That Pernilla Andersson didnīt want to talk about her ”rockstar” in this interview was really obvious when it was done on the Luciaday 2007. But many other things was said just this day and here we get answers on other things.  


First of all, tell us about yourself?

-Iīm a musician who likes to go fishing and lives on a little island. I produce other peoples records as Svante Thuresson and I have toured a lot as a pianist on Di Leva tours.  


Have you been in any bands?

-No, Iīm a little bit of lonely wolf, have never been enjoying to be in a band.


Is it against you that you are together with a wellknown” rockstar” or does it help you? I donīt mean that you will take any advantages because of that but are people more interested?

-Next question...


How did it came up that you did this cover mini-CD? How did you take the choices on the songs?

 -It started as favour to a mate who printed t-shirts to the summer tour, hed id the t-shirts if I recorded a Twisted Sister song. It was really hard to find a good song, but in the end I decided to do Donīt let me down and that became so good that I did an Hellacopterssong and then I had 5 tracks which it was funny to release.  


How have people react on it?

-Very good.


What have you done before this record? How would you describe those records? Is it often this calm style?  

-I released my first record 1999, but it was more jazzy. 2000 came another odd record and 2004 it was more acoustic, similar to Tom Waits & Carol Ling. Baby Blue 2007 is more bluesy and no , it isnīt always this calm but it doesnīt sounds like Misfits either.  


When you play gigs….which typ of people comes to your concerts?  

-It comes everything from mature 30+, young girls and guys to bikers.  


Which people doesnīt come and which do you want to come?

-Everyone who read this zine and not have been to one of my concerts.


Where is it most fun to play?

-Clubs and smaller places where itīs more intimate and sweaty.


How would you describe your own music in three words?

-Fucking, fucking good :-)


To have an ususal name as Pernilla Andersson? Is it good or do you think that an artistname like Miss Li would be something for you?  

-I havenīt thought about that but it would feels really pissed off to release now when you have released 5 albums.  


You have worked with a lot of different artists, tell us about that?

-Yeah, we can take two of them,, Svante Thuresson and Thomas DiLeva, very different artists but both fucking funny to play with because they have such feelings how they will sound and how people will see them.


Which is your relation to punk....?

-I have a good relation to it,


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

-Tom Petty/ Full moon fever

 Ace Frehley / Ace Frehley

 Bob Dylan / Highway 61 revisited

 Carol King / Tapestry

 The Clash/ London Calling


 1.  Donīt judge yourself or any other to hard.

 2. Do the things you feel for, noone will ever thank you because you let yourself be spoked over.

 3. Live now

 4.  Be honest to yourself and other people even if itīs not always comfortable

 5.  Take care of nature, otherwise itīs going to hell


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-My first own record was Thriller with Michael Jackson, most expensive was surely Johnny Cash or Frank Sinatra Boxes. The lates trecord was a record with Irma Thomas.


Most embarrassing record in your collection?

-Vår julskinka har rymt, and single Werner och Werner.


How do you think it is to live in Sweden? Politically? Musically?

-If you comapre with many other countries I have toured so is Sweden fantastic, I hope that the mini.-USA tendencies disappear and that people understand that is fucking cool can go to hospital when they need it and that kids can go to school for free even if they donīt is named af Trolle in last name. The most important for the freedom is that it is so. And then it becomes as many other small countries, very scared and musically itīs much the same and when we speak about fashion but it is things that you must take


Whatīs the next record you will release?

-The next record is named Thugs & Heroes and I donīt know so much about it except that it doesnīt will sound as any other of my records, that will be boring.  


How do you see on Mp3 and downloading? Positive or negative for you?  

-I believe that you canīt stop the development but itīs a little bit sad that you canīt get paid for the things you do. But I think that the sentenceprinciple is a little bit odd, we must come to a solution which is right for everybody. Concert will always be there, so you have to play more live then.  ...


Is it something you do for yourself? And if you do in which purpose

-I download from I-tunes when Iīm interested in something new and want to check it out.  


Much interview? Is it boring?

-Interviews is fun if the questions is good.


Which is the question you never get but you want to have? Please ask it and answer it?  



Futureplans for the music?'

-Play, play, play, tour, tour, release new stuff, release new stuff.  


Futureplans for yourself?

 -Go more fishing, work lesser.


What do you want for christmas?

 -To get a salmon trout when Iīm fishing because I havenīt got anyone this autumn.



 -In ten years maybe..


  Something to add

  -Merry christmas