Ur-In-Stinkt is a gang of tough guys. They play tough music. They come from Germany. They have been nice to me and answered an interview from me in september 2023.


Please tell me a little about the story of Ur-In-Stinkt?

Dan: Our general idea was to found a band to combine oldschool blackmetal with grindcore and crust elements. So we started a project called UR-IN-STINKT in 2019. In 2020 while the COV19 crises and the first lockdown we wrote most of our songs and lyrics. We practised separate then. Strangely we had a creative run while alot of other bands quit at the same time. Also the main-bands of some bandmembers quit. So finally UR-IN-STINKT becomes the new main-band for all of us.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, previous bands etc?

Dan – Vocals (previous bands were SARKAST, EGOCENTRASH and DECAYIN CORPSE)

Blasn – Drums (other/previous bands were ALIEN FIGHTCLUB, UPPER CRUST, HELLHAAK and STAHLSCHWESTER)

Säbel – Bass (other/previous bands are DOGS OF GOMORRAH, DEATH TRAP and STAND OR FALL)

Ben – Guitar ( other band is DOGS OF GOMORRAH, MODERN PRIMITIVES)

Dan: We are all about 40 years old. Our jobs are from tattoo artist to engineer of dreams. Haha


The name Ur-In-Stinkt, where did it came from and you wans´t afraid that any other band would be named so?

Dan: „Ur-instinkt“ is the german word for primary/primitive instinct. This is the blackmetal way to read our bandname. With shifting the line you can see two other words with a complete different meaning: „UrinStinkt“. „Stinkt“ means reek in german language. So our bandname also can be read as „reek of urin“. This is the punk way to read our bandname. I'm sure no one else want to name a band like this ;-)


You come from Germany, how is it to live there nowadays, racists and politics overall?

Benny: Maybe not „overall“, but everywhere... Sadly the scene of racists, fascists and other idiots became bigger and bigger, especially during COV19. Many people decided to vote for fascists, just because they don ´t agree with the „classical“ parties. It's the same like in so many countries in europe, or better to say, in the world. But there are still people who are fighting back and resist all the attacks. But it feels as if the aggression grows during the last years...


When you do your lyrics, what are they about, anytime political or is politics nothing to have in music?

Dan: Most lyrics are political because it is in my mind all the time. Just a few have other topics like personal issues, schizophrenia or just metalpunk drunk stuff. The main idea is to write songs with a real message but in the speech of a black- and deathmetal band. So I use zombies, demons and hellfire more like symbols to real issues. Because the hell in on fucking earth, the sadistic and hatefilled demons have human faces and the masses are consuming walking down the streets like zombies with rotten brains.


How would you describe your own music in three words for those who haven´t heard you? Is it Dreckmetal which is your style?

Dan: We put our favourite genres grindcore, crustpunk, blackmetal and deathmetal into a meatgrinder and let an old german drunk punk piss on the result then you will get pure fucking Dreckmetal!


Is there any groups you have being compared to?

Dan: We all listening to deathmetal, blackmetal and crust punk since decades. So you can find alot of influences in our sound and songwriting of course. ...but for me it is hard to compare UR-IN-STINKT with some other bands. Maybe think about a musical mix of DEVIATED INSTINCT, NIFELHEIM, RAWSIDE and OBITUARY ..or don't. Hahaha


You have only released cassettes with other bands. Why splits and why cassettes and not CD or vinyl?

Dan: We decided to release splits most. Its the classic way of underground music. The best way to get in touch with bands we like and support. Also the best way to spread music around the world physically and to get a place in someones record collection ...and not to rot on someones harddrive or smartphone only. Until now our releases are:

- Necrosound Anarchist Demo MCD-R - Split 7“ep with AGATHOCLES (Every band needs a AGX split! ) - Split tape with NOMA (Mincecore from Greece)

- Split tape with FROST PISSE ELEND (anarchist blackmetal from northern Germany)


Not any plans for physical records?

Dan: Sure we always have a lot of plans. Even for physical records. We just need more time to write songs and to produce them.


Can you feel that you have done a record if you would release it only digitally?

Dan: No, we need it physical and DIY, too. We need to hold the records in our hands, watching the artworks, fold them and stick them into cases by our self. Only when the complete process is done it feels like something we have done real.


