-Yeah,we came together 4-5 years ago and that was a time when we only drank beer in a undergoriundtunnel in Rimbo. We was bored of that and we came up witht he good idea of starting a band. From the begin we was five member but one of us decided to sport instead of being in abnd, Two of our songs on "The Saga begins" is dedicated to him, Manne Magnusson. He died tragically in a car accident two years ago. He is missed by many people. We continue to play and we came in contact with an american who wanted to do our band. He tokk Carl Templat to us and he recorded us and now weīre on Building 13 which is the result after the split of TKO and Chapter 11. 

Please tell me a little about every member, age ,family and so on??
-Jakob, aka Lord Jake, aka King Jake, aka Judge Jake, is 20 years and he likes much football(hammarby) , aointof guiness now and then or only to take it easy with the lads. Which means football and another pint of guiness. He lives with his mother and his not so liked borther. He is known as the man with the orange kånkelbär(ask him with a beer some time so can you maybe get out some more) Otherwise thereīs no big things about him. Maybe then ,as he would say himself: " I tell you, this body is a curse" then he is thinking he is to handsome and that he has a very fine body. Which makes girls coming around him in masses. Itīs annoying,sometimes.

Robert, aka Righteous Robert, aka Bootboy Bob, alias Boosbap, is also 20 years and he is interested by football and he can take a pint of guines with Jake and he works in an electronicfabric and he is not afraid of the thought to make a real hit on his guitar. He lives, as the traitor he is, not in Rimbo anymore, and he has moved to Norrtälje ,to come closer to his work.
The biggest problem with Robert is the fact that he is not a metre high but through is knwoledge of illusions he can do so the world canīt see his height.....but thatīs was back then..

Christofer, aka Chris da' Rockdocta', aka Chriffie, aka Gibson Chris,he is like the other ones, 20 years old and he comes to the south of Stockholm to see a match ,take a pint with Jake and Bob, and he can have time to meet his girlfriend also. He sits on the toilet at home and do solos which he later donīt remember. He have to improvise a new solo on our rehersals which he īs doing very well. His dreams is to get a job on Arlanda when he is very much interested of putting on luggage on planes. A very big problem in Christoffers life is the size of his penis, which he havenīt any control on either and it seems like people always go on it when itīs lying on the floor. he havenīt understand the importness in this case. 
Freddie, aka Sluggo, aka fittfreppa, aka Freddie the Head, 20 years, lives in his new house on the hill with his father and girlfriend. He doesnīt agree with the other guys about football and that Swedens best footballteam is spelled H-A-M-M-A-R-B-Y, and he is saying that a peculiar thing A-I-K, or something like that is the thing. The other guys doesnīt listen so much about it. Otherwise he plays floorball or is with his girlfriend. But sometimes he comes to the pub to take a beer with the guys but he isnīt so hard as the other ones and heīs ordering a Budweiser or something like that. In the last years we have noticed a christianty in his life. We can notice it in the fact that he is eating five o clock even if weīre going to rehearsal that time, heīs having his girlfriend with us everywhere ,yeah itīs christian in way.

How did you get a contract with TKO/Chapter 11, wasnīt it any label in Sweden which was interested?
-Thereīs no good labels in Sweden.Except Sidekicks maybe but they wasnīt interested so they canīt be so good. Carl Templar said that TKO/Chapter 11 was good and they was really big so it was no big deal about it.

You look like skinheads but I have understood that youīre the old type of skinheads, do you have to defend your opinions sometimes?
-First of all we must say that arenīt any skinheadband. Jake and Robert is skinheads but the other guys is more oi-bois. We play msuic for all oi-ers out there and we donīt care about the length on the hair. So please buy the record, and all you longhaired ones out there, donīt be afraid. We must defend the fact that we(Jake and Bob) as skinheads not haver any official opinions. Our opinions have nothing with our lives as skinhead to do. People have a little difficulty to understand that.

Why do became skinheads if you think about all "setbacks"?
- I like the way the lifestyle is, with clothes, music and so on. And then weīre a little tougher than everybody else and then you will show that.

How is to play this sort of music in Sweden?
-Yeah, as in Finland and Norway we can think. Sweden have the biggest oiscene per capita in the world, so I think itīs good.

Is there any good bands in Sweden right now? Outside Sweden?
-Thereīs a lot of good bands in Sweden right now: Agent Bulldogg, Guttersnipe,
Clockwork Crew to mention some. Outside Sweden itīs some good bands too like
: Oxymoron, Dropkick Murphy's, Hoolies, Main Street Saints
+ and old bands which still is playing.

