Christian Falk from Trubbel was so kind and quick and answered my questions about Trubbel. I think they are one of Sweden's best punk bands vars .So here you are! September 2021


Your first record was released in 2009. When did you start playing?

-We started making songs and playing in 2009. Our release party for the first seven (Trubbel s / t) was our first gig and had probably hardly been to any rehearsal room before. All songs were made at different parties, partly at the home of Stefan, the singer, and in a summer cottage in Årjäng.

John (guitar) had a studio at the time and it was well in connection with the recording of the songs at rehearsaltimes..  


Tell us about today's members, age, other bands on the saide?  Have there been many member changes?

-Trubbel is:

Stefan - song

Tobbe - drums

John - guitar

Christian - bass

the Makerz - choir

We have never changed members except for a single gig when we borrowed someone. But then there has been someone in our choir Makerz who jumped on e.g. base. So we have always kept it within the inner circle.

Tobbe also plays with Tomma Intet, Svangulers and Stormen Gorm.

Christian appears as a live bassist in Svangulers.

In Makerz there are band members from Fredag den 13:e, Blisterhead, Svangulers, Ditt Fel och Tomma Intet


Photo:Therese Rasmusson


I've never seen you live but seen a bit on YouTube, it seems to be good at your concerts? What is the best thing about playing live?

-Maybe the best thing about playing live is possibly being on your way to a gig. Everyone is usually really on, a bit like going on a trip. Usually there is an incredibly good atmosphere in our bus when we leave, slightly worse when we go home…

But from the stage, it is absolute to have an energetic audience that sings along and clears, preferably from a low stage so you get close to the audience.


At a concert I've seen, are there a bunch of bare-chested guys in shorts singing along? Is there something you always have on stage?

-You're thinking of our choir the Makerz, the eye candy. They are usually with us when we play live, extremely rarely when we reharse. When we get a gig, we send out a question about who can join, those who can come along. So it's a little different how many they are from time to time. At most I think they have been 6 persons.


You have done four singles and a split with Friday the 13th or how is it? How to get these (unfortunately I have none)?

Are they to buy very expensive on Tradera etc? What is the most expensive thing you have seen?

-Well, they're out of the Trubbel store anyway. Saw that someone made a profit on the first seven at Discogs around SEK 900, which is both strange and a bit powerful.


Are there no thoughts of giving it all out as a collection or the like so many more get the chance to buy these?

-There is that. A double LP is on it´s way with both old and new. When it comes, I dare not answer but hopefully before the year is over.


Photo:Therese Rasmusson


Is it important to get the music out on a physical record, do you think, or is it just as good to just release digitally?

-A vinyl feels like something real and the digital makes the real thing available. Do not think we would release something purely digital.


You have released the song Vi skålar i halvtomma glas, is it something that comes physically?

-Yes, is included on the upcoming double-LP.


What happens on the record front going forward?

-We have recorded a seven inch but instead of releasing it separately, it is on the compilation album.


What do you think it is because you sound like you do, have you listened a lot to old Gothenburg punk? Favorites there?

-We sound as good as we sound because we come from slightly different music styles. Everything in garage rock, rock 'n' roll and punk per se but quite broad spectra in the genre. Everything from Ween to the German powerviolence scene. In Gothenburg punk, Göteborg Sound is of course a favorite, but you must not forget Sötlimpa!


That the name Trubbel was vacant must be like a lottery win? Satisfied with the name?

-It may be the win we got in life. So then you must be happy with it.


Photo:Therese Rasmusson


Now you are going to go out and play live again, how does it feel, what will be the gigs and where?

 -Yeah damn now it's time! Feels almost strange, wonder if you will be nervous before the gig !?

The gigs that are as follows:
2 oktober Örebro Punkfest with a lot of bands
9 oktober KB i Malmö with the Hives

26 november Pustervik with Hjelle och ormarna
27 november Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad
19-20 maj Close-UP Båten

When you play live, do you do any covers then?

-It happens but maybe more sooner. Then it has probably been Perverts, Roy Orbinson, Eldkvarn, Göteborg Sound, Magnus Uggla and Ramones songs as far as I can remember.


If someone paid for a four-song recording where you "had" to record four covers, which ones would you have chosen then?
1. Frank Sinatra – That´s Life
2. Lee Hazlewood - If It´s Monday Morning
3. The Dictators – Stay with Me
4. Krigshot - Terroristattack


Who does the lyrics, Where does the inspiration come from? Can you write about anything?

-Stefan does all the lyrics. Most lyrics are when his life is not in balance. So the rest of the band actively makes sure he feels bad when lyrics are needed for new songs. So to write about evryything goes away.


Politics and music, do they always belong together? What is your most political song?

-No, 99% of all bands play well without reflecting on any position.

The song that might perhaps be easiest to say is our most political song coming on the next release and is called En Simpel Man. Think it will be pretty clear.


Photo:Therese Rasmusson


Best political band?

-Keny Arkana


What do you think it is like to live in Sweden right now? Shootings, SD + M + KD etc etc?

-Right now we are very well, everything is not good and much is far from good, but if you look up and see what it looks like in the whole world, it would be quite strange to complain.

Then you do not want a deterioration of what we have so give as little space as possible to the brown-blue thumbs SD + KD + M + L + C


You have never done a song in a language other than Swedish or?



To play this kind of punk in Sweden, how is it? Do you play concerts mostly with other punk bands or what is it like? Which is the most odd band you've done a gig with?

-Playing in Sweden goes well no matter what. I think that there is almost always good support for our gigs and a very positive audience. We play with everything from crust bands to rock bands. Can't think of a band that has stuck out very much.


If you could choose five bands to have a concert with you, which five would you have chosen if you had to choose any band, dead or alive bands?

-Kal P. Dal, Ween, Göteborg Sound, Ramones, Entombed


Do you buy a lot of records yourself? The first record you bought, the latest and the most expensive you ever bought?

-Well, I used to buy a lot. Now I buy most records that I really want.

First: Europe - Final Countdown

Latest: Gentleman Jesse and His med - Leaving Atlanta

Most expensive: Sons of Cyrus - Rock & rollercoaster


You did a split together on Friday den 13, maybe a band that is a bit away from your music, no more thoughts of any split or the like?

-Yes they try to be a little harder than us… No splits on it+s way.


I've heard somewhere that you should never make an LP, is that true and why do you think so if it's true? Asta Kask said the same thing once but changed!

-We will do a double LP so never a LP. The promise then holds right?

is there any real good bands in Sweden that you can recommend? 

-Fredag den 13:e

Boogie Hammer (Almost swedish)
the Mainliners
Professional againsters
Sons of Cyrus

Photo:Therese Rasmusson


Is there a lot of interviews or what? Boring or nice?

-Extremely few, which is quite nice.


What is the question you never get but want? Ask it and answer it!




How does the average Trubbel fan look like?

-As an average measure, with all measures measured.


Do you read reviews on your records? What's the weirdest thing you've ever had?

-Yes reviews are fun. It's been a while since we released something that could be reviewed. But it's fun when someone takes the time!

Haven't gotten any really weird, but have probably been called hipster bands at some point and that Stefan's song was not so good.


Do you have any favoritzines etc that you often come back to?

-Maximum Rocknroll, Sika Äpärä. But in the name of honesty, it's been  a long time since teh last time. It must be Skrutt, last time I read anyway. The interview with fantastic Hyrda Knektar.


Future plans for the band in addition to new gigs?

-Nothing more than releasing the album in some fun way.


For yourself?

-Never grow up


Words of wisdom?

-Monday morning every morning


Anything to add?