Rövsvett has really been in the punk world for a long time. Löken is the one who plays bass in the group and he was friendly and answered a lot of questions from me in April 2021.


Have there been many member changes over the years? Have you had any breaks or have you been an active band all along? What was the year you started?

-There have been some over the years, Rylle moved to Örebro 1996 after "Burn the gaynuns" our tribute CD to Poison Idea, 1997 the year after we recorded "Allmakt åt mig" our 2nd CD on Birdnest Records so did Frank laid the drumsticks aside, everything has it´s time, now we are Jerker vocals, Löken bass, Atti guitar & Ortman drums. Yep we have always played not always had rehearsal room, the first 5 years we borrowed a room, only had a bass and microphone. it all started in the summer of 1983.


Tranås collection is a really good collection, isn't it? Is it a bootleg or were you on aware of the release?

-No, we have been involved in putting it together with Criminal Attack Records in Brazil. Daniel ETA has made the cover which will probably be printed as a t-shirt as well, may come as a LP and that remains to see.

How is it to play this type of punk/hardcore in Sweden today? If you compare with when you started playing? Do you miss playing live in these covid times?

-Who does not do that, jazz as punk, you want to play outside, meet people, meet, chat with other bands, that's what it's fun to play with different bands, all bands do their thing as you like, so do we think,  we are a HC band, can´t do nothing else, no, but like to mangle, would be fun to play for 8 persons but we are 4 so it will be empty.


What kind of audience do you have live, are they just old fans or are there new abilities in the audience?

-Good question! probably old guys, but of course some younger may have adopted our style, no idea, "do not remember my punk anymore" was so fucking long ago you played and get crazy, no, but it was great fun last time we played in Klippan Nov 2019 with Beckmörkt (the little punk) he visited us in "Kaffe", Slaveriet with Bjurren & Jenz nice gang, Världen Brinner and Sardo Numpsa. You miss the meetings with people, fans, other bands, the good food, playing live is the most fun thing you can do, the lack is huge, the day you can play at a gig then we will be ready, hope you are too. ..

The nickname Löken(Onion) where does it come from?

-Coste said it it around 1981 and it has kept up, Boxholm and Tranås punks were tight and are still, we went to gigs, partyed, formed bands, we hung so it was just, things you can miss today, punk was a great time , fun as hell, certainly usually dangerous with raggare that chased us on the streets but we punks kept together and keep together even today.


You sing in Swedish most of the time but throw in English song sometimes? But you prefer Swedish or? Who does the lyrics most often? What influences you to your lyrics?

-Yes, it has become someone in English, but it is in Swedish we are Rövsvett, it is Jerker who writes all texts, everyday life, humor, politics, religion, what comes in and news of the day-.


A fun experience I had with your band was when I was checking records on Dolores many years ago and two cops were there and they were really fascinated by your name? Do you have any funny anecdotes to tell about a name choice?

The 2nd gig they turned on our name the oppsite way and the mixer guy left when we played, but it went well anyway!

Tell us a little about the following records and what you think of it today ..

The first record you bought or got?

-Clash 1st LP I got on cassette 1977 is and remains a fave band.

The album that changed your life?

-Why 12 ", Pick your king 7" and Dischord 4 first 7 "Minor Threat, S.O.A., Teen Idles and Government Issue.

Last album you bought?

-Do not often buy records, usually you trade with other bands or with companies.

The album you are ashamed of?

- Nothing to be ashamed of.

The album that makes Rövsvett sound like you do?

- "Jesus var en tomte" 7 "the energy, the lack, the humor, there you have us Rövsvett.

The album that always must be in the tour bus?

-Crucifix, Bad Brains, DK, Poison Idea, Day Nasty and Huvudtvätt.

The album you would have liked to have been on and played on?

- Can't think of anything.


Are there any other good bands in Sweden today that you think are worth mentioning?

-No Idea, First In Line, Isotope Soap, feels like there was a lot of Östgöta punk here, but so it must be!


You have released your records on many different companies? Are you on a record label right now?

-No nothing written, we release our records on companies that like us and we like them so that how easy it is!


What is the most expensive record you have heard that any of your records have been sold for?

-SEK 500 for a 7 "may but some have for sure gone for more.

What does punk mean to you today if you compare with when you started?

-Have never left punk, still like punk, HC, there is so much punk Polish, Japanese, Italian, Finnish, American, Norwegian of course most of it is probably the time when you listened most that still lasts 80-86, punk has that meaning that you can express yourself, you have the right to say your opinion


Does politics and music always go together? Or say some bands you like that are not political? Which is the best political band?

-Political punk, yes a lot is politics, of course, Crass will be the foreign band and from Sweden it will be Ebba Grön and Slobobans Undergång.


Who was Boll-Mats? We have a guy here in Mölndal who is also called that…

-He is secret, does not want to reveal his identity, a nice guy simply, good that his name is inherited.


Is there any fans of yours who have done something really dedicated, like tattooing a logo or something like that?

-Yes, some have heard asked if it was ok, of course just fun, one in our town have a Rövsvett tattoo on his entire back, Jerker also has Rövsvett on his neck.

