Sex Sex Sex is a group which maybe some people don´t like but I like their rock n roll punk very much. It took some time to get th questions answered but here they are now.


The answers is from Damien & Decay 2002 05 13


The whole history of Sex Sex Sex?

Decay: Swedish popgroup from Stockholm with members JJ Decay (Jorma Jern) born 28 November 1965 in Västerås (vocals). Earlier member in  X-pistols, One man army, Palle och grabbarna, Skinnhiss, Hare Krishna Brass band, JJ Decay and the Aidsbrigade, Hawaii Ljus, TV Saters on crack, Judas & the failed abortions, Afrikas vita, Vibrators and so on;

Damien (Claes Damberg) Born 20 Juni 1966 in Lund (el.guitarearlier member in X-pistols, One man army, Primal skrik, JJ Decay and the aidsbrigade, TV Saters on crack, Super motorcar wrench, Soda and so on. Starpunk (a.k.a. Mad Daddy) (Peter Westman) born 6 Mars 1964 In Stockholm (el-guitar). Earlier member in Soda, Bokassa brothers, Farbror spetälska, Von rutten, Lick the dog and so on. Full Throttle (Rickard Ahl) born 12 Mars 1965 in Stockholm (drums). Earlier member in Skoda, The Tyskjävlers, Soda, Wille Weenie & the dick wang squeezers, Evo vis, Don Blend, Leftovers STHLM, Bodies and so on. Dragboy (Jens Bäcklin) born 10 November 1980 in Stockholm (bass). Earlier bands like Lisma, Amourus, Extricator, Alienized, Epox rust, Hysteria, Scars & wounds, Neolitium, Incendiary, Royal Bastards and so on.

The group was founded i march 1986 as a quartet, The originalmembers was JJ Decay (vocals,bass), Damien (guitars, voclas), Fury (Håkan Furuskär, guitar) and Reverend Greenfield (Mats Grönmark, drums) they did their debut the 24th of april in Funhouse Järfälla outside Stockholm and played one more concert before the group was split in two camps. One who wanted to sing in english and one in swedish, and the first mentioned was Damien & which got some new members; Skinny Nutzoid (Jan Lundberg, synt), Mangan (Johan Magnusson, drums and vocals) and Nardina St:bass, guitar and vocals). This group wasn´t together for so long either( but they did record 8 songs and two of them are on our debutsingle) (1) and the new ones was called T. Reborn (Thomas Reidebornguitar) och Jocke Brünner (drums), but after some gigs this constellation split up also. JJ Decay and Damien decided to work as a duo with prerecorded drums and synths when they was gigging. Fall of 1987 came Skinny Nutzoid back and then was the group a gothinspired trio för a long time with JJ Decay on vocals, on guitar and Skinny on synth+machines. Except the singles(2) (3) and (4) we recorded a Lp(5)  with own money medel . The Lp is an interesting timedocument how the group sounded then 1986-1989. 1990-1991 the group worked with Vasa (Pontus & amerikanerna, Big money) swhich produced the second ”…and now the screaming starts!”. The record never saw daylight but it resultated in the singles (6) and (7) and the last one includes Ian Hammerhill (Jan Hammarberg, el-gitarr) as a casual member . 1992 Skinny left the group to do his duoproject Spiders in web wholetime. He was replaced Lord Crumb (Fredrik Welin, synt, drummachine, programming) from the groups Black Paul, Revolverkäke and so on. And  (8) was recorded but 1995 he couldn´t be in the group anymore and he lives as a pigfarmer in the south of Sweden. Right this time Flom (Mats From, guitars,drummachine, programming) was involved in the group but he chosed of economic reasons prior some discoprojects , so then in october 1996 JJ Decay and Damien got together with Full Throttle and Johnny Glue (Johnny Solberg, guitar) both from the covergroup Bodies and short thereafter Starpunk came to the group and (10) was a fact. 1998 hade the groups tentacles reached to Germany there(9) was released but Johnny Glue was forced to left the group due to tinnitus and Starpunk changed bass to guitar and Killer krax (Håkan Lindström) played bass without any bigger success and his recordings was rerecorded by someone else in the group and he got fired But he´s on the records (11) (12) (13) and(14). And after that the group got a new label, german Deliria noise outfitters and they got so poor and that did that the album Like crows on the slaughterhouse fence got one year late out. And it was the american label Neat Damned Noise like the group and decided to release  (17) in the same time as Devils shitburner release  (15) and later this year release (18) too. In yearr 2001 some new blood injected the group, that was the young Dragboy he was in the group and they did  (16) which was recorded in augist 2001 and was released by Reanimator records.

