colors on any of the Midlife Crisis single can be "expensive" if I'm going to guess.


Words of wisdom?

Urrke: There is so much to be angry on , to be offended, to be sad. If desired, one can be upset, offended, angry and sad 24 hours a day. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. Whole life.

But do you want it? ...


Something to add?

I say they said at the end of an old Knäppupp Revue with Martin Ljung from the 1960s: "No, I think it's enough for me now". Or I can also say that I might think that it could stand on my gravestone. "Well that ends well" ;-)