Peggy Lejonhjärta

Swedens pop or rockhope?


Some background


Peggy Lejonhjärta is a new group which plays rock or pop as they want to say themselves. Johan is a member of Hovet(Winnerbäcks group) and I think they sound like a mix of Kent and Eldkvarn but here does Torbjörn Nilsson(drumemr) on my questions mixed with some quotations from other members in the group. This was done on 1st of September 2004.


Eldkvarn, Kent or Springsteen?


Please tell me about every member , age, work, and something horrible about every member?

-- We plays music and we have never done anything wrong in our lifes. 


I compare you as a mix of Eldkvarn and Kent with a touch of Springsteen? Comment?

-- That thing with comparions is really difficult . Kent was really good somewhere 1994 and Springsteen have been changed to be a warraging patriot and Eldkvarn is a band which travels round and sing in churches. But a band which is really good now is Lo-Fi-Fnk.


It´s Henrik who does the most of the lyrics, his lyrics is a little bit different, not so direct precisely, what does he got inspiration of? 

-- Our lyrics and music is inspired of life and death.


To sing in swedish is a little bit sensitive, it can easy be a swedishchartfeeling on it, how do you avoid that?

-- Swedishchart is Swedishchart. But we liked Kent Finell better.


Thåström asked for us.


Dust Music, how does it work? No bigger label who was interested?

-- When Thåströms label Dust Music is asking for us it´s difficult to say no. It have both good and bad things to be on a smaller label but til today the punklegend have showed us to be a really nice recordlabelboss.


Viskningar och Rop(Whisperings and shouts), it´s a Ingmar Bergman movie sin´t it, why the name on the record? The name of the group where does it come from?

-- The record is named the way it is because it´s named so. Whisperings and shouts. A little bit sweetness, some fear. And then Bergman is always Bergman. Even if we in the band always have like the middleagecomedy  "Sjunde inseglet" better.


If I say that you´re one of Swedens biggest rockhopes? 

-- One of Swedens biggest rockhopes can stand for you. But we have always seen ourselves as a popband


What do you like to live in Sweden? What´s the best and what´s the worst of living here?

-- Sweden is only fun when J-O Waldner plays tabletennis.


If you get asked to be on a tributerecord to some artist you like or to be on a supportrecord to something you believe in? Would you do it?

-- Shall we be on a tributerecord it would be to Beach Boys or Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Please rank your five favoruiterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

-- We can´t actually be as one and do a helt överens är vi om att ”Det blir alltid värre framåt natten” with Björn Skifs is this weeks song. The only possible challenger is ”Aldrig min vän”, Doris translation of Associations ”Never my love”.


The logo look like Public Image Ltds logo.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-- We have never bought a record together but Torbjörn have spend a fortune on Springsteenbootlegs through the years..


The most embarrasing record in your collection?

-- There is no embarrassing record in someones collection. The most embarrassing  is to think that records can be embarrasing. 


Your logo is really similar to PILs(Johnny Rottens old group) logo, is it anything that you have thought about or you don´t maybe know who they are?

-- Our logo is maybe similar to PIL:s but we´re not so smiliar to Johnny Rotten, and that we´re really satisfied with.


Futureplans for the band?

-- In the future we will play music and Jonne wants to say that we will do good records too. And that we´re going to have fun


Something to add?

-- No Peter,we have nothing more to say. This is our answers and we hope that you can write a beautiful thing with this material. Hi!.