I got in touch with Rotten Flag in the beginning of week 7, got the record delivered home and one week the interview is in place. All of this happened in February 2024.


Please tell me the story of the band?

-It started with that Eddie wanted to record some songs and do a vinyl so he asked Albin if he wanted to play some 77 guitar and that he thought was cool. Albin knew John who has Storm studio so we called him and checked if he could record us. Albin also plays bass on the first record but we had a picture of a mate holding a bass so we wrote that he played instead of not having to answer any questions about bass stuff. And then Emil was on drums on the first two records but he had other things to do in life so he did a livegig and after that it was nothing more. Before the second record we asked John if he wanted to take the bass and he did. Which meant that we now missed a drummer instead. Then Eddie called Dan, who Albin knew... But it turned out that they didn ́t know each other, but it ́s been some misunderstanding so technically we called a stranger on the other side of the country and asked if he wanted to play punk and he said "yes" for some reason and now we´re here!


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work and something bad that no one knows about every one? –

-Eddie. 37 years old and supervisor. Single king with dog in K-town. I am immune to electricity and fire... something terrible? I'm terrible at pretending to listen when someone talks about something I don't care about

Albin. 33, driver and fruit expert lives by himself but has a good-looking girl. I can't think of anything bad about myself but I wish Eddie had toilet paper at home a little more often so I don't have to use an old bill.

Dan.30 best Stockholmer, played all my life. I work as a culvert rat in a hospital and take as much music work as I can and have time for that and family life. I've been a teetotaler and I've been clean for 2 years, it's (often) horrible.

John. 35, sound engineer and music producer runs Storm Studio GBG (where the records are recorded). Wife and children. Unfortunately, I found out a few years ago that my feet are too far down.


Band before or band on the side of Rotten Flag?

-DOOJIMAN and the exploders (Sweden's only real rock band), Lyckliga Gatan, Dead Wire, Double Knockout, Sputnik Monroes, Åskväder, Strindberg (not the punkband), The Studs, and Holmérz. Most before, some active


How did you think when you got your band name? Weren´t you a little bit surprised that no band was called that before?

-It just sounded cool. No, not really, we didn't think much about it at the time.


You talk about that it ́s a little vikingtheme on the new record Northern Berserker, is it something that fascinates? Is it hard to have a viking theme without being called White Power or something like that because you mentioned it?

-It is, but it has absolutely nothing to do with anything, it's not our thing at all. We just think only Vikings are cool. Anyone who can paddle a wooden boat across the Atlantic is pretty tough anyway. It's really just a song about Vikings, then it's mostly symbolic or as synonyms for contemporary things. It was a player who did a very radical interpretation on the cover, a little too far in the wrong direction so to speak but it must stand for him. It's just three angry animals. We think more in the Scandinavian Jawbreaker direction when it comes to the title, but everyone thinks differently.


It´s this music more people abroad who understand than in Sweden? Or have you only released the record in Sweden?

-I think it's the same but I don ́t really know. It's released on a Swedish label but it's probably sold here and there, I don't really know so much about this.


You have been very active. Four releases in about as many years? Is it important to get out physical records? Does it feel more real than just releasing it digitally? How can I get the We Are CD?

-Important I don´t know but it's fun to record new songs. The CD can only be obtained in the US via OBS records


Which type of people comes to your concerts? Are there any that you miss?

-It's a little bit different but people who like punk and rock n roll in general. We miss everyone who doesn't come


Who does the songs or rather the lyrics, what influences, can they be about anything?

-Eddie writes the lyrics and the foundation to the music, and then everyone helps each other to polish the stuff when we play.

Eddie: The lyrics can be about anything, as long as it's something I think is interesting/fun or important to write about, sometimes from a more serious perspective and sometimes from a sarcastic or ironic perspective.


It ́s important to get out opinions in the music or what do you think?

-Eddie: I say what I want/think or make fun of something/someone if it's a fun idea, and then the politicians can do the politics. There are already far too many people who just tell others what is right or wrong. But a song without any message or points is pretty meaningless, really I think. then it's just random sound in the end

Dan. No, I like music and swing, that's the primary thing for me. But of course if people want to express an opinion with their music, they should of course be allowed to do so.

Albin: It's important, a good song without a message is just a "good song" you want it to be 50/50


When you play live, which type of bands do you play together with?

-Usually some punk/oi band but it can be a little bit random sometimes.


Now you release a new record, Northern Berserker, what are you most satisfied with on it? Could you have done anything better, and if so, what?

