Sista Skriket have changed style a little but thereīs still punk in the background and itīs funt o listen to them even if some changes have been done. An early febryaryday 2010 so did Daniel the work to answer my questions.  

Have you changed many members since you began to play together?
-It have been some of that. First were we two singers in the band and two guitarists but the other singer we had to kick out because of a lot of shit and the guitarist jumped of the group after the first recordtour to do some own things. Then came Victor(bass) into the group and we did another record and tour more and then was the drummer and kicked and the guitarists disappeared , one of them to study in another town and the other one just because of the fact that it wasnīt so fun in the band then. We had toured too much. And then came Jerry(drums) and Marcus (guitar) into the band and now itīs better and stronger than ever.  

Plesae tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and something bad about every member??
-Daniel Karbelius, 28 years, vocals/synth, in a relationship, study art, have the record label Buzzbox Records. Likes to look on TV-series in a whole row, mostly British humour or scifi.
Victor Lund, 23 years, bass/vocals, in a relationship, he works as a welder. The interest except the music is tattoos and football.

Marcus Backman, 25 years, guitar/vocals, in a relationship, works a s a musicteacher and recreation leader. Have pestosandwiches and footbath as interests.
Jerry Bergkvist, 22 years, drums, in a relationship, works in the building sector, trains and do snowboarding.

The new record is a little bit apart from the old records and itīs more synth and more poppy. What happened?
-We wanted to do something new, fresh up the sound a little and then it became like this. The vision was bigger but weīre really satisfied with the result and we wild o more records. The last record "Ett andetag i sänder" and itīs the only record which I(Kabbe) really have listened to after that and it have to mean something.

Gyllene Tider on speed I wrote in my review, comment?
-Our guitarist (Marcus) mentioned Gyllene Tider about some of the synth-melodies once in the rehearsalroom so itīs maybe right. But nothing which have tried to sound like and I rather die than I listens to anything that Gessle have done.  

Do you care about reviews?
-Not so much. But itīs always fun when itīs written about us and our records, gigs or something else. We read everything and many times do I wonder if the reviewers have listen to the record but we donīt care so much about it. But itīs fun that itīs been written about us of course.  

Which is the most peculiar review you have got except the one from me?

-I donīt know if we have got any really peculiar it was some paper who wrote that the new records was spread to many different ways , that the music was extremely fast and so on. Then it feels like heīs not have listened to it.  

Which other bands are you being compared with? Do you understand that people who reviews compare with other bands?
-Itīs surely easy to do that as a reviewer so that can we understand, maybe it can catch the interest with the one who reads maybe. Band which weīre being compared to among others is Bob hund, Troublemakers, Babian, Noise, KSMB, Ebba grön...

If you want to be compared with some other band, which band do you want to be compared to?
-Must be so boring to say that we donīt wanna be compared with any other band. But itīs true anyway.  

You have never thought about english lyrics I hope?
-The thought have been there but it was mostly me(Kabbe) and Victor in the band and we wanted to do anything new but it gave more to continue in swedish.  

Where do you stand when we talk about mp3 and downloading?  

-Of course so do we want that people bu your records when we put so much energy, time and money in doing them. But we donīt have anything against downloading either as long as it good for the artist and that people come to concerts or similar. But please support the little artist and buy a record or legal mp3s.  

How long is the CD-record still alive?
-Have no clue, itīs maybe dying now but you never knowI hope the big labels dies first.

Do you buy much records?
-Some records every year but not as much as I did before. Marcus is stilled pissed because every time he buys records so does he take them down to his care and then the car is stolen. He is almost only buying records from bands which we plays with nowadays.
We love local records and demos.  

First, last and most expensive cord ever bought?
-The latest I (Kabbe) have bought is Thåströms box deluxe but I donīt remember the other ones. First can be something with Metallica and the most expensive is maybe Charta 77 compilation with steel cover and other stuff. It came out in only 300 I think...

