Mäbe in Twoface seems to be anice guy so I chosed to interview him and his hard musicmaking. October 2002.




History, band before?

Mäbe: -We started somewhere autumn 98 and that after I and Krille have discussed to do something new and radical. Why we did that can only be explained of the fact that Thåström played two times in Strömstad the year before and that his band  Peace, Love and Pitbulls released their 3rd record and  I wanted to do something like him. And after that we have developed our own style.

We have both only doing metal before. I have been a sessionguitarist for Dissection, had bands like Noseferatu(death metal),.  Sarcastic (thrash) and Third Stone From The Sun (metal) and hundreds other. Right now I play keyboard for Deathstars also.  Krille have played with Sarcastic, Malicious Decay (death metal) Mastema (black metal) andDragons (metal)and a lot of groups that I don´t remember right now.



Please rank your five favouriterecords, five best concerts and five most important things in life

M-Fuck, this is difficult. No direct order and I answer the things I thought of first.

Records:Slayer: “Reign In Blood” Metallica: “Master Of Puppets” Peace, Love and Pitbulls: “3” Marilyn Manson: “Antichrist Superstar” Thåström: ”Mannen Som Blev En Gris”

Concerts:Thåström ( have seen him four times and he´s so fucking ood everyt time!!!!!) Black Sabbath (Oslo with Ozzy) Metallica (Göteborg on the ”black tour”) Marilyn Manson (Oslo on Holy Wood tourn)  Iggy Pop ( Qvartfestival Norge)

Most important in life: Don´t follow any other and don´t lead idiots.. To make yourself and be the one you´ve have been shaped.  To do the things you want and feel for.  To love and be loved. själv för att kunna tillfredställa andra


Please tell me about the two members, all important things,a ge, family , interests?

M: I´m 26 years and single right now. Interests is everything which have with music to do, write, books, football(both play and watch), chicks, booze and beaches. I sing and play guitar in Twoface, plays drums in a new project as I and Krille(it´s going to be very heavy like Black Sabbath and Monster Magnet I think) and now I play a little synth and singing in Deathstars on the tour they had.

Krille is two years young( I think so but I don´t really know) he has a girlfriend and two children. He´s interested of metal8 and something more things too but…) motorcycles, tattoos, Jack Daniels and movies as I know…He plays guitar in another band which is called Whipping Post.


First,last and the most expensive ever bought?

M:The first was something with Kiss or Twisted Sister which I own but the first one I bought myself was Judas priest ”killing Machine”(fucking good record) and the latest was hellacopters and the most expensive must have been ”An American Prayer” with Jim Morrison/The Doors or ”The Day Of Retribution” with Nemesis (Pre-Candlemass).

Where do you stand when we talk about mp3?

M: -I really don´t know. I take down some stuff myself but it´s mostly things that difficult to get or only to find new bands, It´s fucking good but it can go on forever if people take down whole albums and don´t buy anything. I rather buy but they must take down the prizes because soon nobody can buy record because it´s so expensive..



How come that you´re only tow in the group, isn´t it anybody else who can play with you or what? What the best to be only two in the group? And of course you can´t be more than two in the group depending on the name?

M. No, it´s nobody else who wants to play with us…. No it´s only so that we haven´t tried to get another member….it´s not so many who can or want to play this sort of music. We have talked about getting a drummer but if we will have one drummer he must play after click and he must have knowledge about drummachines. So mail me if someone is willing to do this. It´s not so easy for somebody outside the group to understand how we works. We know each other so good now so we don´t have to say what we thinks , the other one already knows what it is.  The best thing is that we come along so good and we have the same opinions in many thoughts and it´s easier to get two together to rehearsal with five or six people(believe me I have done it with Deathstars….) The worst thing is that it´s an empty feeling sometimes without drums and we should have somebody who puhes us foreward sometimes. We´re really lazy with gigs.



How do you think it´s living in Sweden, some weeks after the election, can you trust politicans?

M:-I have really clear opinons about the most but I can´anything about politics. It´s have never interested me, but I think that art, music, movies can change and do much more than the fools which thinks they know what´s best for everybody else. I don´t really have much trust in people who must say the ”right” things  to get some more votes and to be in the borders their party have said. But I´m like it in Sweden and have never lived somewhere else so i have nothing to compare with.


Is there any good band in Strömstad, in Sweden?

M: the bets band here is HATHOR which just have recorded a record. Haven´t hear it yet but the things they have done earlier(especially live) is fucking good. It has been mostly metal before and the most wellknown band is Dissection which i think is one of the worlds best bands even if I have known them since I was a child. Swordmaster-deathstars coming from here too and then there is some bands which is good  and there is some good bands in Sweden and in the world I think


You´re only two when you play out??

