Frankie Flame in the group have been on the road for a very long while with his punkmusic. Here he gives us the history about his group Superyob. The interview took some time but here it is finally. March-20111



History about Superyob?

-Frank;- Superyob was formed  in 1995 in London by Me, Pat McVicar and  his brother Rob Reeves. We were mates and went to the same gigs, and they had seen me play my one man shows. We shared the same reality living in south London and we had the same desire to make music about the world as we experienced it.  To start with Pat (drums)and Rob  (guitar) wrote most of the songs for the band, plus a couple from me (vocals); then me and Pat became the writers, and I have written some Superyob songs myself. I am now the only original member of Superyob still in the band, we have had several personnel changes. However,  me, Pat, and Rob are still good mates; even though they   are doing other things now. Up to date, Superyob  have made 4 albums, an Ep, 2 vinyl singles, compilation tracks, and recently re-issued our first two albums on a collector’s vinyl package with bonus tracks and our third album with bonus tracks on Randale records. We have toured extensively in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, and the USA and recently celebrated 15 years of Superyob with a festival in London called ‘Yobstock’, which featured Superyob as headline act; with Evil Conduct and other bands.

Please tell me  a little about every member, age, interests, work, family and something bad about every one?

-Frank;- Superyob band members now are Me, lead vocals, (and 12 string guitar and keyboards  on recordings);  Dave,  guitar and backing vocals; Andy, bass and backing vocals; and Mick, drums. We are different ages, I’m the oldest and Dave is the youngest.

I’m a self employed pro musician for my job, and also work as a musical agent for piano players/ guitarists. I write lyrics and music for  Superyob and also do some film acting;  as well as singing in Superyob I also play solo Oi! singalong shows, and I follow boxing and football, (West Ham and England)! I drink Guinness. I’m married.

Something bad- I’m tyrannical when I’m being creative, worse when I’m pissed.

Superyob nickname:-T’wearly/Old Git

Dave is an engineering project manager, drinks almost anything, and  is my right hand man in Superyob. He has just started  another job after being unemployed for  a while; he’s got a fantastic ‘Superyob’ custom built guitar amongst his guitar collection.  He has played guitar in Aceface and The East End Badoes. Dave is married.

Something bad- he’ll eat  and drink everything in sight when he’s hungry or thirsty, including other people’s dinner and beer. If he’s really hungry he can turn cannibal…..

Superyob nickname;- Fatso/ Haystacks

Andy has a farm, he harvests fruit and  makes his own cider, which is very good, we may market it as ‘Superyob Cider’! He played bass in The Gonads before joining Superyob, and he is married. He recently became a proud father.

Something bad- Andy is notoriously tight with money... and badly needs one more pair of trousers......

Superyob nickname;- Pikey/Scrooge

Mick works in a warehouse, and   he is the joker in the band; we have a lot of laughs and in-jokes with him; Mick played drums for The Business for 20 years before he joined Superyob, and I have known him all that time, we are  old friends. Mick was a semi pro footballer, and is also a  great barbecue chef!   He is married too.

Something bad- make sure you watch your possessions closely when Mick is around, he has a way of making things disappear......

Superyob nickname:- Tea Leaf ( Tea leaf is cockney rhyming slang for thief....)

You have been in a lot of bands before, please tell me about some of them?

-Frank;-  Before most recent band history would include  a band called U-Boat with David Bowie’s  original drummer,Woody Woodmansey. We signed a recording deal with Bronze/EMI, played many shows and tours in the UK and Europe including the Reading Rock festival, and released an album and single. After this  I formed my  own band Frankie and The Flames, which was a blend of punk, power pop and bar room rock. I have also played many sessions for other bands in the studio, including The Blood, The Business, The Gonads, Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Blades,  lots of other bands;  and  I’ve produced bands and albums as well.


Do you have any other band on the side of Superyob now?

-Frank;- No, just my job which is solo work as a keyboard/guitarist vocalist, and I am an agent for others, as I said.

How did you came into punk in the first place?

-Frank;-I liked the Sex Pistols and other bands that started punk, then I got into Oi! after that.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is a lifestyle?

-Frank: It’s a look, a sound, a lifestyle, all of these..... of course ‘MTV Punk’ has devalued the brand a bit.

Music and politics, does they always goes hand in hand?

-Frank:- No, not in my opinion they don’t.

A song like Champagne Socialist....have you met many people like this? Is it any particular person you think of here?

-Frank:- Yeah.... Tony fuckin Blair and Gordon fuckin Brown  and their pals who betrayed the British working class, and loads of other so called ‘politicians’.

Which is the best political band/artist?

-Frank;- Dunno. First, what kind of politics..... Right wing? Left wing? Green? Animal Rights? Christian Party? Liberal? Democrat? Republican? Socialist Workers party? British national Party?   I’m simply not interested in ‘political’ bands. Artists/bands who tie themselves to a political movement get onto a runaway train that they can’t get off, and they become the ‘property’ of the political movement they associate with.  They will be called traitors if they dare to do something or write something that the political party does not agree with.  They can become controlled by the political faction they are associated with. Nine times out of ten this all ends badly. So, I don’t have an opinion on who is the best political band or artist. I am more interested in bands and artists who think for themselves, and follow themselves as leaders.


