Italian power!!!

This italian group wrote in my guestbook and then after that they sent me their record which is a really good hard emostyled punkrockrecord. Luca from the groupw as kind to answer my questions in the middle of february 2004



-This project started in the 2000, four people with the passion for the punk HC music and everything there is behind this scene. The first sound was punk(Face to Face style), we had some problems with the bass players(Nadir is giving a hand now playing bass with us but we had 4 others bass players before that which we had to change for different reasons) and all these changes of line up made us lose a lot of time! We went to a studio in 2002 to record a miniCD, 4 songs recorded by Grunt at Malibł studio in Milan. We gave some songs to punk HC compilations. We kept on playing gigs around and in 2003 we decided to come back to studio to record our first album! We went to the Avatara studio this time but once again with Grunt! 10 songs for a cd that we decided to call "neverending". Goodwill Records contacted us to produce our work! After some problems with printing the album was finally released at the end of the year! Now we have new songs and hope to come back to studio soon! for now we are playing around to promote the CD! Line Up: Luca Vocals - Edoardo Drums - Stefano Guitar and backing vocals - Lello Guitar - Nadir Bass


Please tell me a little about the members , age, family, work, interests and something bad and secret about every one?

-Ok! I'm Luca (vocals) 27 years old and  a Graphic designer , Edoardo

(Drums) 22 years old and a student, Marcello (guitar) 27 years old and a web designer, Stefano (guitar and backing vocals) 24 years old and  another student,Nadir(Bass) 23 years old and a graphic designer!

We have common interests: travel, music, football (Nadir hates football ah ah) and to party! Bad and secret things: Me and Nadir are vegetarians so the others hate to have dinner with us coz we always decide what to cook! Edo is one of the most laziest people that I have never met! Stefano is a ball breaker and Lello pretends to be the lover of a Velina! Nothing so strange as to go in  a gossip magazine eh eh


Out of reach for who? I mean what do you mean with the name?

-Luca: We liked the sound of the name and even the idea of something that is hard to get,maybe it's not for everybody, like punk HC music should be coz it's something that you have to feel!


You sing in English, no thoughts about singing in Italian?

-Luca: We have always sang in English coz we think that it sounds better, surely it would be easier to write the lyrics in Italian but we like it this way.


Many other bands in Italy who plays punk plays more hardcore and so on, why don“t you do that?

-Luca: Coz we like to be melodic and I think that we can play that kind of music better.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Emotive, melodic and true


I have Husker Du as a band which you must like, which other bands are you being compared to?

-Luca: Someone already compared us to Husker Du but a lot of people think that we are a mix between Face to Face, Osker, Thursday and other bands! As you heard on our cd all the songs are pretty different! We like to mix different sounds! We all listen to different kind of music! We try to combine melodic hardcore with emo, punkrock and others!


Do you understand that reviews often compare bands with other bands or are you being mad due to that fact?

-It's always an honour to be compared to great bands


How have the reviews been on your new CD?

-Luca: I just heard a couple, coz it's our label that is sending stuff for reviews, but they are very positive and we are happy for that! It's nice to hear positive comment, especially from foreigners people coz you have an opinion from different cultures


Do you care about reviews?

-Luca: Yep It's important to know what people say about your work (not only in music but in life) coz there's always something new to learn!


Which are the most peculiar review you ever have got?

-Luca: Nothing so peculiar.


If you could choose five bands from now and from the past to have a big concert with Out of Reach, which five bands would you choose? One each

-Luca: Good Riddance , Edo: Face to Face, Lello: Shelter, Stefano: Strung Out


How is a good concert with you?

-Luca: It's very important for us to play well at a concert! I Think that it's something that the people who came there deserve! In every place and every situation even when there is only people 10 people!


How does a fan to Out of reach look like?

-Luca: like normal people! The Punk HC scene in Milan is pretty good! Different kind of people listen to punk HC now so we see students, punkers, skaters and other kind of people at our gigs! A good mix!


What do you know about Sweden? What is typically Swedish?

-Luca: I know Sweden coz I was there 2 years ago (I am going back there on April) and I have friends there! I love your country and I don't say that just because this zine is Swedish but because it is a Fantastic country with a very good life style and is very relaxing (the bridge in the pix on the cover of our cd is the bridge between Sweden and Denmark)! Something typically Swedish? Let me think! The elk (fantastic animal) IKEA (ah ah) the kindness of the people and the girls are very nice but not just for their beauty (I know they are very pretty) but they are also more friendly, the girls in Italy are often snobbish and I really hate that!


