The history of Russian Prospekt 69 begins in 2006  and here is the rest of the history told to me in the beginning of june 2009. Vanmo answers the questions


-It was autumn of 2006 when two old friends ( Dryn and Pakha) who were playing in the group “Sistema” –  it is translated as system. They were tired of all the music they  did and decided to create a new project. As a vocalist they invited me – Vanmo.  In fact I hadn’t any practice in music  at all, but we tried and enjoyed it.  Than we found a guitarist and his name is Sania (ex. Kasatka). In February 2007 we made the demo that contained  5 songss, later it has rather small edition we made it on our own money without any help.  The 23th of April was the date of our first concert and  it was in one of the Moscow’s clubs. Later in the  summer  we  had a concert  record , but we left it in the internet and forgot about it… During the 2008 we were working on our first album. It was very slow and difficult there was lack of money. Everyone of us had financial troubles. This time we were also invited to participate in collections: ARRESTED IN RUSSIA TRIBUTE TO RANCID. Members: VanMo – vocal, Dryn- bass, Sania –guitar, Zmey- drums, Roga-guitar. In the end of the recording two guitarists decided to leave the group.  Our repetitions stopped and we had been drinking for a long time… when we finished thatwe decided to reorganize the group.  Dracon (ex. Est kak est) and Nixon (ex. Sistema) started to playing the guitars. We made a new concert program and in the same time “ THE BEST” was established.  We named it in honor  of the previous members of the group who participated in it’s recording. Our friends from Petrozavodsk (Karelia)- ‘’STREET  OF STORY RECORDS’’ helped us to edit this album. Now we are working on the split and sometimes play in Moscow clubs.


Please tell me about every member?

-The first members:  Pakha Voloshin 33, Dryn 27, they were working together in the trolleybus park. Earlier Pakha had played in NOISY DIABLO, LESBIAN BOY, SISTEMA and in the Otbrosy Obshestva ( transl. Society trash)  today he plays in the RAKETA BOY. Dryn had played in the SISTEMA. Sania and VanMo were 20 and 21 years. Today’s group:  Zmey-drums,  Dracon - guitar(ex. Est  kak est),  Nixon –guitar (ex. Sistema), Vanmo-vokal, Dryn-bass.


How is to play punk in Russia?

-It is rather difficult to play punk in Russia there are not so much clubs where unknown groups are welcomed and those who have names usually play with their own people.  Also we can’t forget about usual  fights after  the concerts (local citizens and fascists always try to remind about them).


Why do you sing in russian and not in english?

-We are singing in Russian cos its our native language and it is easer  to express  feelings and emotions  using this language,  for our main audience 15-19 years old young people  it is easier to understand.


What is punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Punk for us (I hope for all of us) it is not only music but it is an opportunity to express your point of view and to show people that you are disagree with some things that surround us. Probably its sounds fool but Punk is our way of life. We sure that it is wrong to visit a concert in something suitable and after that put it of  and forget…. You must be honest till the end the must kill faithless in himself.


What are your lyrics about?

-It’s a good question.  I will answer but it is only my point of view. I think that each group should choose that themes of their song which they want to. They can be about love or about drunken fights about their characters and their way of life. I try to mix social problems and my own experience.  It is not just common expressions it’s something that comes out from my soul.


Which is your most political song?

-I think we will write our political song. Today our songs are about the problems of the streets. 


Politics and music, does it goes hand in hand

-It is up to the person.  Someone plays music only for earning money or to become famous and a well known person it.  But there are those who want to share the ideas with audience.  For us politics is not in the first place, but we interested in what is happening in the world and in our country.


Which are the best political acts?

-Those who played in Europe:  What we feel  (Moscow), Distress ( Saint Petersburg).  Some time ago we got acquainted with the young group- Ideological fight from Nignii Novgorod they are politicized . There  are a lot of politicized groups in Petrozavodsk:  Unity of inferior, the Mink and so on.  From Moscow: Change the world without taking power. There are plenty of good groups in Russia the most famous are : Purgen, Distemper, Diagens, Tansilit…


How is it to live in Russia today? I mean politically?

-Today’s life of Russian citizens isn’t stable if we are talking about the economical crisis and our mass media keeping silence about it. In 90’s it was harder . But in every times there is something what we want to change even if the government tells that everything is fine.


Is it big differences between the rich and the poor?

-There always have been problems among classes and they will be. If we are talking about the sphere of the punk music  there are a lot of examples (without names) when members of groups tell from the stage that our life is very difficult and after the concert they get in the expensive car and it was bought by their parents.  Some of them criticizing our record and they are not afraid to stay without a piece of bread.  Or when “skinhead” who has tattoo – ‘’working class hero’’  sits in his office…  No comments.


Favouriteteam in football

-We are not interested in football.


Please describe your  music in three words?

-True, friendship, struggle.


How is the musiclife in your hometown?

-It is failure. There is only one band from our town is ‘’Isho-isho  ‘’ (pop-punk), our friends “Est kak est” and we. There is only 1 club but it is occupied with old rockers and half of them with right ideas.


What do you know about Sweden and music from here?

-Сertainly !!! Our drummer is a fan of Nasum!!! ‘’Refused’’ if I am not mistaken was a rather good band. Raised fist and a lot of crust, “d-beat’’ bands, Tragedy Mob-47 and ABBA of course)))


Have you done any more records than the one I have?

-Demo 2007, but we have no more copies. There were collections:  punk occupation Tribute to rancid – official, DIY – save forest.


New things like MY Space, facebook and so on, have it helped you anything?

-My space really helps us,  we met you. Face book – we don’t use it.


Have you been abroad and played?

-We hadn’t have any concerts abroad. The biggest cities we have visited is Petrozavodsk, Vologda, Cherepovets and Krasnogorsk  with our concerts.

How does your fans look like?

-It doesn’t matters how fan looks like, he must understand the sense of our music and texts


Which is your fans most wanted songs and which is your own favouritesong?

-The most favorite song  of our fans and friend it is: 4242. As for us we like all of them))


Are you doing any covers?

-Yes of course we were playing skit “Sick of it all” – Step down, also playing the song of the group “ Otbrosi obshestva” – Army will kill you


What is Prospekt 69?

-It is the address of our repetition base – Prospect drugbi 69. 69 is not a date or position))


Please tell me your favourite records?

-Each member  has it’s own 5 favorite songs and bands as for me from the very beginning till now tastes are changing.  Every one of us listen different music from industrial to emo , hard grind but there is no place fascism and other discriminations.


Is your label good?

-Our records have been done only for our own money and we don’t want to make money on them all the copies are on DIY distro our copies we distributed free.


What do you think about downloading and mp3?

-Person who lives in 100km from Moscow or further in fact can’t make a hold of our CD so if he has an opportunity to download our records from internet  we are happy for him. But we understand that there is a difference between the CD and downloads in quality. We also have heard a lot of your groups with a help of mp3s.


Futureplans for the band?

-We are going to record the split with  the group Voice of the protest from Karelia.



-It is necessary to live and don’t forget who you are


Something to add?

-Live as you want, cliché – trash. Thanks to Ylia Go ( Satana) who had translated this interview.