Iīm sitting here and thinking of thatmy vacation soon is no more. I donīt know if I think is nice to begin to work or not. My girlfriend have been working for three weeks and that gave me the opportunity to be home with my two children 4 and 8 years old all by myself. The summer.... isnīt it a little bit overestimated because many poeple long for it before this years vacation is no more. Iīm not the type who is feeling fine with bathing and sunbathing in Pina Colada so for me this time is a boring thing. And plus to that Iīm allergic too. Isnīt it anyhting which is good with the summer, yeah I have got the zine together all the time. Itīs the first time since 1993 or something, nothing is left to do right now. Iīm only do the zine on the net right now so thatīs why perhaps, you never have a deadline to miss or something like that. The best with being on internet is that people who sends me promos can read the reviews one or two days after I got it. Interviews can be very of current interest and they can even be read after many years. I hope that I can be better on the visual thing but as it always have been in Skrutt itås more important what has been written in Skrutt.

Another good thing with internet is that pictures gets so much better on Internet. Isnīt it anything which is bad with a zine on internet then. you canīt take the paper on the loo but I hope that you people who is interested in an article, review or interview press the button and read on paper instead. You canīt be dry up your arshes with a zine on internet, but you can use the papoer you just took out of the computer. But use the right side if you have a bubble jet printer so thatīs why tyou must buy a laserjetwriter. I hope you take this positive with that the zine will be more and more on internet and most of all I want to work fulltime on the zine. But how the hell should I do then. Every band must pay to be in the zine  and so on.

Internet=punk or what do you say because itīs really an anarchistic thing with internet and thereīs many poeple you can cheat. The postaloffice for example on stamps I mean. Itīs a lot more cheaper to send letters with email than with the swedish post and their costs of stamps. You camīt send musicfiles in letters except on CD`s but via email you cans end whatever you want. Of course thereīs a lot of shitsites on the net with children porno, and other idiotthings on the net but itīs mostly good things. The people who wants knowledge can get it on internet. I think and I hope that the shitsites are going to disappear by themself because who wants to see sites with childrenporon, racistthings and so on.  Itīs maybe a naive thought but itīs a lot more interesting to watch music, sport and other knowledgethings on the net than the other shitthings.

I think I got some good interviews already on my site and itīs getting more and more and after that I put it in on other sides so every year gets itīs own and you can look at my zine year after year year after year after year. Because I did the paperzine in 16 years so I must do this zine on the net for 16 years. So if you donīt notice me after 2016 is it right. But for now please send me a mail and say what you think about things. It can be rewarded with a record or something else.  14/7-00