Ola: I and Norsebäck have played together before and we have been talking about starting a new band but we have never had any drummer. Then our old bassist to work with Erik Arvidsson and he said that he liked punk and could drum and after that Norse have gone to Hultsfred with him and thought he was nice we decided to test him. I phoned Kalle who I also have played with before and I said to him to take his bass again. A little like the old western where the old revolvermen takes foreward their pistol again just to ride out together for the last time. And the we rehearesed for an half year with this boys..
Erik: My brother asked me if I wanted to test and sing with them because he felt splittered between the singing and the guitar. After three weeks I walk along with them to a rehearsal and then after that they all layed around me feets and beg me to sing in the group and make them be a successfull band.
Ola: says the guy who always begin the songs in an own musical art..Anyway we have been playing a year now, recorded some songs and so on, itīs not more exciting than this..
Please tell me a little about every member , age, family and something bad about everyone?
Kalle: He checks passport in the custom, he collects records and a heavy metal freak, washes often.,
Erik A: Have broken more drumsticks than any other drummer in the world. Have gone from glamrock to punkrock and dreams of an orange country-drumkit.
Norse: Lives on a diet of candy and chips but he looks like Gandhi anyway. Heīs grown up on a farm in Närke in the worst Örebro-punkwave.
Erik E: The little guy in the band, our frontman. He donīt work anymore on the tyrefabric anymore and he works halftime with doing bigkitchenfood.
Ola: He changed himself out from the singing to get some more activities going as jumping to the music, after along time of unemplyment he have given up the thoughts of a better life and now he works again.
I describe you as a mix of Rancid and old punkrock, comment?
Ola: Yeah, Rancid isnīt any big influence, I have a record I think. Old punkrock Iīm grown up with so itīs more inluences from there and that does Rancid too I presume, so therefore thereīs a likeness with them. But of course itīs the same style even if weīre not so found of the skathing and the way to sing.
Erik: I can understand if you can find a similiar sonstyle there..
Ola: Erik have listened more to Rancid than I have
What does people compare you to otherwise?
Erik: Tja… everything from Ramones, which i really wonder about, to Dwarves. River City Rebels have we heard many times but we donīt know anything about them so I donīt know if itīs right. Many people thinks we sound very own and thatīs fun.

Whatīs ther most peculiar which have been written about you?
Ola: Some fucking girl wrote that my brother sounded like a cutie and she wanted to take in in a net and drag him home to her dad and that the most peculiar so far

Erik: Itīs always fun with constructive criticism.

Do you care about reviews?
Ola: Only the good ones, the others you think are idiots.
Erik: I forget the bad ones immedietaly, I really do that..

How is it to play this sort of music today?
Erik: Oh, itīs expensive. You donīt get any money for it Poor fucking punkpublic..

Ola: Erik A. He pays a lot of money on drumsticks every month. But otherwise itīs fun. Itīs many punk and harder bands around right now but itīs not so many who does our thing. We think so anyway. And then I hate every Hellacopters-copy.
Erik: Hardcore Superstar can take a fish over themslves!

Have you done anything else than the single I wrote about?
Erik: Itīs not a single, itīs a demo!
Ola: Yeah… We did it to send it out to zines and people who set up gigs and to see what people think.
Erik: And to prove for ourself that weīre actually exist.
Ola: But we will record 2 more demos or promos we should maybe call them. But weīre not interested of more adminstrative things we will not give out something ourselves or try to sell demos to left and to right, we do it this way til some company likes us and do the work for us
Have you heard anything from any label? From outside Sweden?
Ola: yeah, some people want to have us on compilations and a norwegian guy wants us to play on a festival in Bergen. We send out the records some weeks ago, so itīs OK this far.
Erik: Our cousin in San Fransisco called the 24th and said merry christmas.
Is it a bad thing to be called demoband?
Erik: No, itīs really good because then people donīt expect so much of us. Then youīre a demoband, people have lower expecatations and youi can surprise them
Ola: No, what the hell, weīre a demoband. I donīt understand bands which alrealy have artistnames, tourbus and all that stuff when they only have played at home
How is it to live in Sweden a week before christmas 2002, what is good and what is bad?
Ola: We have been lazy so now it a week after christmas. Itīs OK for me, the winter is bad and we live in a country with 6 months of winter but we live in a welfarestate and we live very well.
Erik: I take every day as a joke. Itīs good that itīs after christmas because then summer is the big next thing.

Have you been thinking of EMU yet? Or do you donīt care about politics?

Erik: I cannot say so much and I felt knocked down of all this incomeptentness.
Ola: We are like Ramones, we have the whole political spectrum in the band but everyone is really apathic to partypoltics.

Is there any good bands in Sweden right now, or outside Sweden?
Erik: I have no to mention. yeah, Randy, Rancid and Ramones all good bands on ”R”.
Ola: I like Dwarves, Henry Fiats, Misfits andh Raped Teenagers.

If you could choose five bands to play with during an evening together with your band, which would you choose?

We take one band each:
1. Motörhead
2. Voice of a Generation (With Charlie on vocals)
3. Krigshot
5. G.G. Allin

What does the word punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
Ola: To me itīs a musical thing and a little bit of ideology of doing things self and donīt care so much of massmedial things, but Iīm not a fucking punkpolice which refuses to buy nothing else than biodynamic things..
Erik: The only one who are real punks there is nobody who like sbecause theyīre so fucking diguisting . To look like the ”real punker” you must have a lot of money to afford all the studs and that cannot go along with begging on festivals. They seem to afford every festival and concert too..
Ola: The people I know which are most punk look really nerdy.
Erik: I agree.

