Jimmy Bussenius answer questions about Skurklandet!

Tell me a little about yourself, bands before/and on the side, family, work, interests?

-I have ever have a will to express myself in some creative and artful way; first I was doing clay and was locked in all day and built claymodels. In one day it turn around and it was in my sixth class or something like that. I throwed everything on the rubbish heap and said to my parents that it was the nerdiest thing I ever have done. To fill the hole I started to paint instead and draw until I explored the music, in the beginning of the high school.  


The music get me that identity I have missed, to shout out your own lyrics to an audience was a really big experience(I think that today also) The band I started(We was named Eldorado then) it was almost the same people which I play with today: Pierre Engström (guitar) and Patrik Gliveson (bass) is still along, Peter Ejdebrand (drums) and John Säbom (Organ) came after a year. The band have always been around but it have been on ice for a while but in the summer we have always come together and done some liverecordings.


Autumn 2003 and spring 2004 I went to the music high school in Västervik which make me play in some different bands, first of all it was the tourgroup ”Kulturmustasch”. The autumn 2004 and spring 2005 I lived in Luleå, but we managed to come together for some new recordings and some livegigs.  In Luleå I played and singed together in a troubadourteam (but doing covers made me sick after a while). Since the summer 2005 I´m back in Ronneby (after quitting the soundengineerthing in Luleå) and this autumn will 4 out of 5 members be in Lund/Malmö which will get us more together and hopefully we will play with each other more frequent. The band have always been closest to my heart even if I do solothings on the side of the band. 


The to my family (from Ronneby) which is my dad Olle, mother Solgerd and a sister Julia, I´m very happy to have just this family!


Works that I had/have: Fixarlaget in Ronneby (one summer), lifeguard on Ronneby brunnsbad (fyra somrar), postman in the neighbourhoods of Backaryd( one summer and I crashed a postcar there, and that´s maybe why they haven´t asked me again), now I work as a personal assistence and in the same time I try to read my grades higher. I have done a weaponfree civilduty in Stockholm/Kalmar. 10 months as a fireman at the airport, that wasn´t anything which was hard with the band then because I was only there every second week. 


Take the same thing about every member but now something bad about every one also?

-Pierre Engström,born 1983 – He´s studying to a nurse in Esklstuna right now but he will move down to Malmö this autumn. We have known each other since we were very small, fighting every second year and become best pals the other years, it´s my absolute dearest friend. Pierre have an own way to play guitar, I love it even if our meanings goes apart sometimes. You can say that we´re going on as we always have done but in smaller time intervals, days instead of years. The rehearsal was big passions on both ways but they have been more sober nowadays.


Patrik Gliveson, born 1982 – Lives in Lund with his girlfriend Emma, will be something in environment and technique if I have got the thing right. Pierre and Patrik always hold their backs , I use to joke about that they have conspiration against me.  I learned to know Patrik through the band and he and Pierre have played together in a metalband. Really good at his bass, he get the things at once even if he´s a man big big principles, songs that I love he can´t deny really much. He doesn´t take any fuss and when he have decided himself for something he cannot change. That I can live with, he´s this world best bassist anyway


Peter Ejdebrand, born 1984 – This guy have been in the hardcoreband Uppergate and in the schoolorchestra and their big band, that combination is big. He works his ass off on Maxi in Ronneby. I learned to know Peter through the band, really good bloke and he´s really good at his drums. The most bad thing with him is that it´s impossible to reach him.  


John Säbom, born 1982 – He´s from Ramdala and plays piano, organ and accordion. I met him one night at the pub in Ronneby and he was in the group at once,. He have studied in two music high schools and he will surely be studying to be a music teacher in Malmö this autumn.  IT says a lot of his competence; sometimes you can say that he snows into the technique part instead of playing. The guy have a lot to do and that is fun for him but he have missed a lot of gigs. He´s a good guy and I wish we could be meeting each other more. 


I think you´re hard to describe with someone else but I hear much other things here like  , Demian, Cirkus Miramar, Swedish punk, Thåström and so on? What are you being compared to?

-Yeah, I have hear these names before together with Winnerbäck, Dia Psalma, Sinn Fenn, Tom Waits, Kaisers Orchestra and so on. I´m not so much for comparisons even if I think the similarities they say with cirkusrock/punk or rock in Swedish with folktunes.  You want to be described from your own ting not from others. I have heard that people said that I have taken the sound from Cirkus Miramar and then I hadn’t heard any of their music( but I became curios and checked out the band and it sounded really good but that we have taken the sound from them was bullshit)


The punk, is it from there you come?

-I like when it parallels between me and the punk, it´s something with the attitude which affects me even if I hadn’t played pure punk sometime. I have always liked swedish punkbands with some more finesse than only raw distorted sound, I like Charta 77, Dia Psalma and Köttgrottorna


Which is your  relationship to punk?