It seems like if the lyrics are very important to you?

-Frank:- Yes, absolutely.  In a song, the lyrics are  the skeleton of the body  of the song and  the music is the flesh on the skeleton; two different elements that together  hopefully give life to a song that’s good.  Lyrics are extremely important, they are the  statement of an artist’s intent and what he  or she wants to say.  Of course the lyrics can exist without music, and the music without lyrics....I work with both together sometimes, at other  times I get a great piece of music and fit lyrics to the music.... and then it can work the other way round with a lyric idea that needs a tune, or I get a strong lyric phrase with a tune  for the lyric/vocal line. 


What type of people comes to your concerts?

.Frank:- Skins, punks, herberts, football casual/ hoolies, record company people, journalists, photographers, pc spies........

You did Live for Today by Sweet on your CD Quality Street? Have you done any other covers?

-Frank:- Yeah, we have recorded ‘All or nothing’ by the Small Faces (London 60’s Mod band) and ‘How Does It feel’ by Slade.... both these tracks were b sides on Superyob 7 inch vinyl singles ‘Rock n’ Roll Ghost’ and ‘Rock n’ Roll Revolution’.

What does a cover good?

-Frank;-I think you have to put your own musical DNA on the recording  of a cover song version while respecting the original and the original artist.

Do you never get old too playing punk(me myself is 48) ?

-Frank:- No. I’m older than you mate....! I don’t care what people say, there’s no time limit or retirement age in our scene, I just do because I love it, and when you love something, time stands still for you..... you stay young at heart..... also I’m younger than Charlie Harper....! Ha!

What shall todays punks do to shock their parents, nowadays when punk clothes is  fashion?

-Frank:- Dunno, I’m sure they’ll think of something.....




How is it to live in England today? Politically I mean?

-Frank;-   It’s  a shitstorm...... Well;- the overwhelming climate politically and financially is depressing now...... England and the whole UK is billions  of pounds in debt thanks largely to Blair/Brown.....  there are millions on the dole like in the 80’s....... huge public sector financial cuts announced today....... defence budget cuts...... local public services security and family and child  benefit cuts.....higher taxes....... cuts cuts cuts.... unchecked  and disastrous ‘total open door’ immigration for the last 10 years under a labour government; which has resulted in huge numbers of immigrants coming to the UK and this has resulted in extreme  pressures on housing, hospitals, job market, schools and education,  and all of the services and provisions of our islands......and  now many local councils  and communities can’t cope with the sheer volume of people needing homes, jobs, medical care and school places..... and of course  housing benefit payments, social security payments and family and child benefit payments.... the system is wrong and its breaking down all over the country..... some places are a nightmare.  It’s not the fault of the immigrants, you can’t blame them for wanting ‘a better life’.... they are pawns in the game. The politicians responsible for this fuckin mess are the ones to blame.  Their ‘social engineering  immigration project’ has simply brought chaos,  over crowding, hatred, race war, increased poverty  and   fractured communities to the cities of the  UK.....the southeast of  England is the most overcrowded place  in the whole of Europe; and London where I live is the most overcrowded city in the most overcrowded place in Europe. Space  to live, to simply exist, is  the most precious and expensive commodity where I live.  Also the ‘European Union’ is causing the Uk a lot of problems politically and financially, and impacting  with lots of stupid laws on our traditional way of life...... I could write a book.........This is a very short description of how it is to live in England now, politically. I’m very PISSED OFF, I want my country back.

What I’ve said here is simply what I experience every day in England, its the reality of  living here now, its fact.


Are people afraid for new terrorist attacks?

-Frank;- We are aware of threats, and we are constantly being told that more attacks are going to happen..... are we afraid? Let’s just say I think most people are aware and vigilant, not afraid. And also I’ll just say that there are those who will fight back......

You released your album Quality Street on Randale Records, is it a good label?

-Frank:-We like Randale records, and yes I think it is a very good label.

Not any new album on it´s way?

-Frank:- Yes, we have now  re-released  our third album ‘Ghetto Blaster’ with bonus tracks due to public demand,  available on cd and vinyl on Randale records; and we will  also release a brand new album in 2011. I am writing the songs  like a demon for the new 2011 album now. We have rehearsal recordings of new material for the new album, and the songs are dynamic anthems.

What do you know about Sweden? You have been here, haven´t you?

-Frank:- Yes Superyob have played in Gothenburg, and years ago I played solo there. We also passed through Sweden once to play in Finland, and had to sleep  on the floor in Skavsta airport overnight on the way back because of a fuck up by Ryanair....... Sweden is a fine country and we have good friends from Sweden, some of our  Swedish friends came to our Superyob 15th anniversary ‘Yobstock’ festival in London July 2010.