When you listen to music, what is your favourite way to listen to music, Spotify, vinyl, CD or what do you prefer?

Dan: I still prefer to listen to CDs but I collect tapes and vinyls too. I never used Spotifiy because it destroys the small music business. Underground bands just have to pay for releasing their music but never get back what they deserve. Of course it can help to find new bands just like listening music on youtube or bandcamp. ...but if you want to support underground musicians buy fucking records. Benny: It depends.... when we're sitting together with friends, we are listening to music via bandcamp or YT very often. But personally I prefer listening to vinyl or tapes. Alone, or with other „enthusiasts“, is clearly the best way to listen great and loud music for hours..... There's almost no concert I visit without buying tapes and/or vinyl.


Do you buy much records yourself?

Dan: Of course. We are old and love to get music the classic way. When a band kicks our asses we buy the record. I just love to look at the artwork and read the lyrics while the wheel is turning.


Is there any good record shops left in your hometown?

Dan: Gladly there are a few record stores left in the area of Hamburg, Bremen and Oldenburg like FISCHKOPP PLATTENSHOP, HOTSHOT RECORDS, TWS RECORDS and SCHEIBENKLEISTER where you can get your hot wax here!


Any good bands from your town and in Germany overall?

Dan: Fortunately the underground scene is very active in our area from crustpunk, grindcore to blackmetal and deathmetal. Here are alot of good and powerful bands. I'm sure when starting a list I will forget alot of them (Sorry!). Check out and support these bands of friends: CRACKMEIER, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, DISCONFECT, FROST PISSE ELEND, GVLA, IMPLORE, JIGSORE PUZZLE, MINENFELD, PROFIT AND MURDER, PREHISTORIC WARCULT, SANITYS DAWN, SPID ACID, SOUL GRINDER, TURTLE RAGE, XSPIG...


What does punk mean to you, is it only a musicstyle, a word or is it a style of living? Benny: Punk is the little anarchistic monster in my brain, what I am pretty happy about to have it. Who cares how it looks like..... To me it's definitely not just a musicstyle or fashionshit. It's an attitude to live.


Tell me a little about the following song and what they´re about?

Sturm aus Asche, Necrosound Anarchist, Potatenstahl..

Dan: Sturm aus Asche - It means „Storm of Ashes“. It is a song about the lie of endless economic expansion and making profit of everything ..where humans and nature only have a value of money. Worker ruin their lifes all day and night only to die in the machine. Forests and all other natural resources getting destroyed and burned down because of the climate changes and the stacks of the factories.

Säbel: Necrosound Anarchist - It is a Hommage to ourselves... It discribes our crossover from Punk/ Grindcore and Blackmetal. Fuck racism! Fuck Capitalism! Fuck Religion! No gods, no Masters, no clean vocals ;-)

Dan: Potatenstahl - You only need a few words to describe german nationalist idiots. „They are proud of potatos of steel“. Really useless. Hahaha. So this song is about the nonsense of national pride. Also against glorification of senseless yesterday traditions and the crackbrained right-wing fantasy of a cultural supremacy. Maybe you can say it is all about the propaganda the political populists bellow to get votes nowadays (again).


Are you selling any merch on your gigs, do people buy it? What sells best?

Dan: We have two art-designers in the band and our drummer do all our shirts DIY with screen printing. So thats the reason we always have fresh merch on the table ;-). Actually our „dreckmetal“ woven patch sells best. People like to put it on their vests because it is fun but not a joke. It stands for metalheads and punks united.


Which is your own favorite song among your own songs? And which song is the people choice?

Dan: „Giftmüll Thron“. For me this song shows the combination of our blackmetal/grindcore/crust style best. It is always fast forward but still with some catchy riffs. Also the lyrics are straight political about nature destruction and piling of nuclear and toxic waste without any responsibility to the next generations. Most people act like they just shit on the future of their own kids. They just leave them the throne of hazardous waste (Giftmüll Thron) Benny: Oh, for me it's very hard to decide. Yes, I know, It's fucking lame to say this, nevertheless it's true: I really love'em all. Ok ok, just to drop a name: „Parasite of the black hole“ is one of the songs, that I absolutely enjoy playing live.


