That Ebbot in Soundtrack of Our lives is supporter of the swedish footballteam GAIS have maybe some people missed but many who have sneen their concerts have seen Ebbot wave with the GAIS-flag. Here is an interview done with Ebbot for the Spirrpaper(the members paper for the small GAIS-supporters) which I did in march 2006 and I took the liberty to ask some questions about SOOL too. The answers in the GAIS-interview will be changed a bit because those readers are between 0-14 years old. .



You must be Swedens best liveband? 

-If you insist on this, so , sure...


It lights rock n roll around you?

-The energy is really high, yes it is....


You have fun when you play?

-Yes, that can you really say we have.


What´s the difference between playing now and when you started to play with UCP once upon a time? 

- It become more fun for every year because the selfdistance disappear when we get older...


Is the ambitions the same?

-I think so. The goal is to have fun and to do good songs in a trustworthy way.


Do you play any old UCP-songs?

-It happens but it’s rarely done.


Wasn’t it a box planned with UCP-stuff?

-Yeah and I’m still hoping...


What happened?

-It was something with the record company about copyright and other shit as usual. 


Was it much talking about your name in that time

-A little. But if we think after so must we establish fact that the groupname had and still have a very bad karma.


The latest record with SOOL , tell me about that double?

-10 unreleased songs and 22 rarities which have been as singletracks and as the b-side of our singles. It´s made as a very good and functional double CD.


What the best to be on a bigger label if you compare when you were on Radium/MNW

-The distribution works a lot better and the bigger labels have bigger thumb in the ass on media. Which have done it´s easier for us because the artistic freedom is the same for us....


Please tell me something bad about every member?

-Drummer-Fredrik is an lien which study people in a suspect purpose. 

Guitar-Mattias is a ghost. He died in the 16th century but he lives on in the band. It´s therefore he have such pale skin.

Organ-Martin is a food dealer, which buys and sells suspects food in the black market. And then he works extra as a vain model on TV-shop where he tries to sell strengthtrainingproducts.

Bass-Kalle is a pyromaniac. He´s bulidng erotic catacombs under his studio in purpose to be relaxed. 

Gitarr-Ian is as I said before – Shortly supporter to IFK. Which leads to that he often is unhappy.


Do you live on your music?

-Yeah, you can say so.


What is your real work or was it your idea from the beginning that you would become a rock star?

-Yeah, actually. But for a while it was to be footballpro or a science man. 


Where is most fun to play, I mean in which country?

-In Uzbekistan because it doesn’t comes so many rock bands there. 


Where is people as most hysterical?

-In Poland and that depends on the fact that the polish people loves swedish people because Sigismund founded Polands and that we taught how to drink booze. 


How does the typical listener look like?

-Highheeled, pumps and som rouge and to wholebeard and beerstomach


Which is your strength do you think?

-Our stragglingness because we want so different things. 


You was on David letterman show and someone(who?) have done a green and black kaftan( a long cardigan which goes down to the feet) that you should have on when the program was

-It was the dear GAIS-supporters which have sewing it. If the band haven’t nagging on me so have I had the kaftan on the air


Why this kaftan?

-Because it’s comfortable.


When and why did you start with this?

-During the Carbide time. But the definitive decision was to use the kaftan was after my visit to Morocco 1995. 


How is the music life in Sweden otherwise, is there any good bands? 

-Yes I must say. Silverbullit is really good.


How do you think it is to live here otherwise, political and so on? 

-Sweden is really good if we exclude the tall poppies syndrome (called jantelagen) which is going on in our country.


Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand?

-It depends. Politic is a little bi like music but a falser variant.


Have you done some really political songs?

-It´s more ona  global niveau as for example "Bigtime" or "21st century rip off" which is treating the westworlds narrow way to see things and brutal way to handle the rest of the world we lives in


How do you do your songs, is it someone who comes with a groundidea or do you jam them together? 

-Often we build the song on a groundriff but it can varies, The lyrics always comes in in the end.


Is there some really political band you like?

-I like Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders.


Are you grown up with punk or how is it?

