-an echo from the past????

Tysta Mari is a very good band which I really like d at once and their Ebba Grön-smelling music is really good. It took a while but after a while they managed to do this interview and it's Alex who answered them. This was done in the end of 2006. 



-We have known each other and played in other band really long. Everyone have about thousand sideprojects and Tysta Mario was one of these in the beginning. Adam, Alex and Mike started to talk about doing some punk in swedish for about three years ago. We wrote some songs and rehearsed some time. The summer-05 the lineup was completed with Andreas and in the same time it become a little bit more serious and not a sideproject anymore. 


Please tell me something about every member?

-It´s Mike who plays bass and sings. Adam sings and plays the guitar. Alex plays drums, and Andreas on guitar.


Many bands on the side of Tysta Mari?

-No, now it´s actually Alex who plays guitar in Bad News.


From where comes a name like this?

-Haha! It´s a ”street” under Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm. A really weird place which God have forgot when he build the Klaraquarters here in Stockholm. Dark and dirty among all yuppies and dalahorsehungry tourists. We thought it sounded good and something you must be called...


Describe your music in three words? There´s much classic punk/new wave in your music, what is said about your music?

 -It´s fucking funny how people take our music. It depends on which references you have. We listens a whole lot on ”classic punk” and it can you hear I think.


Do you care about reviews?

-Yeah, of course you do that. Haven´t got so many yet.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-Haven´t got so many peculiar. But some people seems to ”misunderstand” what we´re doing. You can easy be places in a special style when you sings in Swedish. I assume that “girlbands” have the same problem. They can do whatever they want to do but they´re always compared with other “girlbands”.


From which town do you come? Please tell me about the city?

-From Stockholm. Is surely know for the most people in Sweden. But it´s anice city but with some unnice things. Right now is the worst thing here that Kristina Axen Olin financevicemayor  is here and she´s fucking crazy. Are you financevicemayor and crazy..then you´re extremely dangerous. 


Is there any good bands there? In Sweden?

-There´s a lot of good bands there. Nitad should be a band that everyone should look for. But there´s thousands more which is really good.


Is there many interviews? Is it boring?

-No, it´s calm! But we´re not so fast on answering


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it? ?

-Is Kristina Axen Olin in relationship with Margaret Thatcher?

No Kristina IS Margaret Thatcher!! The next week she will bomb the Falklands...


Does punk lives in Sweden?



What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle

-Shit is´t philosophic..There´s surely some examinas on this But of course it's more than a word, printed on a t-shirt from JC. It's a lifestyle. And then it can be everything from that people are hard line SxE to that you live as GG Allin.... ..


You sings in swedish, did it felt natural to do that or do you have any thoughts on singing in english(I don´t hope so)?  

-Yeah, it felt natural. And in the same time it's so much harder. The lyrics becomes more “naked” and honest. And that what we like with it…Everything becomes really much clichés in English. And especially when they´re written by other Swedes which haven´t English as their main language.


When you do music, do you do it best when you´re angry or when you´re happy?

-We do much of the music when we rehearse together in our rehearsal room and then it had been really hard work(for the others) if someone is angry. But we´re really lobomoted and think that everything´s fine so will it not be so much done either. 


Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand?

-Yeah, do you have something to say so say it! 


Best political band?



Now when the rightwings won the election…will it be a bigger punkwave then or doesn´t it matter, or what do you think?

-People will get it even worser, so it will maybe come more music which treats those problems. Who knows? But it could be hiphop or whatever…But an interesting thought anyway when you think about it. The two latest rightwingwins have both been when it have been some form of punkwaves. Late 70´s and then the beginning of the nineties when Diaspalma and Refused and those band were on.


Futureplans for the band?

-We´re recording new material right now. It will be around 14 songs which will be ready this spring. And then we want to play around a lot!