When you do songs, is it one in the group who does them or how do you compose a song?

Dan: All bandmember bring their ideas into the songwriting. Even when it was originally composed by one or two of us. It isn't finished until everyone agreed with it. Modifications are always part of our process. ..and they are welcome.


Please rank your five favorite records?

Dan: It is very hard to choose only five records. Maybe you can ask tomorrow and we will get another list. Also the order of the list dependent to the mood. Napalm Death – Scum, Venom – Black Metal, Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales, Repulsion - Horrified Extreme Noise Terror – A Holocaust In Your Head Benny (besides agreeing to the first sentences): Revenge – Attack, Blood, Revenge | ChaosZ – Ohne Gnade | Dissection – Storm of the Light's Bane | Atari Teenage Riot - 1995 | Kaaos/Terveet Kädet – So much fun


Do you care about reviews? Which is the most peculiar you ever had, with this band or any other band you have been to?

Dan: It was a review of our latest split tape. Goreminister (cheers!) from KADAVERFICKER recorded a review on his youtube canal. He had some beers while listening to the complete split and he was very drunk at the end. Last he recognized that the tape was a split with FROST PISSE ELEND at the end of the review. Very funny stuff. Total chaotic. I love it. Haha.


If you could choose five bands from the past and the history and nowadays and both dead and living bands to have a concert together with your band. Which five have you been chosen?


Benny: GG Allin, Vorkriegsjugend, The Exploited, Slayer, Doom


Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a nicer person outside the music?

Dan: I'm not sure if we're getting nicer persons, hahaha... but of course it is a good valve to blow-off your hate and frustation in a creative and constructive way. We always feel better when we practise or play shows.


You sing in german mostly, in English sometimes, which is most easiest language to do songs in?

Dan: Only the earliest two songs were written in English. They were done by our drummer and bassplayer before I joined the band in 2020. For me it is much easier to write lyrics in german language because I like to use figurative language and polysemy parts. Also I write most of the lyrics in ryhmes to have a better flow with the music. It is hard for me to get the same result with writing in English. ..and by the way all bandmembers love early 80's german punkrock stuff. So we want to put some of that spirit in our music, too.


Any good Swedish bands you like?

Dan: Yes of course. Some legendary bands filled big parts of our record collections. There are so many awesome bands. I'm sure we will forget to name some on the list: BATHORY, DISMEMBER, DISFEAR, DISKONTO, ENTOMBED, GRAVE, early HYPOCRISY, MASSGRAV, MARTYRDÖD, MOB47, NASUM, NECRONY, NIFELHEIM, NIHILIST, REGURGITATE, SKITSYSTEM, TOTALITÄR, early UNLEASHED, VICTIMS, WOLFBRIGADE...


Is it boring with interviews? Is it much interviews? What do you prefer Telephoneinterviews, face to face or as this one via e-mail?

Dan: Haha, no. The reason why we need so much time to answer the questions is because we take it seriously. The best way for an interview is always e-mail. We have more time to think about the answers and gathering the thoughts of all the bandmembers in the texts.


Futureplans for the band?

Dan: We still have a little list with bands we like to do split tapes or 7“eps and sure we like to release a full length album on vinyl some day. We all love to travel, visiting other countrys and meet people. So we always looking forward to play more shows in different countries ..of course including Sweden! That would be really nice.


Futureplans for yourself?

Dan: Getting drunk with friends for sure :-D ...and travelling the world as long as it is possible. Visiting archeological sides and places of history or beautiful nature. Just before all borders get closed again and everything get destroyed by the stupidity of the humanrace. Benny: I don't make any plans too far away in the future. Loving, drinking, travelling, making experiences :-)



Benny: Musik ist angewandte Magie – Music is applied magic

Dan: Always retain some time to be silent and listen... Listen to the nature, listen to dear persons stories and listen to music.


Something more to add?

Dan: Thank you alot for your interest in our band and for the nice interview. You support the underground scene for so many years. Keep this passion alive. If any of you guys want us for shows in Sweden. Let us know! Uhrg!

Benny: And sorry that everything took so long, the monster in my head didn't behave.... ;-P