Trevolt is a new swedish punkband which sings their songs in skånska. Cool I think and I was therefore ”forced” to interview them a day in january 20089.  

How long back have Trevolt an history and did you have any bands before?
-Trevolt did come together in the end of june 2008 but have been in our thoughts for a long time. It was the lifebuilding thing was when Erik during a Conshitasrehearsal said to david that he should meet Adam. Erik meant that they had something in common in the music and their way to do music.In that time(around the beginning of 2006) didnīt David felt that he had some more time for other bands. To get it together so have Erik and David played together in the drunkrockband Conshitas. Adam and Erik have played together i 10 years time here and there. In this time Erik was a singer and the band he was in the most of the time was a band called Deathboot and as the name says it was a mix of deathmetal and crustpunk. Adam have played in a lot of bands and the band which have been the most longlived was Fallen Leaf. When Erik and David had played an halfyear together with Conshitas so started they to rehearse on the side of this to prove Davids trallpunkmaterial, this project was called Agaton Punx and it didnīt become any other thing than a project. In the beginning of Trevolts history so was David playing in the Malmöband CDCP. Before that had David played ia lot of bands but not with Erik and Adam,except Conshitas then.
Right now we only plays in Trevolt.  

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and something bad about every one?
-Adam is 27 years, right now single and he works as a drawer and he right now does Bamse. The most horrible with Adam is that he have the dangerous sickness “go-out-and –travel” sickness , now and then he must go out on some trip to a country far away.
David is 26 years, have a long relationship and he works in a government authority( ”if I tell so must I kill you”) The most bad with David is that he wasted 5 years of his life in a dysfunctional  relationship some years ago.
Erik is 28 years, he have long relationship and he works as a teacher,. One horrible thing is that he always says what he thinks and have many times came in conflict with both the police and activists just because of that.

Do you think itīs good advertisement for the band that Erik will be in the TV-programme Robinson?  
-Good or bad, that will time tell.
Advertisement it will be. Our goal is that people shall listen to our music and is more people listen to it and maybe think itīs good. Do we get a mail from some teenager which says that weīre the best which have happened since 94(or when they could be born) so have it definitely been good advertisement.

How come that he become a member in Robinson?
-He read a little about it and felt that it could be a personal challenge. And when he came forward after the first interview so did he think that he must be in the programme. With half the foot in so was it too late to go back. And the style this year should be a little bit different, more surviving and lesser pamper. So we hold our thumbs that he comes home as a bigger man.

As if Bob Hund had played punk I write about you? Comment?
-Yeah, what the hell, Bob Hund was really fun when they played. Maybe had they sounded like us but itīs not a band which I have listened by mistake on some party in the end of the 90īs. Now it is (t)revolution on itīs way.  

What are you being compared to otherwise?
-Someone have said that we sound as old Wilmer X, on some gig we have heard ”a swedish Anti-Flag” and for us is the biggest influence american punkrock in the style of Bad Religion and the swedish melodic punkbands.
Thatīs the things weīre grown up with. I can say that both "Generator" and "Ung & Arg" have been played on all bandmembers CD-players 15 years ago.  .

How did you came up with the funny CD, with the shine through cover?  

-We wanted to do something extra, not only a demo, se we found a case which is called PP-box. That format  gave us the freedom to do a wholeocovered cover. Adam have painted everything and David have put it together in a computer. The records is for our fans and nothing we earn any money on. You can see it as a fun thing and something for the ones who wants something in their hands. If you count on the costs of recording so do we lose 30-40 swedish krona for every record. The price we take for the record is the printcosts.

Adam: The tree and the weapon is about life and death in some way, do thing not destroy. And then I love trees because they are really esthetical nice and fun to paint!

Itīs fun also that you do a real CD, I mean not a burned one; why do you do so?  

-The same here. Because we want to give the persons more who wants to pay a little bit more for music. A record in colourprint. Something you donīt have to be ashamed for and put in a demopile at home. Sometimes we burn but itīs only our promorecords.

Vad do you think about downloading and mp3? Does it kill music?  
-No, weīre really united in that question.
Free music do so you come out to more. The ones that likes it maybe buys a record anyway because they want to have something to put in the cd-player and just because so they can sing along in the lyrics. If they donīt do that they come to some of our gigs anyway. So I think that we have everything to win on the mp3-revolution. Except money then..  

Is it good or bad for bands of your size?
-For a band of our size , a really new band, itīs good to so much free we can do, we only want to reach out so we donīt do this to earn money. And if we donīt loose any money on a gig weīre satsified.

There isnīt so many bands in punk who sings in skånska? Which favouriteband which sings in skånska do you have a s a favouriteband?  

- No, there sinīt so many.
David have a dad which is a musicmaniac and he have always said that Wilmer Pitt, yeah, before they put X in the name. So yeah, maybe them. Pepes had some funny songs also but itīs not our cup of tea. We listens mostly to englishsinged music and the things which is/was good in Sweden was often in Swedish. So we will see , hope we can put skånska foreward and make people a little bit lesser afraid of it. Itīs not dangerous, just a little bit odd.  