-Dan: I'd say The Boar, it's not often I get to play fast punk anymore, and it was fun to record .

Albin: I think our latest album is the best we've done so far, we've gotten to know each other better musically and think about it for a while before we just fall into the songs.

Eddie: You can always look for faults if you want but I think this one turned out great. It was fun to get together an acoustic song too, it's harder than you think to get foreword one that doesn´t cut too much against the other songs.


Please tell me a little about the following songs?

-Moron Conspiracy: Deals with various conspiracy theories that are so bananaz that you are surprised that people believe them.

-Holmgang: It's about the escalating wave of violence which has washed over Sweden in recent years

-Remember the working class is a reflection on whether the working class will even exist in the future considering that wages are not raised in line with the costs of being able to live a decent life. And if it's worth slaving away for a whole life and then becoming a poor pensioner until you fall off the peg.


Punk seems to be a big part in your life, what does punk mean to you, music, lifestyle or everything together? How did you come into the wonderful world of punk?

-Eddie: Have always been a punk and will always be. Nothing else feels right

Dan: I slipped into a punk psychosis when I was 12 which lasted until 18 maybe. Then, after a long and winding road, I have found my way back to rock. I strike a blow for rock.

Albin: Punk for me is a kind of freedom feeling that you can play what you want, say "almost" what you want and it should only be fun. I slipped into the world of punk on a burned CD with 22 Ramones songs that I got from my neighbor in sixth grade. There was also a song with Per Gessle when he played Sheena is a punkrocker. I haven't heard it since then but it was surely good?


New and old Swedish favorite bands?

-Dan: Fuck I don ́t listen to punk anymore, I have no idea, but I have to say Attityd Boys, because I never manage to get away and see when they play

Eddie: Ebba Grön is the old thing and then I must say that right now On the job is the thing I have listened to the most lately anyway.

John: The Bones, Ebba Grön, Raised Fist.


If you could choose five bands to play on a small mini-festival with you, if you could choose which bands were to play on that festival with you?

-Kenta, Motörhead, Kal P Dal, Ramones, Ebba Grön


If someone would pay for a four-song coverrecord, which covers can you imagine to have on that record?

-Dead ringer for love, Såssialdemokraterna, Born to lose, Born to be wild


Have you got any really strange reviews of your records? Is it important with reviews or do you don ́t give a damn about them?

-Not weird directly maybe but maybe have been a little bit misunderstood hahaha but it's always fun if someone wants to review


To live in Sweden today, how do you think it is today, politically, economically etc etc?

-Dan: We have coffee, snus and crispbread, all other countries are developing countries.

Eddie: Sweden have their issues but I don´t want to live anywhere else either. We are still doing pretty well compared to large parts of the world


I think I hear many influences and it's both Rancid, oi, City Saints... other bands you ́re being compared to?

-I wouldn ́t say that either Rancid or City Saints are any influences for us but we end up in the same style maybe in some way. The Business and early Dropkick is probably more the influences and quite a lot from the 77 punk but also some oi.


You feel like a band that loves beer, what would your own beer be called if you made one and what kind of beer would it be?

Dan: I think Pripps blue is 2.8% strong. was going to be a hit

Albin: Beerserker, common lager with hints of fly agaric and hemp

John: Retard Punk rock Mongoloid, regular fucking workingclass pilsner

Eddie: The beer a drop of beer, 65cl whiskey and 5cl LSD.


If you go on tour and are only allowed to bring five records in the tour bus, which five records do you bring?

-Lynyrd Skynard - The pronounce, Motörhead - Bastards Ebba Grön - Boxen Ramones - Anthology and something with Dio so Albin don ́t get sick in the bus.


Is it many interviews, is it boring?

-Not too many, it have been a couple of them and no it ́s really fun


Which is the most peculiar question you ever have got in an interview(except this one)?

-Can be that with telling something horrible maybe:)


The question you miss and want to have? Please ask it and answer it?

-4 guys without a clue so all questions are as good as no questions is the conclusion we must draw


Futureplans for the band?

-We want to play live as much as possible so if you need a punk rock band somewhere, please let us know.


Wisdomword? -"Do again what you didn't do!"


Something to add?

-Thanks for the interview and if you want to buy the record you can do it through Hard and Smart - Rotten Flag - Northern Berserker- LP, (PRE-ORDER) or dm to Galgbacken Records on Instagram or by the band.... Peace!