History? Why did you ”old people” to play? Please tell us about all old bands you have been in?


Bands we have been in:

EGO.T: Nasty Boys,Avfall,Sellbergs,Suicide Pact,Chinese Takeaway

ZÄTA: Reklamation,Bombhot,Lobotomi,Spiegel,Monument,Venus in furs,Senile City,King Dong,The Brax

MICKE: Gitarrslaktarna,Cellskräck,Tom Pop,Hellmoppers,Love Scuds

ERIK: Homeland,The Odds,Send No Flowers,The Destitutes,Mismates


I read in an old interview(very old) with Alien Beat that Katti got fired, why?

-Yeah Peter.....Why you read an old interview is a riddle for us!(HAHAHA


What do you think about punk today, what´s the difference if you comapre with back in time?



What do you think about the thing they/we do in Gothenburg which is called Swedish Punk 25 years? Is it fun or is it pathetique

-"Turning rebellion into money....."


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or?

-For the most people it´s only a word nowadays..


Isn´t it a little bit unfair that today´s punks don´t chock anyone anymore, but back in time it was enough to cut your hair short  to make people upset, what´s your advice to young punks to upset people?



What´s your advice to young people who wants to start a band, what shall they think of?

-DON´T THINK, IT´S ONLY TO DO IT, don´t giove a shit about what people says!!!


Is it more fun to play punkrock nowadays or was it more fun before?

-Same-same but different....


No new records on it´s way from you after the 5 song superb record? Have you some new songs coming?

-A new fullength is on it´s way…maybe in the autumn?….we have some new songs which we´re going to record in the summer…....


How was the critic against the record or maybe I will say how was the reviews on it?

- We have only got good criticism!


Do you care about reviews?

-NOO!....it´s nothinh which we care about, not how we play or how we sound......HATE US OR HYPE US....WE DON´T GIVE A SHIT!!!


Whihc is the peculiar you have got? Not only with Part Time Posers?

- Zäta have got Bingolotter in his basscover, we other was astounding.....!



Which is the most peculiar which have happened ?

- When Ego.T was on tour with his last band Chinese Take away, so it was a goat which came up on stage and pissed on his drumkit….on a gig in south-east Germany


What drives you to play music?

- We was thinking of playing football….but it´s more chicks in the musicstyle ;-)


Please tell me a little about every member, age famil, work and something bad about every one?

- We take the private out of here.....

MICKE gave awayJohnny Rottens "Destroy-T-shirt" to a girl which he was in love with…without “coming in”…....!!!!

ZÄTA: I have been to a concert with Lili&Sussie.2 times .

EGO.T: I have always been the one that hear things after everybody else…but to lie in a toilet filled with alcohol in Gamla Stan was a hit…..it´s much more nice in some of Stockholms drunkcells….it´s nice to be drunk but it´s not fun to loose control over the drinking. BEWARE KIDS!!!

ERIK:I blead every time we play....


Who came up with the superb name Part Time Posers?

- It was me!!! (Ego.T.)


Is there any good bands in Sweden right now? Outside Sweden?



Which was your favourites back in time?

- Kiss,Alice Cooper,Suzi Quattro,Runaways,Bowie,Sweet......Ego.T. and Zäta isn´t so keen to Kiss


Pleaser rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?

- Favourite records:Ziggy Stardust(Bowie),Never Mind The Bollocks(Sex Pistols),Joshua Tree(U2),Sticky Fingers(Rolling Stones),Damned damned damned(Damned)

Favoruiteconcerts: Sex Pistols in Kåren -77,Ebba Grön in musikverket 4/4-80,Black Sabbath Globen-99,Part-Time Posers in Club Clampers 30/4 -2003!!!


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

- ZÄTA:First:Sweet-Ballroom blitz 7",Most expensive:Nån U2 bootleg för 1000.-,Latest:Johnny Cash.

EGO.T: First: Suzi Quattro-Golden Hits,Dyraste:Damned-Neat Neat Neat(Japan press) and I don´t say how much it cost because then the punkpolice come to me and say what is political correct.. :-) ,The latest:Buzzcocks-Buzzcocks(Their new CD)

ERIK:First: Bowie-Pin Up,Dyraste:Blondie-Paralell lines(Picture Disc),Senaste: En 7" med Nancy Sinatra och Dean Martin,

Micke: Första:Bowie Diamond dogs,Dyraste: En Ramones bootleg, Senaste:En MOD-Samling från -65



How is it to live in Sweden today?

-We can stand it..


Are you involved in political things, EMU and so on or do you don´t care about it with Reclaim The streets and all that?

-We don´t say anything as a band , we four individual people.


If someone ask you to be playing in a political gig, or for a footballteam or similar, can you thinking of doing that?

- No fucking partypolitics    What-so-ever!!!


How is a good gig with you? How does an average fan look like?

- We have a very broad public and a good gig with us is a short and intensive and that Ego T will have his best guitar. 


Futureplans for the band?

Maybe some gigs down in Germany.


And for yourself?

-.....fuck...isn´t it a liitle bit boring and old with plans?



- Don´t forget to pee before you go to bed!!!!!!


Something to add?