Tell us a little history about the group, groups before and groups next ......?
-Erik asked me (Robban) if I wanted to be on that record some old songs he had been lying. Some of them, he had recorded the demo versions of the math, which he previously played with; some were written during his time in Vindicate This! This was in the winter of 2012/2013, and I wrote some lyrics and we rehearsed us together and recorded three songs in June 2013, released on a 7 inch(part one of a planned suite of three) of Pretty Shitty Town. At this writing (July 2014) holds the rest of the band, which is now beside me, Erik and Matte also include Sebbe on bass, rehearsing in six or seven new songs for the next two 7 inches. I do not really have time to be with at the moment, then it is very much with Agent Bulldog, but there are three texts and the rest will come in time for the recording.
I have previously played in Oi! / Punk bands like The Righteous, Östermalm Boys, Contemptuous and Antipati and plays since 2008 in Agent Bulldog. Erik has played in Sönderfall (raw punk), Frontlash (NY style HC), Contemptuous, Sleepless Nights (HC), Abjekt (HC) and Vindicate This! Matte has played with Frontlash and in a little different metal projects. Sebbe is playing in Zombie Space Pirates and some rockabilly cover band. He was previously with the punk band Cunt Sucking Cannibals, among others.

Tell us a little about each member of the group, age, family, work, interests, favorite football team and something bad about every one?
-I'm 33 in a month to type, works as a care teacher at a secondary school, is married and has a daughter, and is interested in music, popular culture and geek spirit. Erik and Matte is type 36, works as a teacher and in the manufacturing sector, has one respective three daughters and partner and wife, and are probably most interested to live as comfortable a life as possible, and music. Sebbe is type 27, works with anything health-related and have a woman and son. He's one of those psychobilly so he is well interested in cars and hairstyles I guess. The horrible thing about all of us four is perhaps that we do not care so much about football ...

Viewing something on FIFA World Cup now or shitting you in football entirely?
-Viewing halfheartedly

Your music sounds very raw in a very melodic way ... I like what I hear. Is sound important when shooting ... that you get it in a special way?
-Maybe it is the mix between minimalist and clean guitar sound and semi-hard song? The sound was important to us in this case, Erik and also Matte had a pretty clear idea of ​​how they wanted it to sound. It's kind of thing, I think, no punk band has sounded this and had Swedish lyrics.

I'm thinking about texts, etc., were you get your inspiration from?
-Two songs on Betrakterlser("Reflections ...") go together a little lyrically.Färdiga doktriner( "Ready-made doctrines") is about the expectation of consensus that exists in a lot of context, and even in different subcultural music scenes then. I wrote it in view of a person I know who are extremely uncomfortable with having people around them who have different opinions than what he has.Bättre Utsikt( "Better View") is a fence walker song that tries to unload the concept ... what would it be too bad to sit on the fence when it comes to a ridiculous political tug of war within the punk / oi scene? Only people who are unsure of where they stand is a need to choose sides and take a position in front of others. Bottom line is that nothing makes me so obstinate that people who think I have a responsibility to take a stand on any issue it may be. My stance is automatically a non standpoint. I think myself and have no responsibility for anyone else when it comes to that. Ingen Tack("No Thanks") is all about shit-Sweden, thus the aspect of our nation neoliberal forces slowly fucked down in quite a few years now.

Politics and music, does that work? Are you trying to keep you from politics?
-Politics and music can usefully be related, but not necessarily. I would say that we are trying to be political without being politically connected or lecturing people. Opinions we have in quantities, and they are different enough for the band. In the end, most policy and Sabotage thus also a political band while also being a politically independent bands.

Best political band / artist?
-Most of them are well more or less political, but I like for example Skrewdriver as well as Conflict and most things in between.

What do you think about the election this fall?
-I think it will be a change of government, that the SD will redouble its support since the last time it went in and that F! will get into parliament at the expense of something neoliberal party.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden?
-In comparison, one can not exactly complain. I have a job, food on the table, a roof over your head and can do pretty much what I want. Would not want to live anywhere else. But at the same time, it sucks, it feels like the politicians in power are competing with each other about how they with their dicks in heinous ways can defile, become stale and dirty our country.