M: we have played fifteen time sout or something like that. The last time was in february when we was support act to Deathstars here in Strömstad and on a festival on Koster in august. It´s only we two, yeah, we plays to prerecorded syhtns and loops. It goes very good but it would have been nice with some livedrums sometimes.


What do you like the ”new way” to communicate with internet, email and all that? What´s the best and what´s the worst with it?

M: Internet is fucking good if you want to have something special and you want to spread your name as a band but there´s amny shitthings on the net to but there is in the rest of the world too. People changes when they sit and can be anonomys and that´s fucking bad I think. But often you can use it to your needs.  


Which type of people listens to you?

M: Chicks… it has mostly female people wo says they like us and then we have done something right(hehe) To be serious I don´t know and it´s a really mixed sort of poeple who likes us. It´s very good to not be caught in a trap  there only one-sided people likes us. I hope that people who hear us can be so openminded and understand that we don´t want to do any standard thing. The goal is always that people must have an opinion about us. If it´s a good or bad one doesn´t matter.



Any favouritesite?

M: -is in on blabbermouth net once a day to chéck out music news and then is Metallicas site good because you can follow the recording of the new record there.

I have two demos with you, have you done anything more? Compilations or so?

M: we have done foura demos.”Supervoid” 99, ”Spit/Swallow” 2000, ”The Urban Jungle Machine” 2001 and the new ”God?” now this year.



Your music is really hard to describe, which bands does people compare you with, it must the most ones or?

M: I have noticed that it´s really difficult to describe our music(even I can´t do it) and it can be both positive and negative. It´s good that that´s nothing to compare with and that must mean that were an original band but in the same time we don´t know where we suits in. If you compare with punk and metal it´s not so many who writes about our music. Not playing our music or arrange gigs and that must be  a problem.  Why we don´t sound like anybody else must be that krille and I listens to so much different music. And we inspires by so many different styles. Absolutely not only the music people think we listens sto.But we do what we think is right and our visoon is a little bigger than suits into a special musicalstyle. You don´t follow the trend, you make a new trend!!!



Have you heard something from any label? Are you to minimal or what do they say?

M: Haven´t heard so much. It´s a little of a problem but you never know where to ask for a contract. We can´t go to a label where we are too synthy and something else because we have too much guitars so we are somewhere between. Have some contacts so i will check it out this autumn.

Futureplans for the band and for yourself?

M: I will continue my vision about twoface and I hope that other people soon un derstand what we do. For me as a human being I want to get more focused on things I will do and create myself they way I want to be..


How do you do music, what is most important, music, lyrics or a refrain?

M: I do all the groundwork with the songs at home with an acoustic guitar. And then after that we go through the song and Krille comes with his ideas and then we help each other out with the programming of the synths and drums. We have produced our recordings our self but it can maybe be a change til the next time, that´s a feeling I have. The most important things is the wholeness and a good lyric can lift a song very much. The lyrics is very important to me but does the song suck from the beginning it can´be saved of the lyric. A good song is always a good song and that have almost always a good melody or refrain, but the feeling is the most important.





Follow no leaders – lead no fools!!!!!

Something to add?

-Thak you as fcuk for show us interest and and interesting interview. Check out our http://zip.to/twoface and buy our demo.


Which is the most peculiar review you vere got, do you care about reviews?

M: I was reading one just this day. He thought we should be herader but he liked our soft style most….i didn´t really get it but. And then it was someone who thought it was like falling foreward when he heard some song from our first demo. It´s really fun to read reviews . Sometimes it´s like hearing your own music in a another way..  we have been raised to the skies and we have been down to our knees and you can take part of both things. But the things that´s written is only an opinion of one person and do you take it too serious you can stop doing art and music. I my world am I always better than the person who writes about us..That person can never understand me or any other persons vison..



How many records do you send out?

M: I don´t know, as many as possible. We only want to get out it..



How is it to live in Strömstad and play this sort of music?

Mthere isn´t any good places to play and we have played on the most places you can play on. We know the most people here and some of them have understood what we do. It have almost always have been metal in this town



How is to live there otherwise, is it only a summertown?

M: The summer here is fukcing fun, beers, chicks, boats and bathing. And then in the rest of the year you must do such things as reharsal  or be in the studio and record songs. We have the chance to have s tudio how much as we want. And then you don´t have so long way to Oslo or Gothenburg if you want to do the city sometime. I think it´s really OK here.



Have you heard anything form another country about your music?

M: No, we haven´t done that. We have been really bad about sending out records and we´ll try to do it more. Wr have had a fucking much visitors from japan on our website but if they like the things we do I don´t know.



Is it many interviews?

M:-It have been very bad for a while, but we haven´t done any music for a long time either.



Which quesion do you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

M: Do you want to have a record contract? Yeah for hell´s sake!!!