-Punk was around me a lot more some years ago and the beginning. I can think of that ”Hon Får” with Diapsalma was a big hit when I went to 5-6 grade and the most of danced a lot to it till we get tired. Nowadays would surely ”Hon Får” get the dancefloors become empty. I can miss that which made it so that different musicstyles could be mixed, nowadays the music is not so broad I think. 


How do you think musiclife is in Sweden right now?

-I don´t really know, I haven´t own a TV or radio in two years. But some time ago my girlfriend bought a TV but I try to avoid everything except the news(but of some reason , schlagers and RnB seems to be the only thing which is coming foreward right now,which a shame). In the pub I try to be as drunk as I don´t give a damn about which music they play.


Is there any good bands right now?

-Yeah, there is a lot of good bands but it´s a shame that it´s so few which comes up to the surface.


Please tell me a little how you get the inspiration to your lyrics?

-It’s mostly so that it starts with some line which is on the brain and then it goes on. The most worse things is the last rows, to take the song into goal. The most of the songs don’t come longer into this than this far, when they´re halfready. Inspiration I get from everywhere, mostly from my closest surroundings, mates and son but also from books, news and other music. 


St. Johnny what is it about?

-A tragic/ironic history about a guy which stands alone against racism through showing his cock. 


How do you think is to be living in Sweden today?

-I´m enjoying to live in Sweden, I cannot say so much because I haven’t so much to compare with. I have never been living for a long while in another country.


You don´t dream about a big record contract or how is it?

-Right now I get only back on my music. It would be nice to earn some money on it so you can get some more time to do it. And would them let me do my thing I would be satisfied. 


Downloading, is it something you do?

-We have chosed to put out our songs on our website,it´s both good and bad things with this. Somewhere you must accepts how the situations is. The technique is there and people using it and that do I also sometimes. It will be very interesting to see how the situations is in about ten years, if the big record labels will go into the grave.


Good or bad for small bands contra big bands

-In the same time as internet is a good way to reach out with your music so do I think that the filesharing hits most against smaller bands which have the potential to come up. That I mean because smaller label doesn’t dare to put their money on them because if that the record stores which would take records from smaller labels must be closed. The big ones is always coming through this through their big radiomeny and Tvmoney, their records can you buy everywhere nowadays, in gasstations, foodstores, videostores and so on… 


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?


Thåström – Mannen som blev en gris

Sinn Fenn – Usling

Billie the Vision and the Dancers – The World According to Pablo

The soundtrack to “Black Cat, White Cat” – Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Ochestra

Tom Waits – Raindogs


Nationalteatern – Hasslöfestivalen, 2005

Sinn Fenn – Bastion Aurora, 2003

Neil Young – Roskildefestivalen, 2001

Dan Fägerquist, when he do Vysotskij – did a gig on my old musicschool

Billie the Vision and the Dancers – Jekyll & Hyde

I´m think it´s wrong to rank the most important things in life, everything is one thing, so I list them instead.: Music, the family, the girlfriend and my mates. ,


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Ready Steady Hits

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
Roky Erickson & the Aliens – The Evil One, Plus One


Den mest pinsamma skivan i samlingen?

-Ready Steady Hits


The best record to have sex to?

-It depends on the sense


Is it much interviews? Is it boring?

 -It’s fun with interviews but there isn’t so many as you want to have.


Which question do you want to have? Please ask it answer it?

-Maybe something about the design on everything which is around the band, then I would proudly tell you that I’m doing everything(not the photos


This autumn it´s an election? Which are your thoughts about it? Will the left wing government be still there after the election?

-I don’t know, it feels fifty, fifty.


If not, will be overswallowed by political bands then? 

-Everything which happens have an opposite reaction, wasn´t it Newton who said that? It´s surely right in the political climate as in the nature.


Now to something completely different, a movie that you recommend? Why that movie? 

-The Big Lebowski – I think the movie is cool and entertaining. 


What happens with Skurklandet in the future?

-If everything go by the plans we will begin to record our debutalbum this summer, and then we fly with the wind, one thing which is sure is that we´re going to be here for a long time now. I like this gang a lot. We´re also in the musiccollective Midsommarklubben and the thought is that we´re going to help each other to reach out with our music


With Jimmy Bussenius?

-I will always do music in some way, I take the chances which is given to me and try to make my own chances. My goal is to reach out with my music to as many as possible. 



-I heard a line from a childrenrecord on my work(I work as a personal assistence for the moment) Kamomillavisor was the record called and the line goes like this ”You shall nvere hurt others, you shall always offer but otherwise you can do what you want”, so simple it can be.


Something to add?

-Nothing that I can come up right now