What are best and worst to stay here?
-Best = we are (still) a pretty secular, in popular practice often anti-religious nation. We have a tradition of openness and Stockholm is the world's most beautiful city. In addition, the remains of welfare state welfare state still partially accessible to ordinary people. The worst is that which is the result of neo-liberal madness and the waiting - one eventually heavily segregated country with sick class divisions and difficult cultural relativist problems.

Great Swedish band by the way?
-Current good band is Trubbel, Nya Given, Avgå! and Projekt 9 for example. Are of course more. Otherwise, when it comes to bands that were, I listen to and appreciate the hundreds of bands from various points related subgenres. Some that come to mind spontaneously is eg Akut Skjut, Bruset, Puke, Ultima Thule, Sighstens Grannar, KSMB, Guttersnipe ... the list is of course endless ...

Other good bands in the world?
-That I am currently listening to is Bishops Green, Black Marias, Bootboys, Bunker 84, Close Shave, Complete Control, Condemned 84, Control, Crashed Out, The Damned, The Ejected, English Rose, Fatskins, No Quarter, Generatorz, Gli Ultimi, Hateful, Hoist a Few, Hudson Falcons, IC1, Kambrones, Kicker Boys, Komintern Sect, The Last Resort, Maraboots, Murderer's Row, The Outcasts, Reducers SF, The Snipes, Stranglehold, Razorcut, Warlord, White Flag Down, Violent Storm and 45 Adapters. That's the most spins in the iPod (pods only things I own in hardware).
Otherwise, I listen to mostly punk related from virtually all over the world. More Oi! than the crust then, but all in some degree.

How would you describe your music in three words?
-Melodic, well-written, in-your-face ... or just In Your Face.

What does punk mean to you, it's just a word or is it a lifestyle?

You have done a single now ... when will the full length album?
-It looks to be 2:7-inches . A triple suite.

Is it important for you to do real discs (vinyl, CD, etc.) and not just release digitally?
-Yes, for me anyway. Think Matte agree with me the most :)

What do you think about downloading?
-It is generally good. People who cares really buy records and support the scene anyway.

How have the reviews been on the record?
-Only the positive response so far. Something PK-CP as whining into anything in the commentator field but I had hoped for that. I am happy to be a thorn in their eyes. Reviewers have been very positive.

Do you care about reviews anyway?
-Well, it's always fun when people who are on the same stuff that you yourself appreciate what you do.

Have you been in a band that changed anything after a bad review?

Please rank your five favorite records, five favorite and five most important things in life?
-As always difficult, but I run my usual.... Camera Silens - Realité, Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops, Oxymoron - The Pack Is Back, ANWL - We Are... The League och Asta Kask - Aldrig en LP/CD ... The Bruisers - Stockholm - 1998, Thug Murder - Hultsfred - 2001, Komintern Sect - Stockholm - 2014, Cock Sparrer - Blackpool, UK - 2006, Newtown Neurotics - Blackpool, UK - 2007 (?) .... Food for the day / roof over my head, family / friends, music / subculture, various other types of escapism, peace and quiet.

First, last and most expensive record you bought?
-First - Strebers - Till En Vän CD or Cosa Nostra - Eldar CD (busy with cassettes before)
Last - The Dickies - Silent Night 7 "and The Pinheads-seventh, by a buddy who sold of doublets cheap.
The most expensive I do not know ... it took most of the economy then and there was Cock Sparrer - England Belongs To Me 7 "... Has enough bought a pair of records for about 800 or else ...

What is your biggest record disappointment through the years?
-I do not know ... something post 90's with Attentat maybe. It pops into my head spontaneously in all cases.

Which group would you like that they made a new album (it does not matter if the group exists or not)?
-Camera Silens. Many others too, but spontaneously.

What are the future plans of Sabotage?
-Recording material for two new seven inches, then check the possibilities to rehearse a guitarist for any future live shows.

For yourself?
-Continuing happy that now, thanks.

Words of wisdom?
-No :)

Something to add?
-Thank you for your attention!