SEX SEX SEX plays today a simple and primitive rock with paralleles to punk with lyrics influenced by B-films horror/splattermovies and ameriacn violence and trashculture. Our gods is named GG Allin, Misfits Cramps, Poison idea Ramones, Nashville pussy, Rob Zombie, New bomb turks and Dwarves to mention some.




1.   7” The wrong end of the gun (Fun house records)

2.   7” Death E.P. (sex sex sex records)

3.   7” Stiff, cold & blue E.P. (sex sex sex records)

4.   7” Drop dead (sex sex sex records)

5.   LP Chaos in cancerland (Turning tool)

6.   7” The dawn of the dead (sex sex sex records)

7.   7” In a coma (Revenge records)

8.   MCD Freaks: we who are not as others (Brain pain productions)

9.   7” No bones (Stuhlgang records)

10. CD Eerie nights (Meringue records)

11.  7” Devil´s eve E.P. (Stuhlgang records)

12. 7” Go zombie go! (Spasthmatic records)

13. CD 924 North 25th Street (Decomposed sounds/Deliria noise outfitters)

14. 10” 924 North 25th Street (Decomposed sounds/Deliria noise outfitters)

15. 7” Satan´s hot rod (Devils shitburner)

16. 7” Rock the deceased (Reanimator records)

17. CD Like crows on the slaughterhouse fence (Neat damned noise)

18. LP Like crows on the slaughterhouse fence (Devils shitburner)

Why the name?

Damien: We was rehearsal with a lot of communist female punks in Funhouse(Järfälla) and all thought we were pathetic idiots which sang about mosnters, death and sex so we decided that the name suit us well and that made them even more angry. On our first concert we were thinking of shwoing animalporno but the whole thing was stopped.



Please tell me a little about every member, age , family and something horrible about every one?

Decay: Unfortunealy I can´t say anything about us because everything is secret due to SÄPO(swedens answer to CIA) in order because we wait for a trial but some of us are a coprofag but it´s up to you to think who is this



You have done many records on many different labels, howcome?

Damien: We only release records on very small labels so they don´t last so long but Stuhlgang/DSB records have released more than one record with SEX SEX SEX but of course we want a bigger label but we´re a punkband so a little suits us fin so we can do the most as we want.



It´s a rumour about you that you´re mean, is it true?

 Decay: We´re sweeties. It´s not any indiegril(or boy) who don´t want to kiss us..

Damien: We have been on the road for a long time and then it comes rumours the whole time and that some of it´s true I can take



You´re satisfied with the new record, where did the title came from?

Deacy: The title is about the musicjournalists and other people who eats dead animals and all other people who want some part of the rotten corpse. Mick Jagger said some similar things in a 70´s movie.

Damien: The title have Decay talking about for years and now it´s gotta be that title we thought. We have often the title ready before the music. Yeah we´re satisfied with the record and it´s fucking fun to release in USA. LP-version comes in may 2002(with some extra songs)



You like horromovies I understand, any favourites?

Damien: Guinepig 1-10, Halloween + and all other shit.



Favourite music?

Decay: White Zombie, Pleasurefuckers, Supersuckers, New bomb turks, Nashville pussy, Turbonegro, GG Allin, Monster magnet, Zeke, Hookers, Dummies and Eminem.

Damien: To say some more, Ramones, Roky Erickson, Social distortion, Marilyn Manson, Alien sex fiend och Misfits.


Five best records and five best concerts?

Decay: Ramones – S/T, Ramones – Leave home, Ramones – Rocketc to Russia, Ramones – Road to ruin, Dwarves – Blood, guts and pussy.Favo konserter: Sex pistols, Dwarves, Misfits, Cramps & Ebba grön.

Damien: Zeke – Kicked in the teeth, Ramones (anything), Misfits – Walk among us, Roky Erickson – I think of demons and Stooges – Stooges. Concerts: Kiss, Iggy Pop, Misfits, Nashville Pussy & Runaways.


First, last and the most expensive record ever bought?

Damien: 1. Popcorn, 2. Joey Ramone´s solo platta, 3. Sisters of mercy- Damage done.

