Dan Didier – Well, we started in 1995 in Milwaukee, WI. It started as sort of a thing to do over the summer and I guess we never stopped. We’ve released four records and a few singles and toured all over the world. It has been a good time.


Photo George Campos

I haven´t heard you before and Wood/water is the first thing I hear with you, you have done four more records how do they sound, are they tougher or what?

DD – Our past records are a lot more rocking than Wood/Water. I’m glad this is the first you are hearing of us. Our past records are good, but Wood/Water is the best.


I compare you to Soundtrack of our lives and Loosegoats from Sweden , do you know any of these bands?

-Yes, I have heard of these bands.


What other bands are you being compared too?

-I’m not sure.


Do you care about reviews?

-Only if they are good.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever got?

-They called our single Electric Pink, “Electric Stink”


What do you know about Sweden?

-Not much, but I think it is a beautiful country. I love going there and playing, well, not so much playing, but going there


Have you heard any bands from sweden worth to mention?

-ABBA and the Cardigans.


How is Anti records as a label, you´re on high priority there I know, how does it feels?

-It feels good that we are being treated so well. It makes all the hard times seem less hard.


Do you like Tom Waits who are on the label too?

-I love Tom Waits, I think the man is a genius.


Is there any good bands in USA right now?

-Too many to mention.


How did you react on the terrorist attack 11th of september, with anger or fear or what?

-Fear mostly. I remember sitting on my living room couch and seeing the buildings collapse. I was numb. I didn’t know how to react. I just couldn’t believe something like that was possible.


Have it changed your life anything?

-I think it changed everyones life in some way or another.


How would you describe your music with three word?

-Keep On Truckin’


Which sort of people are listening to you? Do you have any typical fans?

-I think all sorts of people listen to us. Drinkers. Heavy drinkers.


How is a good concert with you? Not so much stagediving or?

-A good concert is one where we all play well and the sound on stage is good. We don’t get much stagedving


Which is your strength as a liveband versus studioband?

-Hopefully we are good at both. I would like to stive more to be better at being a studio band. Recording is something I have always been into.


Which is the most peculiar thing which have happened on a concert with you, in the audience or on stage?

-On the tour that we opened for Bad Religion some one threw a picture of their baby and Santa Claus at us.


The new CD Wood/water is produced by Stephen Street which have produced bands like Smiths, Blur and Cranberries, have it made any change to your sound? Have he got you think in any other way than you´re use to do?

-He just fit in with what we wanted the record to sound like. Most of the songs were already finished. The ones that weren’t ready by the time we recorded were the ones he really helped us on. But, mostly I don’t think he made any drastic change to our sound that we didn’t make ourselves.


What do you like the bands I just said?

-I grew up listening to the Smiths. They are and will always be one of my all time favorites.


First, last and most expensive record you ever bought?

-Rolling Stones Tattoo You

Clinic newest one

Something on yellow vinyl in 1992


Photo :Steven Carty

Is it many interviews; is it boring?

There has been a lot of interviews this time around, but I don’t really mind them. Too much is too much though.


Which is the questions you never get but you really want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-What do you think the Bucks chances are of making the NBA finals?

Not good.


What do you think about the new way to commuincate with email and internet and all that?

-I love it. Technology 1, archaic times 0


Any favoruitesite?

- www.discovery.com


Which are your expectations on your new CD?

-All my expectations where already reached. I just wanted to put it out, so other than that I don’t really care.


What drives you to play music?

-Playing music better.


Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, family, interests and something bad about every one?

-Davey – 5’10” point guard from UW-Milwaukee

Ryan Weber – 5’11” center from Racine

Jason Gnewikow  - 5’ 9” small forward from DeForest

They are all great people.


Which are your futureplans as a human being?

-Open a small business in Milwaukee.


As a band?

-Release records.



-I’m not in love with you, but I won’t hold that against you.


Something more to add?

-Thank you.