Do you know and like any swedish bands?

-Frank:-We have shared the stage in Gothenburg with The Cliches, and Gatans Lag.  Both these bands played very well I think, we had a great time with them and it was a very good concert. We have heard of other Swedish bands, like Ultima Thule etc.

Please rank your five favourite records , five best concerts you have been to and five most important things in life?

Frank:- I’m going to choose TWENTY records! Five is not enough.....!

Favourite Records.

1. Quality Street /Album/ Superyob (hehe, yes I’m a big headed bastard, but its my fave!)

2. Sweet F.A.  single track/ Superyob (  same with this one....)

3.Oi! Oi! Oi! / Album / Cockney Rejects

4.The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth /Album/ The Business

5.Live n loud/ Album/ Cocksparrer

6.Never mind the Bollocks/ Album/ Sex Pistols

7.Best of Chas n’ Dave/ Album/ Chas n’ Dave

8.The Ultimate Collection /Album/The Who

9.The Autumn Stone/ Album/ The Small Faces

10. Feel the Noize, The very best of Slade/ Album/ Slade

11.That’s My Music/Album/ The New Chords

12.Straw Dogs 91-97/Album/ Straw Dogs

13.Divine Madness/ Album/Madness

14.This is the Way We Feel/ Ep/ Evil Conduct

15. The Best Of Frankie And The Flames/ Album/ Franky Flame

16.Inferno/ Album/ Franky Flame

17.Islander/ Album/ Franky Flame

18.Skinflicks /Album/ Skinflicks

19.Couple of tracks from ‘Democracy’/Album/ Killing Joke

20.Several tracks from ‘Pandemonium’/ Album/ Killing Joke


Five best concerts I have been to (and played at with Superyob).

1.Avalon Ballroom Boston USA with The Dropkick Murphys

2.Concorde 2 club Brighton UK with the Cockney Rejects

3.Oi! The Meeting Festival, Leipzig Germany with The Templars

4.Endless Summer Festival, Torgau Germany with The Cockney Rejects

5.Back On The Streets Festival, Waldlaubersheim Germany with Krawallbruder


Five most Important things in Life

Frank:- I list nine rules I try to live by:-

1.Courage, 2, Truth, 3. Honour, 4. Fidelity, 5.Discipline, 6. Hospitality,

7. Self reliance, 8. Industriousness, 9. Perseverance


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Frank;- First one was a Small Faces record, I can’t actually remember  which one....last one was the 4-Skins ‘The Return’ album and the most expensive record? I dunno, probably some disc  or box set package I bought as a gift for somebody.... I’ve spent a fortune on records over the years....


Where do you stand when we´re talking about mp3 and downloading etc?

-Frank:-  I personally prefer physical product (cds or vinyl) for music.

Is it good or bad for a band like yours?

-Frank:-We sell physical product and some sales as downloads on Tunecore; its not good or bad, they are  just  different kinds of  format. Some places and some people prefer cds or vinyl,  and some people prefer downloads.

How much do a record of yours sell?

-Frank:- You’d have to ask our record label that! …..If you mean;- how much for a cd or vinyl copy,?.... we sell them for £10.00 approximately, it depends on the postage if they are postal sales, at gigs we sell for £10.00. (Usually!)

Futureplans for the band?

-Frank:- Tours, festivals, gigs, more albums, and videos, we hope to continue making

‘Real music in an unreal world’.

For yourself?

-Frank:- I intend to keep writing, recording and producing lyrics and music for our scene also I want to keep on doing my solo shows which are very popular; and also keep trying to get a budget for  the production of a musical film I have written  with a friend, plus writing my autobiography and  doing some more film work as an ‘extra’ and ‘cameo’ actor.


-Frank:- ‘Self-knowledge’.

Please tell me a really funny thing which have happened in all these years you have been playing music?

-Frank:- I went on holiday to Europe with my wife and her brother, they went ski-ing. I can’t ski…. I’d never been on a ski slope before in my life, so I started walking down the red piste to get to the pub at the bottom of the slope,  (Stupid!) …but soon realised I was getting faster and faster, because of the ice and the steep slope, and  then my legs were running like the roadrunner cartoon…. (meep meep!)…. I ended up  running so fast and not being able to stop that I fell forward and went right down the mountain  ski slope flat on my face like Garfield the cat….I went past the pub at the bottom  flat  on my face on the ice…. And slithered to a halt… dazed and messed up….. I looked back up the top of the slope and my wife and her brother  were lying on their backs  with their skis in the air, laughing hysterically at the sight of me like this….. an american  tourist came out of the pub and picked me up. “God-damn boy, that was the most RADICAL descent I’ve ever seen on this slope!” he said. I walked shakily into the pub to loud cheers and applause, and everyone wanted to buy me drinks! Later my wife said she wished she had filmed it because we would have won a cash prize on the tv show “You’ve Been Framed”!!!!

I never did learn to ski……

Something to add?

-Frank:- Regards to all, you can contact me at:-