Former Yugoslavia had some good bands and this band have been active for a long time. I did an interview with them in February 2009.

-The band was formed in 1984 and after a few changes of band members we started with serious playing in 1985.
In that bands formation: STAK – drums;PATO – voice;VLADIMIR – guitar i FRITZ – bass we recorded the first demo”REVENGE”.
After certain band members were required to go in the fucking army ,in 1987 the bands first phase was done.
Vladimir played in various hcpunk bands until 1995, when he decide with his friend Aljo to form the band again because there was a big vacum in the scene regarding HCPunk.
They already had in mind that there were people with the same musical distaste and the new line up:
ČOMO – drums;IVICA – voice;TIBEC - guitarVLADIMIR – guitar i ALJO – bass was ready for the second phase of the band.
After a while of playing we released our 2nd demo. We had several gigs until the drum player Čomo ,due to his state of unemployment,leaved the band.After a long search for a drummer ,the new line up was: OLEG – drums;IVICA – voice;TIBEC - guitarVLADIMIR – guitar i ALJO – bass and the third phase of the band started. With this line up we recorded our first CD.
In the summer of 2006 Tibec left the band and after a long break we found a new guitar player-Hrvoje (ex Megabitch).In february of 2008 we recorded material for the second CD which was out in march 2008.
In the summer of 2008 IVICA left the band ,so now the line up is OLEG – drums ; Hrvoje – lead guitar ; Aljo – bass,voice ; Vladimir – guitar,voice

You have been on the road for a long time, have it been many line up changes?
-Yes ,and now the only member from the first line up is Vladimir.

How is it to play this sort of music in Croatia?
-Its OK ,its the same like in every country in Europe.

What΄s the difference of playing nowadays if you compare with back in time?
-Nowadays you have much more possibilities for recording something and for playing somewhere ,everything is much easier to do ,but the people ,back in those days ,were much ,let's say,heartier.

I only remember one old Yugoslavian band U.B.R. have you heard them? Is it any old bands that you like?
-There were many ,many of really good bands ,U.B.R. was one of them ,among others we like are:
Motus ,Odpadki Civilizacije ,Solunski Front ,Stres D.A. ,III Kategorija ,Nekrofilija ,Blitzkrieg
, 2 Minuta Mržnje ,Mentalni Nered ,Progress ,Proces ,Epidemija ,Patareni ,S.O.R. etc.

Is there any good bands in this style in Croatia today?
-Today a lot of bands here play hardcore punk ,but the only band that we can remember now ,let's say, is Motus.

How is it to live in Croatia today? Politically?
-The economical situation is hard because a bunch of incapable idiots are leading the state.

When the war was going on in your countries, what happened, why did it became a war?
-It's a too long,sad and complicated story but in short ,here's our opinion:Croatia was one of the richest countries from exYugoslavia ,and Serbia don't wanted to let Croatia leave the federation peacefully ,they wanted to force Croatia not to leave the federation and attacked , so Croatia was forced to defend the country. Swarms of primitive people helped the situation outgrow in a very bloody war.

You sing both in your own language and in english and in italian(isn΄t it in the song Ali)? Why all these languages?
-Yes ,you're right ,we have a few song in english and italian (Noia ,Euforia ,Ali)., We listen/like a lot of Italian bands (we live one hour driving from the Italian border),so we sometimes do the lyrics in Italian ,and some songs that we make just must be singed in italian to express themselves better.

Your lyrics can be heard really much, was that a choice you did to produce your music this way?
-Yes it was our choice ,because we want our lyrics to be heard not only to be something unintelligible that follows the music.

You do a "song" of Charles Bukowski too, how come?
-We all like Bukowski's books ,and we always wanted to set to music something from his work
,so we all agreed "Hello ,how are you?" is a perfect poem to do that.

Music and politics does it goes hand in hand?
-Life is politic ,so yes.

The best political artist?
-V: Eu's Arse
O:Oi Polloi
H:Dead Kennedys

What do you know about Sweden?
-Apart that Sweden gave a lot of god bands at the right time , Sweden is a kingdom on the scandinavian peninsula ,has one of the world's highest living standards and it's very cold there ;).

Have you hear any good bands from Sweden?
-A lot of bands that we like come from Sweden:
ABBA ,Mob 47 ,Crude SS ,Anti Cimex ,Asta Kask ,D.T.A.L. ,Avskum ,Bristles ,No Security ,Huvudtvatt ,The Past ,Puke ,Raped Teenagers ,Sotlimpa ,Totalitar ,Svart Sno ,Fear of War ,Moderat Likvidation ,Puke ,Rovsvet and many more.

Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts?
-We don't like to rank favourite bands ,lp's ,gigs etc. because there will never be only one best or one on the top ,there's too many good stuff ,but we'll try:
V: Records:
RKL – Keep laughing
Eu's Arse – Split EP with Impact
C.C.M. - Furious Party
Upset Noise – Vi Odio
Terveet Kadet – Aareton Joulu
The Partisans
Chaos UK

A: Records:
RKL – R'N'R nightmare
C.F.A. 1st Ep
Svart Framtid Ep
Action – Action Lp
NoFx – S&M airlines
Trijo Porcodijo

RKL – Keep laughing
Hiatus - Way Of Doom
Driller Killer - Brutalize
Verbal Abuse – .....American band
Bolesno Grinje - split with Mercenary Cockroach
Sin Dios
D.J. & the Wootchyak

H: Records:
Slayer - Undisputed Attitude
Minor Threat - Discography
Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit
Black Flag - Damaged
No Means No - Wrong
Hard Ons

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-O: First: Srebrena Krila /Punk:GBH
Most expensive: I dont buy expensive records
Last: Driller Killer – Cold,Cheap & Disconected

V: First: Suzie Quattro – Story /Punk:Clash
Most expensive: I dont buy expensive records
Last: Inferno - Discography

A: First:Novi Fosili /Punk:Ljubljana HardCore
Most expensive: I dont buy expensive records
Last: Los Crudos – Discography

H: First: Idoli /Punk:Pekinška Patka – Plitka Poezija
Most expensive: I dont buy expensive records
Last: Ministry – Rio Grande Blood

How do you see on downloading and mp3? You let people download your album , why?
-We approve very much mp3 downloading ,today's people are very lazy ,so you have to give them the easiest way to get your music. Many more people will hear what you play and what you have to say when its free.

Is it good or bad for small bands with mp3 and downloading?
-We think it can only be good ,because ,like we said before ,the bands can get a bigger audience.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring?
-No , we don’t get many interviews ,and no ,it's not boring.

Have you been outside Croatia and played?
-Yes , we played gigs in Italy and Slovenia

How does your audience look like, what is a typical Pasmaters-fans?
-On our gigs are many different kind of people ,mostly punx ,typical fans are all people who like oldschool hcpunk.

Futureplans for the band?
-We are preparing new material for the third CD.

-Evolution not revolution ;)

Something to add?

A – Aljo
H – Hrvoje
V – Vladimir
O – Oleg