Decay: 1. New york dolls, 2. Glucifer, 3. Sex pistols bootleg.




How is a good concert with you?

Decay: it sounds and it´s people on stage and then we get beer as payment( if we´re really sweet)

Damien: A halfdrunk band and wholedrunk audience..



Wahts´the most peculiar which have happened during a concert?

Decay: Masturbation, infalling roof and so on.i



Have you got any reviews on the record?

Damien: The ones that we have got is good everyone and I think the record is going to sell OK.



Which is the most peculiar review you have got?

Damien:Wow, thats´many. The most common is that they don´t write about the music because they write more about us as persons or some other shit and they don´t care about the music. IDIOTS.



Do you care about reviews?

Decay: No, but sometimes they´re really funny.

Damien: No, but as a small band you´re fucking depending of them anyway if you want to sell some records and can´t you sell any records you can´t get any contract so evrything is the one and same thing. So vene if you don´t care or care about they´re stil important



What is punk for you, is it only a word?

Damien: A fucking mess and freedom to play wrong.



What gets you going, you don´t sell a million records?

Damien: It´s like a poison. I have many times thoiught of quit doing this and then you get a new song in your head and must test it. And then it´s fucking fun



Which record have sold the most and how much do you sell?

Damien: I don´t know which who have sold the most but I think the fullengths are about 1500 and that so much the labels must sell to get it together. For us pretty uninteresting if we sell 100 or 1000 records because this is a sort of psychotherapy for us. We get out some aggressions ,we can meet, drink some beer and play, that we as a bonus make record is also fun.



How did the average Sex Sex Sex listener look like?

Decay: Castrated, not doing too much and don´t care about nothing(a little like Garfield),

Damien: It´s 2 types of people, one of them are a 16 years old which have been mobbed in school and want to end life for all and be a king. The other one is an ordinary rock n roll guy which likes a little morbid things



Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

Damien: The Bones, Bombshell rocks, Backyard babies + some more.

Decay: Demons, Grinners, Reclusives och Dellamorte.



How is it to live in Sweden today?

Decay: it´sa lie that it´s piss to die.

Damien: It´s OK..



How does it go in other countries than Sweden?

Damien: Good, we have no distribution in Sweden so we can say that all our records sell in foregn countries. We go on a Europetour in september with Love % A 45. We begin in Rosock 20/9.


How did you felt when the terrorstattack was in USA, surprised, happy, angry or what. Where were you when you heard about it?

Damien: I got chocked and pissed off, for my sake they can take their religion up their ass. USA isn´t so much better themselves but it sucks when 3000 innocent must give their life + everyone in the band likes McDonalds food and 2 of our record companies is stationed in USA.


Have it changed your life something?

Deacy: No, i drink as much now as then.

Damien: Yeah, I fly much and I must admit that you look more than one time when someone with arabic look come into the plan.



What do you like the ”new” way to communicate with email and internet and so on? Have you got any new fans out of it??

Damien: E-mail is this world best thing. Without it many of our records never have been done. The world have shrinked thanks to email. This interview haven´t been done without it. Internet is incredibly good for small bands to promote them self. The people which like some sort of music can find links to other bands and so on.

Decay: What´s new with it?



Any favoruitesite?



What do you think about mp3 and all that?

Decay: Is cheaper tha travelling with Stockholms local traffic.

Damien: I rather buy records. I want the whlole package, cover ,smell of vinyl and so on.



Vad do you like zine son the net and what if you compare them with paperzines?

Damien: Zines on the net is good because you can get them foreward so fast but I like more to hold it in my hand.



The cover on the latest album looks very nice, have you worked with hime before and are you going to work with him more?

Damien: Yes, Big Tony from Mazinga have done the covers on the Mazinga/SEX SEX SEX split(Spashmatic records) and to our latest single Rock the deceased(Reanimator Rec) but we have never met him because he lives in USA. We have the same taste when you talk about music and movies.



You have done some covers, which/who are funniest to do covers of?

Damien: All bands there you can sound better or as good as the original.



What does a cover good?

Damien: That you think the song is a good one.



Futureplans for yourself?

Decay: drink myself handsome, see Bahnhof Zoo and die!

Futureplans for the band?

Damien: We have precisly mixed a Johnny cash cover to a compilation which is coming on DSB Records and we´re going to rehearse for the tour.




Decay: I smile and think of ways you die.



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