Status Quo - Hello

Release 1973


My first idols
Status Quo was among my first idols and itīs hard to choose favouriterecord from the early stuff with Status and Quo, Blue for You, On the level and this Hello is all good record….or maybe right said fucking good records. I have had the most of the stuff with the group and have the most of the stuff now again after have been selling the vinyl once upon a time. The only thing I havenīt managed to do with the group is to see them live but the one who lives will see.
Strong start on the record
This record stars incredibly strong with Roll Over lay down there really boogierocklovers get their thing because here it rocks on as hell and thatīs the only song where the whole gang have been written the song together.
Claudie is a wonderful popsong
The second song is Claudie which maybe isnīt any metalsong but itīs a really good popsong which shows their roots in the 60īs which is really big but what a song. A reason for living gives the boogierock once again their right face and here you get your head banged. Blue Eyed lady starts with a tough guitar I thought then and then itīs fast speed on the song and so is it with the next song too, their big hit Caroline which a song which people have headbanged to and played airguitar also to on many parties…what a song. Softer Ride starts calm and then it goes up in speed…cool song I think and Status have even if it was said about the group that they only could play three chords always have an own style so it doensīt matter.
Ten minutes long
The song before the last song is And itīs better now shows up a little bit more psychedelic side which suits the group really well I think and the last song Forty-five hundred times is almost ten minutes long and itīs a good end on a realy partyrecord and this record you must invest in and donīt you have any record with Status so is this the record you should have and buy because even if youīre into pun, metal , pop or rock so do I think that you will like this.