Daniel from the austrian skagroup Skabucks have been so kind and answered a lot of questions from me. It´s always fun to see and hear new young groups like this. March-09



History about the group, you have been on the road for many years?

-Schorsch, Mag Bina and Mani wanted to start a ska band, because Mag, Bina played the trumpet, Mani the drums and Schorsch the saxophone. They searched for our guitai player Felipe de la muerte. Finally General Zapp, X-andi and Dr. Danger joined the band too. Schorsch learned to play Bass and in 2006 we started with our first gigs. We have just changed our drummer several times. The current drummer is rAini.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and something bad about every one?

-Schorsch 23 years studies mechatronics

Mag Bina 25 years imigration official

Felipe de la Muerte 24 years studies informatics

X-andi 23 years studies business informatics

Dr. Danger 22 years studies law

General Zapp 22 years studies manufacturing technique

rAini 23 years is selling beer


Have it been changes in the line up through the years?

-We just changed our drummers several times. First one was Mani then Roman,  ChrislFizzlDizzlSchizzl, Gabschi, Matthias, Prince Charming and rAini followed and during the last few month Hasselhofko helped us by playing the trombone instead of X-anid, who was in Ecuador.


To play punk music in Austria, how is that?

-It makes a lot of fun playing punk music. The crowd is amazing and the shows are mostly visited by many party-loving outgoing people of all ages.


Is it difficult to be so many in the group as you are?

-Many think, that it is very difficult to find dates, every member of the band has time for practice. But if everyone really wants to play music, like it is in our band, time is not the problem. So summing up it is great to be 7 musicians in the band.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Punk is very important. Of course it is a lifestyle. We try as often as possible to leave our nursery to sleep on the streets. Also we try to fight against capitalism by affronting people, who work in a bank or something. Another very important thing is alcohol. We try to use it as often it is possible.


Why just skapunk, I hear your love in the first song What ska means to me?

-We just play ska punk, because you have so many possibilities when there are brass players in the band, and bigband music would be too difficult for our bass player.


Which is the most political song you have done?

-The most political song is the Love Song. It is about a Love Story between Schorsch and a Prostiute. This is a metaphor against capitalism. The prostitute is capitalism and capitalism is trying to fuck you as often it is possible and then it takes your money.




Doesn´t music and politics goes along hand in hand?

-Music is a way to express your feelings and to tell everybody what is your attitude. So music goes along hand in hand with everything.


Is there any good Austrian punkband which is really political? Other good Austrian bands?

-We don.. t want to say something about political statements of other bands but I know many good austrian bands. For example Outsmarted, Law Found Guilt,.... just check out our friends at www.myspace.com/skabucksspace


How is it to live in Austria nowadays? What’s the best and what’s the worst?

-It is very good to live in Austria nowadays, because there are so many ways for self fulfillment. The only thing we do not like is cold weather, but I think you know what I´m talking about my Swedish friend.


Is it many differences between rich and the poor?

-There are always a big difference between rich and poor. The biggest difference is money. Poor people often have not as much money as rich people.


People like the nazileader(he who died), Fritzl and those people, how do you feel then to be an Austrian citzien?

-They are not the average austrian citizen. Most people in our country are not nazileaders, although some are xenophobic, or shut their own children into the cellar


Is it any big punkbands which have been over in Austria and played?

-No there are not any big punk band which have played in Austria.


How is the musiclife in your hometown?

-Most people listen to pop songs a la Britney Spears.


What do you know about Sweden?

-To much to write everything down. We know Ibrahimovic for example.


Have you heard any good Swedish bands?

-I think the Sounds, who I like very much are from Sweden. Also many famous metalbands are generally from Scandinavia.


What is typical Austrian behaviour and what is typical swedish dito?

-Drinking, eating sauerkraut and to yodel is typical for Austrian citizens. I think Swedish citizens just listen to metal all day long.


New things like My Space, Facebook and those things, have it helped you a lot?

-Of course free advertisment for everyone, that rocks.


Have you been a lot outside Austria and played, where have you been and where was most fun?

-We just played some shows in Germany, but they were really great.


How does the average Skabucks-fan look like?

-The average SkaBucks Fan is about 16 years old, female and good looking.


Which people do you miss on your concerts?

-Females, who are older than 18 years.


Which song is the fans favourite? And you own Skabucks-favourite?

-Most people like Heavy Netal Love, Fast Way and Don’t Fucking Care. We as well.


You haven’t done any cover-songs?

-Of course there is a hidden track on our album after the last song. It is Can’t touch this by MC Hammer


Why English and not in German language?

-The lyrics are very stupid and in German everyone would understand them.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First: EAV - Watumba

Last: Avenged Sevenfold - Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

Most Expensive: Can not remember. But records are very expensive nowadays.


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-All the Schlümpfe cover records.


What about mp3 and downloading, where do you stand?

-I just have to say, plays download our record at www.skabucks.com it is for free!

So I think downloading is a chance to bring your music to the people. But every band has to decide it for themself if they want to give people easy access to their music.

Additionally i have to say, that to buy an original cd is of course the best way to support a band and way better than just an mp3.


Is it good or bad for a band of your calibre?

-For band of our calibre mp3 and downloading is a good thing. if you want to make money with your music, illegal downloading can be a problem.


How much does a band like Skabucks sell of your CD..s?

-We do not really sell many cds because everyone can download our record for free at www.skabucks.com in the first month about 700 people downloaded our new album.


Futureplans for the band?

Play as many shows as possible. and of course drinking beer.


For yourself as a human being?

-Just drinking beer



-We are not very wise.