The most embarrasing record in your collection?
-Everything is sold hehe


Now when the rightwing starts to lost voters so does many punkband become happy but do you think that it will be not so many punkbands if the red side is winning because it have been so through the years?  
-I(Kabbe) think that it comes in waves and that doesnīt matter who have the power but of course it have maybe come foreward more punkbands which have been angry on the right wing. I donīt think that the bands will quit because of the change and I hope they do that if they donīt want to play anymore. There is so much to write about so I donīt think the lyricmaterial will end and why donīt write about things outside Sweden or about things in yourself or your human friends around you?

Will you vote? Shall everyone vote?
-Itīs like this and vote, I think that evryone shall do that and the only thing you should do.
Do you do more than vote every fourth year so are you extreme and then you should be hanged. You can be so irritated on people  who thinks that the only way they can affect anything. I will vote away the right wing anyway and I think that everyone should do that.

Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand
-It can be really good. Politics have been in the music since it have been invited I think and itīs a way to express yourself. It tells how you have it and if you think that anything isnīt fair so is it or become political. Anyway when other people hear your lyrics. And then there is different grades but why it shouldnīt suit together I donīt understand.  

Best political band/artist?
-there is so many.One band we all like in our group is Rage Against the Machine so thatīs one band but we could write down many other bands too. 

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?  

-Nowadays can almost everything be punk and it's a sold-out musicstyle that makes me frightened, I think mostly on the american style then. Punk have helped me(Kabbe) to think for yourself, do the things I want in life and donīt take any shit from anyone and donīt let me be cheated by anyone.  

Is it many gigs?
-It can be some and we have always played 12-15 gigs every season and it feels fun and it is really fun.
We want to play more!

What is your strength live?
-That weīre tight, weīre kicking ass and have really fun when we play and we always give the audience a sweaty and entertaining gig.

Is there any good bands in Sweden today?
-O yes!
Thereīs a lot of good bands in Sweden!

How do you think it is to live in Sweden today?
-I have bene grown up in a family there my mum was working to get things together but we have always have food on the table and nowadays we all have a good time. There is people which have it a lot more bad and that isnīt so fun to hear from the social insurance office that youīre not sick when you are that and to take shit from the unemployment benefit society and all other authorities. There is some suspicion against people  in Sweden which is terrible. As long as youīre quiet and do the things you should do but does it happens anything so will we rather that you disappear from the system as soon as possible.

What should you change if you could be the prime minister for a week..what is the most important thing to change?
-Wow, thatīs a lot of things. First of all I would lower the salary for all politicans so they could understand the reality again. I will give money to school, health care and donīt cut down so much just to give money to banks and companies which anyway donīt give a damn about the people. I would take the politics which is about your homeless as a serious thing and I will look after so everyone got get a descent home.

To record something a s a tribute to a political party, a football team or similar, is it anything you can imagine to do?
Or maybe have you done that already?  
-It would have been if it is any help organization or similar anyway. We could be on a record where the money goes to Haitis people but not any paolitical party or footballteam, they must help themselves.  

Do you play any covers?
If you do, which?
-We have done some Perverts, KSMB and those things earlier. Now we do "Du ska va president" by Imperiet right now.

Which type of audience are you have on your concerts?
-Itīs very different, earlier with the first records it was mostly punks and then young one but now it seems to come people from many different ways.
We want that more people will see us live and hear us on record and we seems to be on the right way.

Futureplans for the band?
-We will play more out on our new record "Ett andetag i sänder" and hopefully so it a lot of festivals too this summer too. We will record something fun soon too but I cannot say so much more about that.  

For yourself?
-I (Kabbe) will go my year on Norra Konstskolan in Sumpan and then itīs going to be graphic design/illustration on higher school.  

-Follow your heart and your feeling in your stomach.
Listen to yourself. Be honest and donīt forget to stop and relax.  

Something to add?
-Buy a record or merch on and support us! :)