Have you heard any good Swedish bands?

-Luca: I like Satanic Surfers and Section 8 and the labels there are great! The Swedish punk/Hc scene is really cool! More alternative than American mainstream!


Is there any good band sin Italy right now?

-Luca: Yep we like Minnie's and Psycholidayproject, very good bands and very good friends!


Do you like football, which team do you support?

-Luca: we like football, we are are supporters of Inter Milan (we still remember the match with Malmo eh eh) only Edo (the black fucking cheap eh eh) is a supporter of AC Milan so a big derby for us!


Why is football so important in Italy?

-Luca: I don't know! It's something that you start to follow when you are a kid, you make a choice that you can never change, it's something that give emotions and everybody can talk about all day! The other supporters only wait for the moment that they can slag you when your team loses! Italian mentality!


Sweden are going to meet Italy in this years European Championship, how does it go?

-Luca: I know that the others will hate me but I will support Sweden, I have already bought a Swedish football shirt eh eh! I can't support a team where there are players of AC Milan and Juventus!! It's stronger than me! Stefano hates to watch the matches with me! He becomes so nervous when Italy loses! Last world cup he wanted to kill me!


Can you think of being on a tribute to something you believe in,something political, or a football team you support?

-I don't know! I should think about that when I'm writing a new song!


Please rank your five favourite records, five best concerts and five most important things in life? Ok one each

-Records: Luca: A comprhensive guide for a moder rebellion (Good Riddance)

Lello: Mantra (Shelter) - Stefano: the ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen) -

Edo: Ignorance is bliss (Face to Face)

Concerts: Luca: Good riddance + 88 fingers Louie, Lello: Pearl Jam, Stefano:Bruce Springsteen, Edo: Shelter + Minnie's

Things: Love , friendship, family, honesty and unselfishness


Which is the latest, the first and the most expensive record you ever have bought?

-Luca: The latest (Shades Apart - Seeing Things) the first (Metallica - Kill'em all) the most expensive  (the best of The Smiths)

Lello: the latest (4 way split PHP, Wendigo, Happy Noise, Rifiuti) the first ( I can't remember) the most expensive (Jamiroquai - funk odissy)

Stefano: The latest (Seed'n'Feed - Modulo 25) the first (Gin Blossoms) the most expensive  (Bruce Springsteen - Tracks)

Edo: The latest (Boys set fire - After eulogy) the first (Descendents - everything sux) the most expensive  (Bon Jovi)


How is it to live in Italy today and then I mean politically? Is it many things to being angry at so you can write better lyrics?

-Luca: Italy is a good country to live in, I like it, the problem with Italian people is that lots of people here think they are   craftier than others especially the so called "important" people and the politicians! About politics. I always thought that the politicians do their own business and the "common" people pay for it!


When you do a song, which is most important, is it to have a good

lyric,a good melody or to have a refrain that people remember?

-Luca: Melody and Lyrics are very important but we only can hope that people will remember our songs! We never write something thinking what the people want! It wouldn't be correct with ourselves.


You wrote something in my guestbook, how did you find out about my zine Skrutt?

-Luca: As I told you, I like Sweden and the Swedish punk Hc scene so I was looking for some news about that on internet! Websites, forum and other stuff.


Is it many interviews? is it boring?

-Luca: No way! You pay a lot of money for this kind of publicity! Ah ah! only joking, these questions are good!


Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-Luca: Who is the best in the band? It's me! Ah ah


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-Punk HC is an attitude! Do it yourself (like IKEA ah ah)! Work hard to do what you like!


Future plans for the band?

-Luca: We are planning a tour for the summer maybe something in Europe but we have to see, and we have new songs, so we see what our label want to do!

I'd like to make a Split CD with a foreign band! Any Swedish band interested?


For yourself?

-Luca: Come to Sweden in April eh eh



-Luca: Do always what you think is right


Something more to add?

-Luca: Thanx  a lot for this interview and for the good questions! What else can I say? Hello to my Swedish friends Emma, Magda, Cristine and Henrick and thanx to Dario Adamic (Goodwill Records)ah ok Our irish friend is here so I have to say this: Keith is the best looking irish man in the world even better looking than Colin Farrell! are you happy Keith now??