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I was sitting on my work and listened to Peter Stormares record Dallerpöls... and after a while I found out that I liked it really much. It was something which touched me, There some Reeperbahn, there was punk and there was rock and much more. I went in to his website and sent him a question about an interview Did I gets urprised when he answered me on the questions I asked him. Now I´m looking foreward to his new record. Peter answered my questions in the end of january 2004.


I have understood that you always have been playing different instruments but the guitar became the favourite or? Have you been in any bands before this record? 

-I have played and with different bands but it has always was a hobby. Theatre and Film is my wife but music is my mistress. 


That you did the record, had something with Bono to do, or how was it?

-I have always written songs and some of them I´m really proud of. I think its fun with chords and words…to play foreward a lyric and a melody. I have been very near to do a record before but it haven´t been the right time to do it. Too big companies, to much “steering” from their side. I want to do my music in my way not how the A & R guys thinks it should sound or look like.

Bono who I worked with was a big inspiration to take my american 4trax-material into a higher level. To get confirmation is always a big inspiration.


Which reviews did it get?

Some people really liked it….but the most of the reviews is negative…and especially if you´re not 18 years and take part in a soapopera or something like that…or if you´re like me, a Swede which is living and work in Hollywood , so isn´t it good to come home to Sweden and give out a CD. You must keep yourself down and don´t cross any borders because then it´s disorder in the usual life. But what they write in the papers I don´t really care about..I continue doing things I love anyway, even if a reviewer don´t think I should. 


Do many people think that you have done this record only because of the fact that you´re a famous actor?  

- I don´t know…I don´t meet any swedes here except of my relatives when I´m home. But often when an actor do a record he sings Brel, Taube…things which really people like. I write everything myself..I don´t want to do any other people´s material…and I don´t choose songs because of the fact that they will come on the charts. But I´m proud that KELLY`S SÅNG came into the program Svensktoppens chart.


But did you pay everything yourself, the recording and so?

- No , I don´t pay everything myself...Universal and City-Music believes in my music and that thing I stand for. We will see if the next record is coming out there..we haven´t been talking each other together yet. I´m a really stubborn rascal, you know…  !


Why was it Universal who released it?

-Simply because that they´re good...


I can understand if you have got this question before, but the name Dallerpölsaoch Småfåglar (tremblingsausage and smallbirds) where does it come from?

- Dallerpölsa is an expression from Hälsingland there I´m born... and it feels like some anxiety in my chest, it sucks, trembling and I have hearing it since I was a child. That is the thing which was in your chest early on the saturdayevening before your had an idea of she would end up your relationship or show up with someone else…and then came the smallbirds in your chest…a play with words and pictures....


I grew up with the punk and I understand between the lines that you like it too, where is the power in it? 

- Nothing hits two guitars, bass and drums…straight lyrics and energy…an unique artform…not everyone succeeded….but some….wow...



-Ebba, Strindbergs, at home...Clash in the rest of the world...and Ramones early stuff


Can you rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

-Noooo....because of the fact that the five favouriterecords change every day in the year...UNG & KÅT, LONDON CALLING, WHITE ALBUM(Beatles) always there...but I can listen to JUSSI BJÖRLING or Japanese folkmusic....its´impossible….....

And it´s the same with concerts...many is forgotten….but EBBA...REEPERBAHN...KSMB hits both Stones and Bowie and so on.  

The five most important things can be as one…be yourself, go your own way, and trust in that you owe something unique, that you are you because of a special reason. Don´t give a damn about what other people try to make you do if you don´t want. Unique is every individual and unique shall you be


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

- Beatles White Album...Finlay Quay's latest...Bootlegs with Beatles


Are you buying much records?

- Sure!


I understand that you listens much to music, is it so that music suits different in different occasions or could you put on Ramones when you´re going to rest and Polynesian music when you’re pissed off

-Yeah, that right…music is always is my home…but due to my work I want calm music when I come home…and then it can be German Can or ... ASH-RA-TEMPLE....or polynesian childsongs


The group you have on the record, how did you get that together, was it a coincidence, or how did you get them together?

-I looked after a bassist and drummer here in LA. I looked at many bands ….but I fell for Johnny Bass and Matt Drums. Teddy zigzag came with us on tour because we needed a keyboardist. Micke Nord everyone wants or…and his geniality with everything from violin to slide is unique. And then I wanted to record in NORD-Studion in Stockholm. Legandary and one of the best in the world, as Nord himself. Micke East I met through contacts. A really enormous Swedish punkacademic which control everything. He loves punk as me but he loves stringquartets also. And then he is learned in school…he is a power in the studio, plays everything and he have an organisation ability which is eeded in a studio.

Harald Petterson have I worked with before. He did music to my theatres on Dramaten, Swedens nest on old folkmusicinstruments. Can all history and he is fantastic.    


