Trigger is a really cool punkband in the garagetysle which was so nice and answered my questions in the middle of august 2003

Hello Peter! Sorry, we are very late with the answers on your interview but here is the answers.

Greetings Trigger/Glenn K-G Halvarsson.



 -Trigger started to play 1987. before that played Olle and I in Zoobox(92-97). Robban was a bassist in Cry during the same time and both bands was on Velodrome Recs. It was in that time we learned to know each other. Around 96 we began to play together. We often was in the rehersalroom and jamming old favouritesongs with bands like Roky Ericson, Stooges, Sonics and Janis Joplin… and in the end we did a demo which was really good, got a contract wnd then we began as Trigger


Please tell me a little about every member, age, interests, family and something bad about every one? 

-Yeah, Olle Netzler, uitar and vocals, he likes to sail. Two years ago he was on his way to his boat with his motorcycle and then he was hit by a lorry. He lost his memory for half an year. He didn´t remember his own name or where he lived but he could still play our own songs on the gig after the accident. Fucking unbelievable but true. Me and Robban Holmqvist(bass)  often went on vacation together back in time but we stopped. Why? Almost every journey ended with a catastroph for the country we visit. When we was in Japan somebody tried to gas the whole metrosystem. In Spain it was a flood and in Turkey a mainstrike.


Why the name Trigger, it´s bands like Trigger Happy and other bands with Trigger in their name,w asn´t you nervous that some other band would have the same name as you?

-It´s a very odd history. Before we have chosed any bandname we got a questions if we wanted to be on a portugese compilation. How the portuguese have heard about us I don´t understand. But it was a hurry and we recorded a song as fast as we could. The day after we would send down our demo with info(including the bands name). “Trigger” was a name in a filmtitle we recently have seen and that became our name. We had no other thoughts on any other bands or so. So today I think the name “Trighger” is really good and we haven´t got any mixed ups.



Album:          ”Fortysevenhours”             (Mimo Sound rec. och Zuma rec) – 2000.

                      ”Distort and explode”       (Nicotine rec.) – 2002.

Splitalbum:   ”Action go!”                       (Devil shitburner rec.) – 2002.


Except these we have been on a llot of compilations and singles. See out website for the whole discography.


Some different labels have it been, your label now it´s italian? How do is work and why so many different labels?

-It haven´t been so many different labels as it seems. Mimo rec contacted us because of the fact that they wanted to release the record who became”FortysevenhoursThe record was released. After that Zuma Rec wanted to release the same record in Europe on licens. Our label today Nicotine Rec was contacting us after that. They downloaded some soundclips from our website. After some days we got a mail from them there they explained that they really adored Trigger and wanted to release an album with us. Short thereafre we went into the studio to record  “Distort and explode” our second album. And they did the same thing with Gaza Strippers. They seem to be some really good guys which loves rock and roll and think the world is going to be better with bands Trigger, Gaza strippers and Woogles. And that a good way to see it we think.


Is it difficulties to get a swedish label?

-I don´t know, we have never tried to get one.


How would you describe your own music with three words?

-Rock and roll!


Which is the most funny description you ever got on your?

-”Music with a six drink minimun”- (New york waste), is a really cool statement we recently got on the ”Distort”….record. Otherwise we haven´t got so many funny descriptions , but many good ones.


What are you being compared with in reviews?

-Everyone in the band listening to different and varied music. Our influences come from possible and impossible way. On the new record have we managed to get this feeling right because the reviewers have difficulties to say what we sound like. 13th Floor Elevators, Foo Fighters, MC5, Roky Ericson, Thin Lizzy and Stooges is band which have been said.


Do you care about reviews? Which are most interesting to read, the bad or the good ones?

-We like to red reviews. I think the most interesting to read is the ones which is really long and when they write about particular songs. The latest record we´re very satisfied with and then it can be easier to take a bad review I can think. I haven´t any experience of a totaldisasterreview because the most people seems to like “Distort and Explode” and think it´s a really good record..


Which is your strength as a band, are you best in studio or live?

-In the latest we have recorde a whole lot and the recording is maybe the best we have done together. Before that we have some of the best gigs ever. And often we p,lay live for a long time before we go into the studio for a long time. We try not to mix those things. I think for myself that the biggest experience is to see us live but we´re maybe best live in the studio. All recordings we have released is recorded live in studio.(almost)


If you could choose five bands to play with during a big concert , which band whould you choose to play with Trigger for an evening?

-Ok, Stones and Beatles is the obvious bands . I want to have bands Full Tilt Boogie Band and/or The Kozmik Blues band. Sonics and Neil Young are also high up on the wantlist. And Black Sabbath also for 30 years ago. Aaah, impossible question and I will surely regret what I am answering on this question.


Idols when you were small?

-Then I listened to much Swedish music. Ebba, Nationalteatern, Dag Vag ….and Elvis of course but Ebba was the biggest..


Where do youstand when we talk about mp3´s, good or bad for unknown bands?

-I have difficulties to see that something which is free could be bad in the long time. If everyone should download Trigger-songs we will have a very big audience.


Is it many interviews? From outside Sweden?

-We do about 24 interviews a day. No shit, it´s really fun to do interviews and it have been some after the latest record. It´s 50/50 between Swedish and foreign interviews. I wish we could do some more interview face to face as you say. It´s really unpersonal to mail interviews abck and foreward.


Any favoruitemagazines on the net or on paper?

-Skrutt of course… n:o 1!!! And I use to look at, and a lot of foregin internetzines. We love all papers which is under our “reviews” on our website.hahaha.


What should a musicpaper/zine contain to be interesting do you think?

-Articles and reviews with both known and unknown bands. And some pictures and not so many ads or no ones. The most important is that the interest is shown when you read the zine. It´s not so bad with knowledge too and it´s not always exist


When you do songs, which is your priority? Is it the music, the lyrics or a catch refrain?,

-We have much focus on the music. Attitude, energy, swing is also important for us. The songs we almost always write from a groundidea from Olle and we ant to get some melodies in it too. Some sort of melodic, enrgic total rock and roll os maybe what we try to do. We want to have variying songs too That all songs sounds like a masterpiece or maybe worth the Nobel Prize.

Futureplans for the band?

-Right now we´re doing a new recording. This will be released(or parts of it) later this autumn on an Italian split-LP. And we´re maybe doing a smaller tour in Italy and in Germany later this year. We have begin to planning and write songs to our next album. It will be released next spring(2004).


Something to add?

-Peace, love, rock´n´roll!!!