Hi Peter                                                   November 2006

Not long back from a terrific trip to Brazil with the group, and at last

i've managed to answer your interview questions (well, most of them I


I was in a bit of a late night "wacky" mood when I did this, so please don't

take me too seriously. If there are any gaps in the answers that you would

like to fill, please visit the "Interview" & "Biog" pages at

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Jo Callis (The Rezillos)



When did you start to play in the first place?

-I started playing when I was about 16, The Rezillos started playing together

in 1976


Why did you start to play again?

-I¹ve never stopped playing in one way or another, but the band reformed by

request for the 2001 Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations in Princes Street

gardens in Edinburgh.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work

and something bad about every one?

-Aha- many of these facts you require are of a highly confidential nature,

and are only held on file by the British government, suffice it to say, the

members of The Rezillos have families of ancient heritage, they have many

and varied interests and their work is akin to that of Satan himself. As for

something bad, well they are all utter swines, except for myself, -I am a

complete bastard.




Have you had many lineup changes in the group?

-There have been many changes over the many Moons of our existence and indeed

our non-existance, but there can only be five, and those five must

successfully combine at the correct point in space and time to form The Cult

of Rezillo.


You once was named Revillos, why did you change the name?

-Don¹t even start me on that one!


Is it more fun to play nowadays or was it more fun in the beginning?

-What is this “fun” you speak of? -The self gratification of indulgent group

enjoyment perhaps?

Although it can be more “fun” to be young, only The Ancient Ones can

understand the true meaning of “fun”, and the appreciation of it, the

seeking of it for it¹s own hedonistic sake and the sucking of it dry at each

and every opertunity in order to satiate their gluttony for it, for so it is

written: “If they did not think that the future held even more fun than has

already been had, then surely they would cease their activities and persue a

normal form of existance?”


You sing about Venus, Flying saucer attack and so on...have you ever

done any political song?

-The song “Cold Wars” prophesied the end of the Cold War between the

countries of The NATO Alliance and The Warsaw Pact, which terrified many of

this planets inhabitants for several decades after The Great Patriotic War

against the Axis forces of evil. The cessation of the threat of nuclear

hostilities between those great powers was in part brought about by ³spy

satellites² and ³orbiting weapons platforms² as referred to in the song, I

quote: ³The Satellites of doom, Orbit beyond The Moon, The comrades and the

free, Now face redundancy². Is this not now a political accepted fact.

The “Cold War” has now been replaced by “The War On Terror” so we are all

allowed to continue living in fear,  unfortunately I was not able to

prophesy this conflict in song.



Music and politics , does it goes hand in hand?

-Politics goes hand in hand with all things in life my good friend.


Best political band?

-ABBA, - tremble at the power of their message!


Many punkbands are political in some way, how does people take your


-Pah!! They speak of politics, they speak of anarchy, yet they would not get

off their arses to vote in an election, i¹ll wager.

The people take our lyrics as the deranged rantings of the seriously

disturbed, yet they like to sing along to the chorus¹.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-It is both insult and accolade, it is simultaneously pride and shame, it is

pink with one letter different, it is a good way to shut people up in the



Which is the most important punksong ever done?

-White Riot, because everybody wants a riot of their own, ...well I do



And the most important punkband except your band?

-The New York Dolls of course


Is there any good bands in England today?





What do you know about Sweden? What´s typical swedish?

-Even though we are decended from great Nordic warriors ourselves, we know

little of your country and its ways, We have visited your shores, We have

been to IKEA, We know of the greatness of ABBA, We hear of the fairness of

your maidens, The magnitude of your healthcare services and we marvel at

your love of wood, but otherwise things are a smorgasboard of enchanting



Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

-No,  ...well maybe ABBA


Have you ever been here and played? When will you come here the next


-I have played in Stockholm when I was a member of The Human League, The

Rezillos have played in Norway but not in Sweden, so we look forward to

visiting your lands one day.


I wanna be your man s one of your covers, have you done or do you

do any more covers right now?

-We started out doing covers, and we still like to do one or two. At the

moment we do Edwin Starrs “25 Miles” and The Velvet Undergrounds “White

Light White Heat”  -and, oh, we do like that.


Not any new songs on it´s way?

-Yes, we have several new songs, and several on the way.


New album soon?

-We wish, verily we wish


Which of your songs is the most frequent one?

-As in most played live or most performed in the media? well I would suspect

“Top Of The Pops²”would be played most frequently on the radio, and the

others as frequently as we perform.


Which of your songs is your own favourite?

-To have a favourite is to exalt one above all others, a true master cannot

do this to his children. As he must walk each and every step on the journey

to his destination, so he must love all his children equally or else he

cannot know the beauty and strength of their diversity, Grasshopper.


Please rank your five favourite concerts, five favourite records and

five most important things in life?

-Oh really,  ...must I?  how simply tiresome


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?



Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-“Can´t Stand The Rezillos”


Which type of audience comes to your concert?

-The old, the new, the borrowed, the blue. The wild, the free, the fast and

the furious. the lost and the found.


Where is the best place to play?

-Oh its all good ...well mostly it is.


Futureplans with the band?

-Shows, Records, Wild Parties, The Fellowship of The Rezillo. For this is our

way, this is our destiny, ...at least we hope so.


For yourself as a human being?

-To survive and flourish, like the wild orchid thriving in the desert as

others parch and crumble to dust around it, withering in the incessant heat

for which they have no defence,”No shade, no shade” they cry, “The heat, the

terrible heat...”. I remain therefore in the kitchen, I can stand the heat.

Well, failing that, just to have a good time and try to be nice to people I






Something to add?

-A calculator ?



Jo Callis November 2006