Have you done any songs that have been tributes to something, like football clubs or something else that you like and want to support? You've done Iron Fist, other covers you've done?

-No no tributes except for Poison Idea, it hvae become some covers over the years, Iron Fist we actually done the same day as Motorhead did their last gig, we did the song as a tribute first to Filthy, then we released "Ryssen kommer" 7 "the same day Lemmy passed away, that was heavy, first happy that the record came out, then depressing when a hero did who got the punk and metal scene together.


Is there a lot to do with Just 4 Fun Records? You have a small distro too or how is it?

-Just4Fun Records is Snuffe´'s company, I myself release records on Röv Records and Fetvadd Records, change some records as you did before, trades.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden today with politics, corona, music life etc? How do you see how Sweden is developing politically, what can we do about the idiots?

-Sweden is probably pretty good if you think about healthcare, dental care, A kassan, etc., unfortunately much has become impersonal with all technology, you can never talk to people, sit in a queue system for everything, the post was sabotaged by Maud Olofsson, yes we have slowly dismantled everything we have built up, sold out everything, politicians are stupid and get away with everything, yes people are stupid in the head and deny corona, they could pay a visit to some IVA in a hospital and understand what job they do , damn you get scared of the dark, so many who are blown away, but we have the internet today and you can see everything and believe in everything, the last idiot is not born.


Have you played a lot abroad over the years, if so, where has been the best?

-Has been some tours in Brazil 2016, Finland 2015, USA / Canada 2013 also Denmark and Norway. Brazil was so fucking fun and successful, Josi arranged the tour so well, we met fans, played with good bands, then I understood that Swedish HC is big in Brazil.

The title of the latest album is "Sorgedödaren" What was the idea behind the name?

-Jerker´s idea. A character, maybe he would have explained it better, good song anyway, we actually played the whole record when it was released in 2008, fun, do not know if people appreciated it, now we have tested it too.


Is it important for you to release physical records, why or why not?

-Yes I still like to release vinyl, CD, cassette and may be old fashion, is something special with a record, record release and you create something and release it and people want it, miss the time when you were in the record store and listened to new records, that were times good people.


Which bands are you compared to when you get reviews? Which is the most odd thing you have been compared to and do not understand at all?

-You say Discharge, no I do not know, we are Rövsvett and like all other bands you do your thing and hope that someone likes it. When we played in town in the 80's they wrote that we were hardrock, ok, where they found that comparison I do not know.

What three words describe is music?

-Coffee, mangle, humor.


Are there a lot of interviews these days? Boring or fun?

-It happens every now and then, not as much as before when it was a  fanzine in every city, when everyone in bands made their own fanzine as well, always just fun to answer questions.


Strangest question you ever got? (Besides this one then)?

-Is there any strange questions, totally ok! Where does the name Skrutt fanzine come from? (I thought it sounded tough 37 years ago / editor)


Future plans for the band?

-Hope for a gig, are booked for 3 gigs, 2 with Attentat in Kalmar and Linköping in September and also a gig at a bike club in Tranås, otherwise most focus is on making new songs for an upcoming album, our 6th. We go into the studio this autumn in Studio Underjord to record under the work theme "Småland".

For yourself?

-Has 3 projects including Jarruketju with people from Rövsvett, Driller Killer, A.R.D. and Bob Malmström which released a 7 "2020 on Fetvadd Records and plays bass, Unbearable Error (with a full 16 BUH) punk / HC in poem form with people from Colombia, Ireland, Wales, Serbia, Croatia, Puerto Rico have recorded 22-27 songs and releases an LP in 2021 there I played guitar, my latest project is Aversao with folks from Brazil and Spain who were supposed to release a 7 "but unfortunately Alex from Rot, Cruel Face and Bucho Discos passed away in covid 19 this Thursday, there I played drums, only had time to put guitar and drums, is very sad, what a nice guy, Rövsvett released 3 7 "on his company and played with his band in Brazil and lived at his house, a great man and important for the grindcore scene in Brazil has passed away.


Today's words of wisdom?

-Pogo, stagedive and slamdance or was it river dance, do not remember.

Anything to add?

-Thank you Peter for good questions and like us, you do your thing well and we do ours in the hope of also being good, thank you again and take care, until we meet at a stage in the near future.

A funny anecdote, when we were in the studio to record "Den falske kakaoinspektören", our old singing local policeman appeared in the middle of the mix and said "well, it's the band that starts with R and ends with T, I do not take it in my mouth "rallies" hallelujah, hallelujah " we laugh as hell. Even with things that changed I must say Radio One with John Peel in England and Radio Luxemburg who both played a lot of punk, you became happy as a 12-13 year old, not to forget "Nu Våg", then radio was important. Shame : yes you can ask yourself how bands like Bitch Boys thought when they did their 2nd LP, Rude Kids in Swedish, Discharge "Grave New World", Bad Religion "Into the unknown" LP, it was probably such a time when metal and synth existed and bands tested new styles, just a little thought around some record releases.