Trevolt, what does it mean?
-The name Trevolt  came foreward during a nightly MSN-conversation between Erik and David and their first thought was to have revolt in the name and the T came into the name because of the fact that we are three in the group. Erik says that itīs more that three is that weīre three in the group and volt for the energy in the music. That you can read love  in the name backwards is also a little bit fun, then isnīt it a really aggressive punkstyle. So it was right.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-Punk for us to do whatever you want.
Not to be bound by rules. Sure , we donīt live the lifetsyle  fully because we have managed to have our apartments and we all have work. Erik is the one among us who you can see directly that heīs a punk, But in the musicworld we live and breath punk. And then have David and Adam not so extreme clothes and tattoos, haircuts and piercings. That do we let Erik to have. And isnīt it more punk to break the norm  for how a punk should look like and do? We look as we are because we want that and we play our music because itīs in our hearts.
Adam: Many people have the wrong thoughts how a punk should be and see the surface only. For me it is to be openwide and think for yourself. Read Greg Graffins(singer in Bad Religion) words about what punk is.  "!

Is there any good bands in Sweden today?
-David still thinks Skumdum is good even if they do their thing in english.
Dia Psalma have done a comeback and thatīs not bad. Millencollin should also be mentioned. Adam says that Cardigans also is good.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden today?
-Itīs Ok. You can move away if you donīt like it. Weīre satisfied, politically I could wish that it was a little better for the ones who wants to get a job. Right now weīre lucky to have a work all the three of us. A little bit more leftthinking in the government hadnīt been bad.

Have the crisis didnīt anything to you personally ?
-No, not a single thing actually. We have any big loans except the ones to the studying we have done and we all live in apartments which we havenīt bought. So no ,we havenīt noticed the crisis..

Politics and music, does it belong together?
-A little bit, yeah.
But not. There musnīt be a link. You write a song just because of the fact that you have something to say. But if itīs about love or unemployment , shit the same. Many of our songs are political but itīs also have a lot about emotions.  

Best political artist?
-In Sweden or international?
I must say Anti-Flag, they have good message in their songs. And through all times thereīs a lot of bands but Anti-Flag is actual right now and they sing about important questions.  

What do you think about Barack Obama?
-It canīt be worser than it have been? We hope that he can take the heavy thing and send home the American soldiers from the other side of the world.  

Much interviews?
Is it boring?
-Havenīt been so many interviews yet. One-or two maybe. No itīs not boring, itīs always fun to tell people about the band. We havenīt focused so much on promotion yet. We write songs really much and we try to book gigs. Now when erik comes home he have 7-8 new songs that he must learn. We never stand still!!

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?
-Adam:Bad Religion-Against the grain, Millencolin-Life on a plate, Bob Marley-Uprising, Danko Jones-Born a lion, NOFX-War on errorism.
Concerts: Bad Religion 98 in Copenhagen, Millencolin as a support act. No fun at all 94(I think) Folkfesten Malmö, LOK Malmö 99(maybe), Danko Jones 2006 Malmöfestivalen (unsecure on the year)
hmm,most important: 1:health 2:music 3:art 4:friends and family 5:badminton
David: Bad Religion - The Gray Race, Green Day - Dookie, Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute, System of a Down - Toxicity & The Offspring
- Ixnay On The Hombre... concerts: Green Day in Gothenburg, Bad Religion in Lund, NOFX in Gothenburg, Strebers in Trelleborg, Red Hot Chili Peppers in Copenhagen, have difficulties with the dates , it was a long time ago.

5 most important things in life: family, friends, girlfriend, the band and to be free from sickness.

First, latest and most expensive record ever bought?
-Adam:The first record was "Suffer" with Bad Religion, the latest was Tyrannosaurus Hives, the most expensive I don’t know, Cardigans.
David: The first record I paid for myself was actually Dia Psalmas "Luft” a year after it was released. The latest one was fun , it was a Dia Psalma-record, it was Djupa Skogen. The most expensive I donīt know.

The most embarrassing record in your collection?
-Adam:Nothing embarrassing. Yeah, if I had have some smurf-hits or something but I donīt have.
David: Must be some of the jazzrecords which I forced myself with when I tried to be a better bassist.

What do see foreward in 2009?
-To play a lot out and record at least two times. We will do 8 songs this spring and a fullength in the autumn.  

Futureplans for the band?
-The same as we looking foreward to.
To come out more and play. Will do some merch soon. And then it could be fun to be signed also. The telephone is open.

For yourself?
-Adam:To write better music and better songs, better melodies and lyrics.  

David: To continue to write songs in the same speed as now and try to do that we could rehearse three times a week.

-Adam: Donīt think too much, go out and do your garden!
David: Everything happens not without a meaning.

Something to add?
-All people go in to and jump on the train. See you out there. I hope youīre satisfied. Please write when this is out. Greetings Dave.