-I´m grown up with both punk, psychedelia, disco and ELO. 


How is your engagement with punk today?

-There´s good and there´s bad punk. As well as it is bad and good disco. 


How would you describe your music in three words?



The most important thing in life?

-The father, the son and the holy duck in Slottsskogen


First, last and most expensive record in your collection?

1.Sweet"Fanny Adams"

Björn Olsson:"Hummern"2.

Freak Out! with Mothers of Invention.





Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Lou Reed:"Mistrial"


What is the most peculiar thing which have happened during your long career? 

-That we have been together for such long time as we have been....


Futureplans for the band?

-To take it really easy and start to work with Origin vol 2. Some festivals maybe this summer.....


For yourself?

-I will work a little with a soloproject. But I cannot say anything more yet....


Some wisdomword?

-The universal law is always the right. What you sow is what you reap!  


Something to add?

-Put paper in the loo when you´re going to shit! 


Now over to something much more important, it´s the questions about the swedish footballteam GAIS which he support and which is coming in some different form in Spirrtidningen(the paper for young gaisers).



How did you came in contact with GAIS the first time?

-We was a gang of small kids which played football together on Åsenplan down in the bath of Askim in the beginning of the 70´s. I think it was my neighbour, which was called Lill-Per and his father was a GAIS-supporter and he said to me that GAIS was the best team, and it felt naturally in some way. You can say that it was so that I became a GAIS-supporter in the same time as I explored football as a sport.. One other reason is that it was rhyming on shit(bajs)


Why is GAIS rock n roll?

-Becaue we´re true and we have the right attitude and the positive spirit and no bullshit!


Are you going on any matches nowadays?

-I haven’t done that in the latest because I have toured so much. But now I will go on some match now and then.


Have you played football in GAIS?

-No unfortunaly but I have played in GFF which is close to GAIS. When I played there everyone was supporting GAIS what I can remember.


Did you see the last match against Landskrona? Was it sweaty do you think?

-Yeah, it was assweaty...


How did you felt when the match was over? Happy or was it only good that the match was over

-I was forced to put a wettex between my hams.


Did you climb in trees when you were a little guy?(This question does everyone get which is asked in this paper?

-Yeah, very much actually and much even in flagstaffs...


Do you climb in trees nowadays?

-Only if it comes some wild pigs from the wood there I live...


The other ones in the band, do they support GAIS?

-No! Ity´s only me who have the heart in the right place. We have a IFK_traitor in the band.


How do they react when you take up the GAIS-flag?

-No one reacts except of the IFK-traitor which react which a swollen inferiority complex and envy!


How do the audience react when you take the GAIS-flag?

-They´re going into ecstasy!


Have you heard about Spirrklubben before I talked about it? 

-No, not what I can remember...


Are you a member in some of the supprotergroups in GAIS?

-No, not right now....


Why not?

-Have been to busy with TSOOL and that´s a bad excuse but the band have taken too much time of my energy actually.  .


Favouriteplayer in GAIS now?

-Efe Ehiorobo


When you was a little boy?

-Sune Person and Samir Bakaou...


What does GAIS need to make so they´re still in Premier League after this year?

-Hardon and good condition!


On which place are they going to place themselves?

-One the top of course!


How could kids which support GAIS manage when other kids GAIS är bajs(GAIS is shit)?

-Alternative 1: You answer nice : -Shit is fun!

Alternative 2 : Or so can you put these shitkids in toiletpaper and take a footballshoe up their arse on them so they keep their mouth shut for all future....


You can´t imagine you to record a Spirrsong under the name Tobbe Spirr and there everything goes to Spirr and their members? 



Something to say to all GAIS-children and GAIS-parents? 

-The bright future is ours......


How does it feel to be the face out to other people for GAIS together with Håkan Hellström, Hammerfall and so on?

-It feels really flattering...


Do you know any other wellknown GAIS-supporters ?

-Fantomen & Guran  must be GAIS-supporters.Sonja Hedenbratt & Sten-åke

Cederhök was Gais-supporters and are still where they are now....




All pictures(Peter)