Second Class Kids is run by Pelle Dahlström who has come back with large class releases. Was "forced" to interview Per about himself and what he does! January-2019


Tell a story about the company, when did you start, why did you stop for a while?

-If we are going to back a bit further then, just like everyone else, I just started being a music consumer. But at the same time I stepped into the punk, the Internet appeared in every man's home. The interesting thing was that the Internet was in practice quite empty when this took place (maybe 95-96), so I created a website; "Pelle's website". On it I wrote about my interests, which at that time was football and punk rock. Over time, I expanded the punk part by also reviewing records. And as a part of it, I started a webzine; Fishzine. Then it came naturally that I went further on paper, which happened in four numbers. In parallel, I took in some discs for my mini-distro. Then I left paper and ran webzine for a few years. So starting a record company in the middle of everything was nothing special. One gave the other as well.

The stay was due to the digitialization - overnight the type of CD sales died. Because Second Class Kids was so small, no one was hit, but on the other hand there were no resources to withstand the storm either.


Is it just like me who makes a fanzine, that you love music and punk in particular but you can't play any instrument and therefore wanted to do something with the music?

-Oh well, good question, That I cannot treat an instrument and lack tactfulness is a well-known phenomenon. However, I am pretty good at knowing what has hit potential or not.

Of course it was just as you write that I wanted to do something for the music when I started the carousel just over 20 years ago. Now I don't really know what drives me, more than I love to hear new, good punk.


Tell a little about yourself, I know some things, you are the principal, have had a company where you sold beer glasses etc, but what is more we need to know?

- The principalthing I think is a little bit odd to mention, especially now that I have soon been the principal for nine years and see it as my area of ​​knowledge, and not directly something temporarily I jumped on. I say: More punks should become principals!

In parallel, my brother and I have run the beer glass company However, we sold it at the end of 2017 and the profit from it has definitely benefited Second Class Kids.

Otherwise, I like to do carpentry, drink beer and running.


Beer is close to your heart, also then or, favorite beer and favorite brand?

-If you had asked this question two years ago, you would have received a minor essay, but now I have a quieter attitude. The thing is, you get blissful in your own water swell, which my father usually says. When I run Second Class Kids, of course, I listen extra much to punk (although I obviously had listened a lot otherwise), and when I was having Sejdelshoppen I tried to drink new and exciting beer all the time - to keep me updated with the industry's development . So when I laid down the boots, I decided to just drink wine for a month (well kept three days, but still), to really remind me why I love beer.

If I go to Systembolaget and only want to buy a bunch of stable beers, it will probably be Leffe, Guinness, some American IPAS and maybe some completely untrustworthy beer style from Hälsinge Ångbryggeri.


Second Class Kids should not release any beer, are there thoughts on it?

-No no no. Brewing beer is completely non-glamorous, slushy and boring. What I think is fun is to develop new products, manage to enter another pub and possibly win some prize. But the everyday job doesn't attract me at all. If Second Class Kids were to have a beer, it would be a beer with not so much alcohol so you could drink a lot of it.


What was your first punk experience you had, which year and which band were the ones that got your eyes on you?

-I can say that my first concert was with The Kristet Utseende on their farewell tour; Dra åt helvete tour 99. I can think of a good start; A fullPipeline, a peppered band and an even more peppered audience. Unfortunately, I don't think you heard the song directly, but it must have happened. In any case, I think that gig symbolizes the intensity that is often found on punkgigs, which I think today's Spotify listeners risk missing. Music should be experienced live!


You released Sveriges jävla Ryggrad ( Sweden's fucking spine) as a record against SD, why was it important to release such a disc?

-The record is not directly against SD, but against racism. For me, all racism is so fucking stupid. I do not judge people based on their main color, but on the basis of how people behave. Categorizing people based on genetics can only lead to errors. Unfortunately, the social climate has hardened, so I felt compelled to contribute at least a small part.

Releasing Sveriges jävla Ryggrad was made  by accident; On the one hand, Lastkaj14 sat and wrote songs about the elction, while Kardinal Synd and another band (who unfortunately jumped off) planned to do something. So when I realized that several of my bands were about to cook together - then I sent in a request to the others, and so there was a record finished with Second Class Kids band.


How was it received? Have you got any threats or similar because you take a stand?

-Think that the album received the same reception as all my other releases - the already saved liked it. Otherwise, it's pretty quiet. The thing is also that the vinyl was delayed, so it came out just AFTER the election. You can call it a flop.


Do you think it is important to take a position in texts etc and is it just such bands you want on your record company?

- You definitely don't have to take a stand, absolutely not. But if you take a stand, it must not be in the wrong direction. By the wrong way I mean, of course, that one advocates racism or stupidity in general.


