MSN is always good and I reach Marcus on thed ay after Midsummer 2009 and itīs not a so awake Marcus who answers my questions but it becomes anyway a nice interview.


Midsummer eve yesterday, how do you feel today?

-I feeling as I should do, I suppose. 


Hehe....please begin with the history about Sodomy Soldiers, when and why did you start to play ad how do you meet?

-The whole thing started around year 2000 when I (Marcus, bass), Mikael, guiatr and vocals and Rasmus on drums started a band. It was named Noll Koll and we changed name 6-7 times until 2005.  we played some sort of trallpunk and was singing in swedish. In the beginning of 2005 we decided us for changing name and have another style to play and started to play in english. Then came also Mikaels brother into the band and heīsnamed Johan and plays guitar and sing. I and Mikael have been knowing each other since we was very small and Rasmus have I also known a very long time. 


How old are you now then?

-Rasmus 21, Jag 23, Mikael 23, Johan 24


Iīm a little bit older....(or really much) but it makes no is you it only younger or is it older there too?

-The most of them are in our age but some younger and some older too.


Godd...which places are you playing, is it clubs, pubs or how is it?

-Everywhere there people wants us but often it is on pubs/clubs.


Where is the best place you have played?

-Hm, the most mad place we have played was in a small pub in Belchatow in Poland. There was no stage and no microphones and no place to put the microphone. As lucky was so had we some microphones. All the four bands before us have cancelled because they had some car accident. When we started to play people become as mad. Itīs hard to describe but it was the most mAniac auudience I ever have seen. They carried around us and I lost two pieces of a tooth. Otherwise itīs always fun to play at home in Ronneby, itīs always much people. 


Sounds like an experience, which countries did you played in and how did it become so that you came out in Europe this way?

-We have been in Denamrk, Germany, Poland, Czech republic, France, Belgium and Holland. You must mail and try to get contacts in other bands around the world.


Yeah, thatīs true...itīs a little bit the same as doing a zine. Why did you start to play in a place like. Ronneby?

-Probably of the same idea as in many other cities. For me it was the energy which cathced me.

Is there any other bands in the same style in Ronneby or have it been any other bands there before? 

-Itīs really bad with punkbands in Ronneby.Lars-Jimmy band was a band which was alive before. Otherwise I cannot come up with any bands.


Is there any other bands in Sweden right now that you like?

-Yeah, I like Splitside, The Part Timers, Nobelkommitén, Twopointeight, Tysta Mari, Sista Sekunden, Masshysteri etc.


You like punk in swedish and in english? Do you like any other musicstyle?

-Yeah, punk in swedish becomes really good when you succeed with it. I have a very varied musictaste. It becomes everything from pop to hiphop if I would choose. ,


But punk is closest to heart I understand...what does punk mean to it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Itīs absolutely do. Difficult question. For me itīs more a word than i lifestyle. I donīt go around all the time and think that Iīm a punk. But I have chosed to be with people who likes the same music and have the same interests, so that way you can say itīs a lifestyle.


But you think that music and politics goes hand in hand?

-Yes, I think. If you think that something is really wrong and you have a chance to tell people that you should do that.


And you does that?

-Yeah, sometimes it becomes a little bit more politics in the songs.


Some exemples?

-Both "No place for you" and "Do it slowly" from the new record is about our newe rightwing government and that we have been more than pleased if we hadnīt them in the power.


Did you vote in the latest vote. EU-vote? Do you think that people should vote? 

-Yes I did and I donīt see any reason not to vote.


Now back to the music and the lyrics....who does the songs? s

-Mikael and I do the most of the music, together or one by one and I do almost the most lyrics.

Then itīs really the right person I speak you sing many of the songs too?

-I, Mikael and Johan sings all the same amount.


Aha......have you doen anything else than the record on Knaster Records?

-Yeah, we have done three emo-epīs before.


Something you can send me?

-You can download everything on .


Aha....why did you do a real record and not a burned record?

-It feels more like itīs real. Itīs a whole different feeling when you have a really record in your hand. With lyrics and everything.


I agree..what do you think about Ipred, Mp3 and all those things?

-I think that the whole Ipred-thing is ridicilous. The technique is there so why donīt we use it? I have downloaded a lot myself but the things I Like I buy, I collect a lot of viny.


Have you bought anything really expensive?

-No, I donīt care about pressings and those things. But I have been very much interested of buying  Onkel Kånkels "Kalle Anka suger pung" on vinyl.


What does it costs now?

-It usually costs 1500 on Tradera. I have collected all Clash-records on vinyl now.


I do the opposite way...I want them on CD instead because itīs a takes much lesser space. Now back to the music again...You have harmonica, saxophone...a little bit odd instruments in there any thoughts on any other instrument?

-Accordion have been fun to get into some song. Mikael can play a little so itīs not impossible that it comes into some song.


Sounds cool......How is it to live in Ronneby?

-Shitty little town, people booze  alot but itīs not so much else things to do. But Iīm comfortable with living in a small city but the things I miss is the culture. Concerts and a biograph which shows movies that you want to see.


Yeahm thatīs true....I think a little about the name you have on the people react on it? From where does it comes?

-yeah, we have got some shit just because of the name. But in the beginning itīs a way to show our hate agaisnt peadophiles , rapers and other things. But itīs a little bit boing that we must explain that all the time. 


But itīs maybe good....that people think a little...I know that it have been problem with racism before in the south of it anything that you notice?

-Yeah, precisely. Itīs nothing you notice so often. You knows some people who have been going in on th wrong track and it can be some fights when you see each other when youīre out.


But itīs important to show your opinion?

-Yeah, of course.


On the backside of the CD-cover the band stands in some sort of hospitaltoilet or something similar...why this place?

-The picture is taken in our rehearsalroom and itīs an old hospital. So it was not any bigger thought about this.


Aha...I thought that someone of you worked in a hospital...what do you work with or do you study? .

-Mikael builds electricty. Rasmus is putting up antenns, Johan is a carpenter and I work in an industry over the summer but I have been unemplyed a good while before that.


Aha...I will not talk so much more with you with your hangover...but howīs the futureplans for the band?

-To come out and play as much as we can this autumn. And try to find someone who wants to book gigs for us so we donīt have to do that ourselves. And release something on vinyl.


Outside Sweden again?

-Yeah, we have a tour in germany booked in september. But we wants to play more in Sweden too.


Will you go to Berlin then?

-we will actually, we have been there once before.


I will go there with my family, is there anything you just see, good record stores etc ?

-Nice, no idea actually. We came there in the evening, went in the morning after, so the only thing I saw was the place we played. But it seems to be a nice town. I had really wanted to spend some more time there.


Have you something to say to my readers?

-Book us! We plays everywere for a small amount of money. Now I go out in the rain and bath and drink some beer? 


Neer now again?

-Yeah, itīs the day after midsummers eve


Hehe...thanks for a nice talk!

-Thank you yourself