To have a website, have it helped you out something? What do you like internet, do you have any favouritesite?
Erik: No, to have a website havenīt helped us so much but to have a good site helps maybe.

Ola: Shut your mouth! Do an own site then!!
Erik: No,itīs fucking good. Especially our intranet there you can download all lyrics if you have lost them..
Ola: The site is really good, we have got good contact through that with people in other countries. Now I havenīt checked out the statistic for a while but we have really much visitors.,.

Where do you stand when we talk about mp3.s, must you pay for everything or?
Ola: the songs we recorded now we donīt care so much about and we donīt give a shit about owning them, weīre more happy that theyīre a spread.We havenīt paid anything to STIM.( maybe we have got some money for them because theyīve been on both TV4 and P3) and I think go on that way so long as we give out our music ourself. But I can understand that itīs a little bit bitter for people who lives on the music but I think they do theirself an unfavour if they stop it, especially in our style of music- it isnīt really punk to give poeple who download mpīs to the police.
Erik: are like druglords, we give away the first for free and then weīre going to get paid.
Please rank your five favouritrecords, five best concerts and five most important things in life?
Ola: We have some lists like that , so check them out.
Erik: Love,sunshine and singing i want to put to the most important things in life. Dogs, kids and homebrewed applewine is good too..

First last and most expensive record ever bought?

Yeah, all wanted to answer this questions…
First: Slade - Amazing kamikaze syndrome
Selatest: Accidents 10:an
Most expensive: The Fuckers - Sexy Roy Orbison (Finnish fakeband which Bill Drummond is behind)
First: Some Elvis-compilation
Latest: Randy­ - Human atom bombs
Most expensive: Fettes Brot - Silberfische in meinem Bett


First: Judas Priest - "Defenders of the faith"
Latest: The Wildhearts - "Vanilla Radio", Double EP
Most expensive: Venom - "Welcome to hell"


First: Iron Maiden -  The Number Of the Beast

Latest: Defleshed - Royal Straight Flesh

Most expensive: New Bomb Turks - Live '93 12"

Idols when you were small?
Erik: MA Numminen
Ola: Povel Ramel
How is a good gig with you?
Erik: Weīre a studioproject…
Ola: No,seriously we havenīt wanted to play live yet before now, because we have been too bad.
Erik: We donīt want to sound like Sounds
Ola: So we will see..
Is it many interview, is it boring?
Ola: Itīs not more than we can take. Itīs fun that someone want to know about us.

Which is the question you never get but want to have, please ask it and answer it?
Ola: Do you know how much you influence other bands? No.
Erik: How did it felt when a a person you didnīt know paid for listen to your music for the first time? It felt fine.

Ola: Hello, do you want to have our rehersalstudio? Itīs very central and itīs full with instruments and it costs 1000 swedish krona/month? Say 800 and we take it immediately.

Do you think something like the terroristattack the 11th of spetember can happen again??
Ola: Itīs not so unbelievable that it can do.
How did you react that time, with anger, fear or what did I say?
Ola: I got impressed that could do it.
Erik: I got also impressed and it was difficult to feel any sympathies-everything felt like a movie.
Ola: And I think that itīs going to be the Kennedysyndrome , everybody will remember excactly where they were. I was the worst psycho, I sat and looked at CNN and I really was longing for the towers to fall.
Erik: I didnīt want to listen to radio and I was in the woods and I didnīt heard anything more about it til it was evening
Have it changed your life anything? Are you more afraid when youīre flying?
Ola: No to both questions.
Erik: Itīs a little more exciting world to live in, it feels like everything can happen..
Is it possible for you to be on a political thing or do you think that as a musican you should have any political view?
Ola: I donīt think it is something everybody in the band feels so strong for. And I wouldnīt be on a any benefitrecord for the swedish Cuba-prisoner only because of the fact that Erik wanted that.
Erik: Only we get paid so can I play at young left wing meeting or christian young men who have a sailingday in Marstrand
Ola: I want to play for Lions or something like that, I want to have secret handshakes and be called ”best brother”. And to drink backstagebeer from a skull with an old master.
Can music change peoples life?
Erik: The girl on Hole in Hultsfred, her life was changed.
Ola: I think so, I think itīs many people who get new ideologies and lifestyles through music, both good and bad. You must watch out so you donīt start listen to panflutes, delphinesong and or something like that, and then you sit on a pillow from an indian affair, and strat talking about a hobbyphilosiphy  before you know it yourself. Norsebäck was a vegetarian for a while but Iīm wonder if he had an overdose of Final Exit before that. But he have left that now…
What is most important when you do music, is it the lyrics, the music or to have a refrain that people remembers?
Ola: Most important? Öhhh… It varies a whole lot which I start with. If I get a lyricidea first it influences the whole song and if I come into a riff or melody so can it be so that the lyrics become the first i come up with which sits the riff. But itīs absolutely important to have a refrain which you can hear and remember, look on Satanic  which havenīt written a refrain in their whole life. Itīs really an OK band but theyīre standing in the same spot just because of the fact that nobody remebers the songs or what theyīre called.
Erik: I donīt do the music.
What do you want to have in christmas present?
Ola: I wanted an airgun and I got it.
Erik: Peace on earth and a mp3 player..
Ola: He got a mp3 player anyway.
Ola: maybe better we donīt say anything?
Erik: Yeah, maybe.
Something to add?
Ola: Not really. Check out our site, www.terriblemistakes.com  , there you can download all the things we record and it come some new things in this spring we hope. We want to play on your birthday party or party somewhere, call us. Yeah, we want a rehearsal studio in Stockholm. Please write us if you have something to rehearse.