A really new punkband which is called South City Locos comes soon with their second CD and what suits better than an interview about this and start the year 2013 with one of Swedens most interesting bands. ….jan 2013.

-Gabo: The short version is that Simon and I was a little bit disappointed on our roles in our bands right then, he played in Kalashnikov orchestra and I played with CD CP.We started something it became this.
The long version: The meaning was to start something new and do our own things(it wasn´t so much space for that in our bands we was in then, not for me anyway) and not only to be in someone else’s project. We rehearsed two times in 6 months before it became anything. Then came Thomas in and then it became a little bit more official, a mate Marcus came in on bass and before we knew it we was a band. Markus quit the band and then we got in latino number two in the band but he  felt that he hadn’t the heart in the right place, you cannot more than respect his decision and remember all mad things we have had together.  

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?
-Gabo: Fuck this was an official question in some way. 30 years, have a family and wasn´t born as many think I am. Is fucking out of work and I´m really bored. Which is the bad things you think about
Simon: Yeah, I´m not so different. I work with vegetables and then I don´t mean those in wheelchairs I mean real vegetables. Really glamorous.  

Is 25 long years and have both girlfriend and children and my interests is music and TV-Games.
Diddi:27 from Stockholm. Lives the good old middlelife in a house, with wife, Volvo and a cat.
Ha Ha!  

You talk about a new record. How does it sound? Some songtitles….so we got something in advance!
-Gabo:It sounds better…How do you describe your music without sounding like a pretentious one. Any way it´s more developed, melodic. Think is the word I seak I think but I´m not really sure. It´s a whole lot faster anyway, we have found our style a little bit I think. Some titles is anyway the titletrack Mama joined the black bloc, Battle Cry, Garra Charrua which is in spanish and a thing for the losers which is about the suburbs where I grown up., Jakan.

Is it any idea to release record in the good old way( I really hope that because I´m a collector) or how do you see about digital vs old school?  

-Gabo: It´s always ”a place” for physical records especially if your a collectornerd, you collect record, I collect comics, then never a mp3 or a datafile be a substitute, and then I think everything depends on the style you listens to, do you listen to pissmusic which is on the radio and can be thrown out after a week so do I think it´s practical with digital music. But will you do music which should be for ever so do I think that it´s worth to put some effort in the real ”product” with cover, booklet etc.  and it´s the charm with the record. And then we will see if it holds because as long as Spotify radio and those things go on it will not be an indieartist who want to be on that anymore. "

What do you think about downloading etc. Does it kill the music??

-Gabo:A little bit of me think it does that but for us have downloading become a good thing. I felt a little bit proud when I read that a polish blog there you could download our record. Someone have taken the time to put out our record for other people, and I see that as a tribute more than that they hate us. And then music will not die just because of the fact that you don´t earn a lot of money on it and I think that time have been proven the opposite, as more profit it is as badder music it will be. So maybe everyone should download music.  

Your name's odd, tell me about it ... not the typical punk?
-Gabo: What is there to tell? Simon and I juggled around some names but got nowhere, Gabo and the Sieg heilers apparently was not a hit for people in the band. Then one night I called Simon drunk and shouted out the name I have for me and he thought it sounded good. Given all the idiotic elements  we have been responsible for the city of Malmö and some were else it fits us damn good. Truth is that we thought it was fat punky but in recent years we have learned that it sounds more like a gang in Los Angeles than a punk band.

Is it important to have a good name for a group do you think ... which is the best band name?
G: Maybe it's not unimportant, there are bands with good music that you never remember the name of, and vice versa. Then it is the case that many think the name should reflect what people are playing, things get really boring, just check out the metal scene and also in the punk scene, where we can talk about sticking to strict rules for what you get and do not get hot. Best band name for me would probably be Cake, Drunx InCharge.

What is the best band or the best bands right now in Sweden?
-Gabo: In the punkscene, I would say Project Ekan is obvious one of the best, Gatans Lag, Trubbel then it becomes blank in the head actually, do you know if Drunx incharge still plays??

Favorites from the past .... both Swedish and foreign?
Asta Kask, KSMB, Eskorbuto (Spanien) Kaos Urbano (Spanien) Todos tus muertos (Argentina) The virus, DK, US Bombs... The list could probably be how fucking long anyway, so round out there.
Simon: right now it's Black Flag, Non Servium (Spanien), Bad Brains (US), Keffat Liv, Whiskey Rebels, Joy Division, Anal Thunder (Finland)

What about game times in Sweden right now?
-Gabo: Non-existent, at least if one is called South City Locos ...