Firts and latest record you bought?
-Jake: First one was Ebba Grön "78-82",and the latest was Clash "Sandinista".
Robert: Strebers "Till En Vän" was the first one and ther latest was two in all and it was  Templars 7":a "Lower  class brats", Live for
Today, Sham 69 " Hersham Boys".

Idols when you were small?
-Jake: Metallica, and every band on the Absolut Reggar-record. 
Rob: NKOTB, Guns'n'Roses, Magnus Uggla.

How is a good gig with you?
-Itīs good, fucking good.

How does the average Rightousfan look like?
The most ones are shorthaired, Dr Martens people but as I said, everyone is welcome. 

Do you have good contact with your fans?
-Yeah I think so because we write back when they write to us.

How much does a group in your class sell?
-We have sold about 1000-2000 ex.and itīs mostly in USA. we havenīt been so rich on this yet.

Is it many interview, is it boring?
-Itīs some interview yes. Some of them is pretty boring but this one is splendid. 

Which is the quetsion you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?
-Wow, that was good. Thatīs the question we have waited for. Hmmm,when we get it, then we have no answer. Which question do we want? Yeah, one of them could be. Question? Hello, Iīm a bigbreasted nymphoman. Do you want to come with me home and violentfuck. You can come when you want. No, call me so I can come. Answer:Nja, yeah OK then.

You sing about Expedition Robinson but you like,eh who wins this year, itīs maybe difficult and who donīt you want to see as a winner?, 
-That question isnīt so difficult to answer. Buba must win or maybe the macho-truk. Hildeggard cannot win . We saw in the paper that sheīs almost favourite to win. Itīs a shame Sweden. We adore Robinson and we can sacrifice our lifes to let it go on. On next release Robinsoon Night Part II is going to be on it.

Is it a progroam you can be in?
-yeah,for godssake! if I would have a sexslave with me or something like that. 

What do you think about all the documentsoaps which is on TV right now?
-Nothing, we only follow the original(But Molle in Baren is really tough)

Which is most important for you, a song with a refrain, the music or the lyrics?
-I donīt know, maybe the whole kit; a good lyric with a good melody with a singalong refrain. Like the most of our songs I mean. 

What begins with the ...and the saga begins?
-The saga of four lads from Rimbo which was working from the bottom and conquered the world after a while. 

Have you done anything more than the CD, if you have how can I get it?
-A 7" på Cranes Blases, which is coming in december/january, and some songs on a TKO-compliation called  "Oi! it's a wonderful world we're living in".Send a mail and we can arrange it.

Carl Templar have produced the record, was it like a drram, is a producer important and have he any thing to put into the group?
-It was a nice and funny exeperience in every way, not a dream but heīs maybe is going to produce our next record too. It can do something for the group if you have a good producer I think.

If you could choose five bands to play with, which five would you choose?
-Jake: Misfits( eller allt med Danzig), Clash, Judge Dread, Templars, KISS.
Bob: Judge Dread, Templars, Cock Sparrer, Motörhead, GG Allin.

What does punk mean to youj?
-Party,fight and to live like a devil("Cutting") An attitude against the musicbusiness and some unity and much fun.

How is life in Rimbo then?
-Itīs very dull I must say. Itīs much watching video and to drink coffee and play Dreamcast and smoke and snuff and drink some beers and things like that.  och peta sig i naveln
och sån't.

Whatīs the best and whatīs the worst with Sweden?
-Bäst: Our gloryful history, our nature and the big oi-scene.
Sämst: Climat, expsnsive beer, christian USA-wannabees which have the power in this country.

Whatīs the besta nd whatīs the worst of playing in a band?
-Best All chicks, all gigs, to meet people, and to be creative.
Worst: To have epople which is saying what to do, and all these money which we donīt have no time to spend. 

Futureplans for you?
-Jake: To make a union with scandinavia under swedish flag. To come out out from the European Community and war declare against them.
Rob: Nothing so much as jake, buy a new Sta Prest and get a funnier job.

Futureplans for the band?
-Out to play I hope. And to release a new record in half a year I hope.

-Donīt tie your shoes in your neighbours ricefieldt.
A day without blood is like a day without sunshine.
Donīt rely on a smiling Cirefalier.
If the enemies is foreward, please look at the sides.
If you want a beer, go to a pub..
You are your parents

Something to add?
-Thanks for a good interview. Very good if you must know. Unfortunealy could only Jakob and Robert be in this interview so itīs not complete. Good luck with your life and come to The Rightous gig in Gothenburg.