back with the tracks again, Wayne Barrett talks out

or where have all the bootboys gone?


Why did you start to play again or didn't you quit play anytime?
A/ You Must Understand That Mick & Me Go Back To Schooldays So S.A.T.D. Never Split As Was Said, Before We Just Went On Different Project's.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, families, interests and something bad about every one?
(A/2A) OK Let's Start Back To Front First Of All You Have
J.P.Thullet On Bass Guitar, My Age,Single,Growing Weed,
& Like's Bob Hope
(A/2B) Second On The Agenda Is
Nol Kay On Drum's,My Age,Occupied,Painting & Art In General,
Always Moaning On Tour Nick Name (Betty)
(A/2C) Third In Line Is My Brother
Mick Rossi On A Les Paul Guitar,My Age,Married,Writing Scenarios And Acting,
Smokes Too Many Cigarette's
(A/2D) & Finally My Self
Wayne Barrett,No Telling You Ha,Got 3 Kid's & 2 Divorce's,
Love Going To Exchangist Club's Or Sex Shopping,
Being Comfortable Being Called A Pervert,

You were in San Francisco some weeks age ,how was it to play In USA?
A/ It Was Brilliant Being Their For The First Time Was Just A Hype As SATD Never Played There Before The Fan's Were Stunning

Are you often out from England?
A/ We Don't Live In England Any More
Mick Lives In Beverley Hills In The US & The Rest Of Us Live In Lyon, France

You have done some of the punkhistorys most famous and best songs and albums, how does it feel?
A/ Thanks For The Complement, I Don't Really No What To Say About That, You See SATD To Mick & Me Is Family So When We Look Back At The 70s We Have Good Memories   

Why did you short your name to Slaughter when you did Bite Back and why did you take up your name again?
A/ We Never Did Bite Back Together, Meaning Mick & Myself, So It Was Never A Slaughter & The Dogs Project That's Why It Went Under The Name Of Slaughter

I haven't heard you in a while, how do you sound nowadays(and is there any chance for me to get any promos on your things done after Bite back and your first LP)?
A/ We've Just Finished The New Album Called Beware Of...Witch Will Be Out The 14th Of October On Captain Oi So You Can Buy It 

What does punk mean to you?
A/ Attitude

What's the difference of playing nowadays if you compare to play when you started to play?
A/ Experience, Not Getting Screwed & Being Able To Control What We Want To Do

Is it more fun to play nowadays?
A/ Oh' Yes  

What's the best and what's the worst of being in  a band?
A/ It's Better Than Having Sex, Only You Don't Come

What's the best and what's the worst of living in England?
A/ Look At Ans., # 4

Where have all the bootboys gone?
A/ Don't Worry Mate As Long As Were Around The Boot-Boy's Are Still In Town

 How did you react on the terrorist attack in USA?
A/ Silly Q. Don't Be C.N.N.

Do you think they're going to bomb Afghanistan, is it the right thing to do?
A/ Silly Q. Don't Be C.N.N. Again

What do you know about Sweden?
A/ Don't No Much To Tell You The Truth We Would Love To Come & Play Over There As We Never Have So If You Any One Who Promotes Gig E.mail Us

Have you heard any Swedish bands worth to mention?
A/ No Unfortunately

Is there any good bands in England right now?
A/ Oh Yes There's Load's

Please give me your five favourite records
A/1,Ziggy Stardust (Best Song writing Ever)
2,Never Mind The Bollocks  Love The Guitar Hate The Voxs
3,Quadrophenia So Much Feeling Its Where We Come From
4,Transformer It Took Me To Other High's
5,Do It Dog Style & Beware Of... 1st & Last

First,last and most expensive record ever bought?
A/ The Monkeys I'm A Believer

Idols when you were small?
A/ Bowie Ronson, Velvet's, T.Rex, Slade, Roxy, A.Cooper

How is a good concert with Slaughter and the Dogs?
A/ When You Come Off Stage & Look Into At Each Other's Eyes & Realise The Satisfaction That You've Given To The Fan's & Your Fellow Team That You Work With

How does the average fan look like?
A/ It Could Be Anyone

What is the most peculiar Thing which has happened on a concert with SATD , in the audience or on stage?
A/ Being Kidnapped In Leeds With Johnny T.& The Heartbreakers Very Strange ?

When you do songs, which is most important, is it to have a refrain which people remember, good lyrics or to have a good melody?
A/ Good Everything ?

Who do the songs in the group?
A/ Mick & Me

Do you do many covers, why do you do covers?
A/ We Do A Few A/#2 Why Not

What does a cover good?
A/ Liking The Fucking Song

Is it many interviews,is it boring?
A/ Are My Answers Boring You

Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?
A/ You've Asked Them All

What do you think about the new way to communicate, with email and internet and all that stuff?
A/ I Love It For Sex Chat's But It's A Little Inhuman

Any favourite site yourself?

You have an own web site,
is it important to have it, do you think?
Yes Very As It's The Thing Of Tomorrow Their Is A Future

Future plans for yourself as a human being?
A/ Living As Long As Possible

Future plans for the band?
A/ Were Playing The Holiday's In The Smoke In London The 24 Or 25th November 2001 & Start Touring Germany And Switzerland Nov./Dec. And Should Be Expanding To Northern Europe As I Said Before We Would Love To Come To Sweden

Something more to add?
A/ No I Got Saw Finger's

Wisdom Words
A/ Dont Forget To Wear a Condom