Which are the biggest band you played with at a concert?
-Gabo: Hudson Falcons, I believe indeed, may ask the others tend to be a little bit drunk on the gigs.

If you could choose five bands free from history and have a big concert together with whom would you choose then?
-Gabo: Depends a bit on but had no doubt wanted to play with Dead Kennedys, except that band I do not know, the list is different every time you answer a question like that.
Simon: Drunx InCharge, Anal Thunder, NOFX, Slapshot, Rancid

What is the type of people who come to your concerts?
-Gabo: People who like to cross theirr arms and wait for his friend's band, if we are not playing in Denmark or Gothenburg, fuck what people want to disclose in Denmark. Though if I should be fair so later in Malmö we got a damn good response of people, it was damn fun actually.

What kind of people do you miss?
-Gabo: Logical ones.
Simon: People who appreciate good music and not just let themselves be brainwashed by radio and trends.

What is the best and the worst of living in Sweden?
-Gabo: What do you say about a country that soon should have U-country status anyway?
Simon: Best? Yes, there is not much more than the best punk in Sweden streams out of Malmö.
The worst is undoubtedly the punk elite that says that they do everything for the stage but really just sit and drink ... and think they are the hardest in the world.

Played much abroad?
-Gabo: Actually too little.

Political lyrics and music does it belong together do you think?
-Gabo: What the hell else is there to talk about? Babes, football, money and beer? All of these are things that are needed in life to be relatively happy, but you go into the depth of the people so there should be something more than this to work I think. You don´t need to go to extremes or as in some punk groups where they will more or less present a political manifesto in every song or otherwose you’re a rightwingcreep.  As with everything in life it requires balance. One can talk about beer and football but you should grab a little more difficult questions too, or at least try to provide your own perspective on it. Must point out, however, that band that refuses to take a stand against nazis is pussies.

Do you think you can influence someone with lyrics ... I mean "ordinary" people?
-Gabo: People yes, many have well some fantastic line of text in the skull that attracts them in the head when they are struggling or similar, I think, anyway. However, to think that you seriously will change the world with a text is idiotic, requires more work than putting on a disc to create change.

Best political band / artist?
-Gabo: Dead Kennedys, would like to see someone other than Biafra attempt to write something so satirical and so ingenious.
Simon: Non Servium, Rejected Youth.

The best line of text ever written?
Gabo: "Jag är ingenting" and "punks not dead it just deserves to die"
Simon: "Mitt liv är ett skämt, Firar helg med att ha lyset tänt."

Five favorite records, five favorite and five most important things in life?
-Gabo: Haven´t any favorite records like that, varies from time to time but guess Kaos Urbano, Non Servium, U.S. Bombs and Dead Kennedys remain always things I can throw on without wanting to turn off.
Favorite concerts, Pantera, Slipknot, Against all authority, Rancid, and Toots and the Maytals.
Five important things, see the previous question, add music and you have it.

The last and most expensive record you bought?
-Gabo: The first was probably Bart Simpson song, must have been in first class then, last was probably Bristles discs. Most Expensive must probably have been some NOFX disc from the old Mix record store, it was always overcharge the shit.
Simon: First: Hoola Bandoola Band – Vem kan man lita på
Most expensive: do not know.
Latest: Project Ekans debut

If you buy physical discs today?
-Gabo: Most on gigs if it's something I really like, rarely wanders into record stores anymore feel right usually lost, lost and angry at how discarded musical taste people seem to have.
Simon: Rarely but on gig it happens if I hear a band I had not heard, and that appeals to me so I buy.

Now that it is New Year's and everything ... do you have any New Year's resolution?
-Gabo: No, celebrates Chinese New Year, it seems more logical.
Simon: No.

What inspires you to your lyrics?
-Gabo: Everything and nothing. future, past, sometimes caught only one sentence I think are good in your head and I build a song around it, while in other cases, I sit and squeeze out a text for 6 months until I finally get so frustrated and angry that I throw shit in the wall and enter a different text in 5 minutes. All in all, I think the frustration of one's situation / society is the inspiration.

Future plans for the band?
-Gabo: Releasing disc, get gigs, getting drunk and fucked up.

For yourself?
-Gabo: Nah plans are nothing to me directly, it becomes shit very easily then, better to have an idea instead.

Words of Wisdom?
-Gabo: God, how pretentious it suddenly became HAHA!
 You're damned if you do and you're damned if you do not, there are words to live by.

Something to add?
-Gabo: Nah not really, check out the disc when it is released, I guess, but we should send you a record , thanks for our first interview.