To do one record isn´t so difficult, but are you going to continue with this?

-Yeah! Soon is my  SWÄNSKA HWISOR part 1 coming...part 2 is coming an half year after that and part 3 to Christmas. 


Have you done any English songs?

-A lot of, more than a lot of.


Jag står liksom utanför(I´m on the outside) is it something you only sing or what does the song about?

-I have always BEEN OUTSIDE…never been part of the things I see…it´s about me and all other jerks which can see the shit that other people pretend that they don´t see.

To be themselves you can say. 


The lyrics seems important to you and sometimes really poetic, how do you come up with a lyric like ”Ättestupan”(precipie)?

- Ättestupan is a place not so far away from where I grew up. Precipies is places which is all around the world, in different mythic and mystical forms.  As children we bicycled there and looked after som Vika-coprses or fragments of bones…we found some bones…and we thought it came from some old Viking which have been lft when the rest of the tribe should go somewhere else. They were Nomads(another good group) and the ones that didn´t have the energy to come with  them got

"left behind", That they put down people I don´t believe in that the old people could be left behind is surely right. The boens that we found was surely from a fox or bird but for us it was a really good fantasy.

And it´s an ode to Gustav Fröding(which surely many haven´t heard of), one of my favouritepoets. Read GRÅBERGS-SÅNGEN so can you see what real poets can…could in our country.


Who is the best lyric writer after you?

­-I don´t know…I read poets….not lyrics to songs......Bob Dylan, Springsteen, Lennon is three big and good english….in swedish it must be Dan Andersson or Per Lagerkvist for me..


The first song Ambrosia och Nektar reminds me about some early swedish new wave band, can you help me figure out which band I mean

-I don´t know…it´s a traditional instrument vevlira in the beginning and in the end…maybe Reeperbahn, but they never had any folkmusic in their music….Commande Musse Pigg , they were more difficult…I don´t really know…..ask your readers….


You only live in USA right now?



Do you hear any swedish music there?

-Cardigans, Hives, Soundtracks(after that Jonas Åkerlund have been playing them)...ABBA...RASMUS(everyone thinks they´re swedish) I miss that not Wannadies is been playing anymore here…favouriteband.


What is typical swedish, thinks people over there?

- Sex, Ingmar Bergman, sex and suicide. High taxes and free health care…yeah..but the times they´re a changing. We have still free teethhealthcare even if we must pay for it..we´re easy to hoax.  


Now a short question about your movies, which is the movie you like the most which you have been acting in?

-It´s always the last one which you´re working with in some odd way, so it must be CONSTANTINE which I work with right now. Impossible question actually.....


Can you find anything similar when we talk about music and movies?

- Yeah, of course…for that reasony ou see many of my workmates doing music. As an actor you must sing, dance…it gives you more work. Here in USA they´re really talented I must say…but that depends of the hard workingclimat, a good actor have often a artful hobby…if music is classified as art. For me it´s art anyway, from a chord on guitar to a whole symphonyorchestra. 


Have you played live with the band, how was the reaction then??

- Only a couple of times, because of the fact that the most of us is busy with other bands and I with the movies. The reaction….I was satisfied…and that is our manager too so everything is good


I don´t hope I took too much time from you and I really hope to hear some new record with you soon, promise me that? 

-It´s on it´s way…recorded in Prague during the summer …a lot of songs….Swedes, Americans and a bunch of local Czechs…..yeah, my friend…it sounds like nothing else…Part 1 is coming this spring.   .


Futureplans for yourself?

-Straight on only…american Cd is going to be released in the end of the spring…after the Swedish(which must been ready now) we mixes it right now…And some movies…..var luggen(as they said back in Hälsingland)



-Be yourself. Dare to stand ”a little outside”"


Something to add?

-No! Nothing special…except…what happened to the band Torsson?...






Swedish-born character actor Peter Stormare began his career on the stage, spending 11 years with the Royal National Theater of Sweden. In the mid '80s, Stormare began to appear in a handful of Swedish films, and soon made the jump to American cinema with the 1990 release of Awakenings.


13 Moons

Brothers Grimm

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Windtalkers, 2002

Bad Company, 2002

Million dollar hotel, 2001

Big Lebowski, The, 2001
Hamilton, 2001
Armageddon, 2001
Playing God, 1997
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The, 1997
Larmar och gör sig till, 1997 (TV)
Somewhere in the City, 1997
Ett Sorts Hades, 1996 (TV)
Fargo, 1996
Polygraphe, Le 1996
No Man's Land, 1994 (TV)
Fatale, 1992
Riflessi in un cielo scuro, 1991
Awakenings, 1990
Mälarpirater, 1987
Den Frusna leoparden, 1986
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