What else rules do you have for a band to claim them?

-No requirements at all - that they recorded good punk rock far enough. However, the band gets a deal based on what they themselves plan to act on. For example, Lastkaj14 gets always what they want. A small band that makes a gig per year and releases four to five songs every two years - gets a completely different deal.


Which is your dreamband to sign?

-I never think of those tracks, I'm very down to earth with the record company. I try to think more about bands that are to some extent within reach. That's why I think Strebers was able to make one another, and let me release it. Otherwise, I am fond of both Trubbel and En SvenskTiger.


How did the name come foreward on the company. Is it that you feel like a second-class kid?

-Fuck, this was fifteen years ago ... now, but the thing is that we who is along punk, maybe not really been seen part of the established society, so it boils down well in some form of pride over the one you is; I'm a second class kid. Point!

I think the logo is a bit ingenious, but because some believe that the company is called so - it will ultimately be a bad idea to have a logo that is not the same as the record company name.


How do you musicsweden looks today?

-Do not know. Is quite uninterested in music that is not of punkcharacter. If I did not would have a punk company, I would never, never, never move in the music world.


What are your future plans for the company in 2019?

-2018 was completely crazy with 14 releases, especially considering that I had only planned to release type six-seven records. There is a chance that 2019 can become almost as intensive. Many of my bands have plans for releases this year, so we'll have to see. The thing that is sent on pressing is in any case rerelease of Lastkaj 14's Stormar (remixed and remastered) and Becksvart and that Death by horse has recorded a new really good album.


How much do you do of every release ? Can you sell most of it? How do you sell most of what you sell, at concerts, mail order or what?

- It varies how many items are pressed - type between 200 and 1000. Since I am also a father to small children, I cannot sacrifice my few concert visits to sell records, so instead I only invest on mail order. I still see that Second Class Kids is in a new start - so that not all discs go round I see as part of the advertising costs.


Isn't it a kamikaze mission to release records in 2019?

- Yes, maybe it. But you always have to ask yourself: If you don't do it yourself - who will do that?


Do you buy a lot of records yourself? What is the latest thing you bought, the first disc you bought and the most expensive you ever bought?

-I buy very little records. I honestly have very little time in my life, so just being able to sit down and listen to a newly purchased record does not exist.

My first record I bought was More ABBA Gold. Really want to buy a Tomas Ledin, but because the ABBA disc is a mid-price product, I earned 70: -! Incidentally, bought a portable CD player the same time. Good shit!

I do not buy expensive records.


Is there any SCK release that has become really expensive and has been sold expensive on Tradera, ebay etc?

-I usually put something fun in favor of Musikhjälpen every year. This year I posted a promo CD for Becksvart. The record was distributed free of charge to everyone who was on the release play in Stockholm. Do not know if any items have been sold thereafter. In any case, it brought in just over 1800: -. Now I believe that the price was slightly increased, given that the money went to charity. Yet. So regardless of whether the album is worth 1800 or not - then 1800: - went to the needy. It's nice.


How do you think it is in Sweden right now, politically do I mean? No thoughts on working politically?

-I am myself active in the Left Party, but at the municipal level. Sits as a replacement for the Municipal Board and the Management Committee. Running a political ideology at the municipal level is completely doomed, but it is more about thinking about how the school structure should look, how many elderly homes the economy is sufficient and how to reduce the number of home-help hours. Totally unsexy questions, but for me who has children who, hopefully, will grow up here, it is important that the money is used right - so that they can get the education they want.


Are you trying to influence your students in any way by taking your bands for gigs at school etc or will it be difficult if you do so?

-My students go to low and middle school, so no. Honestly, it is kind of nobody who knows that I am running a punk record company.


Which is your absolute favorite record on your own company so far?

- I think everyone is good, otherwise I wouldn't have given them out. But of course, some records are better than others; Lastkaj 14 - Becksvart, M.I.D - Den rike mannens börda och Sveriges Jävla Ryggrad are well three favorites. On the other hand, I think that the promo released this fall is the best - because there have each band contribute with a great song - so the record is completely magical.


Which has sold the most?

-Lastkaj 14 - Becksvart.


What do you prefer CD, vinyl or cassette or digital and digital?

-Vinyl is clearly the best. CDs I think basically is a good format, but apparently completely untrendy right now. The reason why I sometimes release CD is that the music must get out, but that it would cost too much to release a vinyl, so instead of a pure digital product, it will in any case be a CD.


Do you have anything else you would like to tell  me that I did not ask for?

-Haha, now, I've been sitting and write here. So now that is enough.

Go to punkgigs. Or buy a record.