Outbreak is a gang which really knocked me one day when I got their mini CD in the end of october 2002.


History? Outbreak was grounded for about 10 years on from the group No Hot Ashes. After some demos we put pout the mini CD "Break the Pattern"  (KMS Records 1995) and the music began to be spread oputside eskilstuna. 1996 we "Outbreak vs. Carnated" (Keep it Up/Eternity 1996) – a split single with our friends in Carnated. The time went on and it began to be more and more gigs out in the country and after a tour with Shellfire I(Berra) began as a guitarist instead of Rikard Nyman- and all the other members have been with us since the start. 1999 "the Outbreak e.p." came out (Monstera Music 1999) and we toured Scandinavia together with danish lack and Complete. And after that we went to England together with Carnated and recorded "A part of this machinery" (Rockstar Records 2001late autumn year 2000 – a mini-cd which have got very good response in many papers and zines around the world. During 2001 we toured Germany and we have not som many ”APOTM” left. The record was released in North America and Australia and it got very good response there too, which was very fun. We began to write new songs and after a tour on the continent together with The Ghoulies we went into studio the summer 2002 and recorded our debutalbum. Itīs finally recorded right now(november 2002) but we have no name yet for the record. Our plans is that it will be out january 2003 and when we wait for that we play a little in Sweden and Norway. Til the spring we have planned a lkittle longer tour with the new record in our back, thatīs it…


Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, family, interests and something bad about every one? -Kalle Lundgren drums 24 years old, plays also in Carnated. He works a sbooking manager on his own company Monstera in Gothenburg. Likes to ride trains, party and go to nice clubs. Is together with Nina, which lives in Örebor. Kalle is the member who is getting the biggest hangover and he looks like Black-Petters pal Borstis when he have the hangover. Daniel Sultan – guitar 24 years , he have a sideproject with Ljungman and some other Eskilstunaguys. He works as a postman. He likes to live rapid motion lifestyle, tattoos and to eat food. Lives together with his girlfriend Ellen and their cat leia Sulla. He is the bands raggare and he have tried to sell his car but havenīt succeed for a long time . Andreas Ljungman - bass 24 years, plays bass in the unknown band Sultan. He works with things soemtimes, likes movies, TV-games and to go to afterparty and he lives together with his girlfriend Anna. Ljungman is the guy who sprayed teargas in my eyes and he NEVER have any money.  Peter Gustavsson - vocals? 24 years, no other band. He likes beer, football and heavy metal. He lives together with his girlfriend Jeanette . I donīt dare saying something about Peter because then I get a lot of shit from him. But he canīt drink too much.  Berra Berthagen- guitar, 22 years- have a rockband in karlstad. Student. Likes to travel between swedish cities to find the perfect evening. Lives together with his girlfriend Jennie. I got a lot of shit because Iīm the thickest in the band amd the other ones laughs at me when I have my glasses on.


How is it to live in Eskilstuna? Other good bands there?  -We lives in different cities. I live in Karlstad, kalle in Gothenburg and the other ones lives in Eskilstuna. But Eskilstuna is a good city, the musiclife is young and many different styles on the music. Bands like Carnated, The sound o.e., Traktor, Jettie and Auster do us happy and gives us ”local” inspiration , everybody knows everybody.


Any good bands in Sweden? -Thereīs many. All in Outbreak have very varied musictaste but some band as we all is In Flames, Entombed, Hellacopters, Kent, Daybreak and Nine to mention some.


Your style isnīt so big in Sweden right now, is it a better time for you out in foregin countries?  -No, right now, itīs not the type of music which is played in kids stereos-but we can satisfy many different listeners by the fact that we mix many different styles in our music. But of course- our music is going better outside Sweden - "A part of this machinery" have sold much on the continet and in Australia.


 Describe your music in three words?  -Melodic angry hardcorerock


Why this style of music? Angry music, is it a chance to get out your aggrevisity  -Weīre not so angry but when the boys started the band some years ago and then they was more angry than now. If I see to myself I started to listen to this music and itw asnīt not only for the music- it was more unity in the HC-scene at that time and the positive things was so good for me. But of course it was a really good thing to let things come out on stage and that have maybe saved us from be fighting and those things in the evenings. But weīre as i said nice boys who likes to have fun and like this sort of music.


I think you donīt sound excactly like other similar groups because you have some melody in your songs, comment? - I agree J we try to do our own race and we take influences from many other groups. The melodies is a big part of our music and if theyīre used in the right way it can lift up the music a little.


Which bands are you being compared with in reviews?  -Refused and Abhinanda is the bands we have been compared to the most and itīs flattering-  vene iuf thatīs no bands we choose to compare our music to but I think myself that itīs difficult to categorise our own music but of course weīre influenced by things we hear.


Do you care about reviews? -I see reviews as ”a good evil” or what to say. You must understand the reviewers backrgound and his musical values to understand why he/she writes so. An objective description is always good- I donīt think any reviewer have the right to say that something is shit ( which can depends that the reviewer donīt have any check at all on that sort of music? – then I think that itīs better that they donīt review the record at all.. We have had luck with our reviews and I hope it depends on the fact that we do good music. I think itīs a shame that a guy like Per Bjurman(nothing about him as a person) can decide what the swedish people should think whatīs good music..


Which is the most peculiar you have read?  -No idea, but Close Up and Randyīs statements about Stoned some years ago I laugh at- if they hated Stoned so much why bother listening to them. Let them be instead.


How is a good concert with you?  -Much audience, good sound and a good atmosphere and much slamdance. Itīs often better atmosphere on the gigs in europé but thereīs cities in sweden where it feels like itīs 1996- when the hardcore scene was big and thatīs fucking fun. Itīs to iften people stand and wait for anoyone is going to begin moving. One of our best gigs is as a supportband to Against All Authorities on The Underworld in London (2000) – much audience and very good response. Other gigs I value high is our gigs in berlin 01/02 , Sommarens sista suck -01, Augustibuller -02, Passau -02 and Karlstad -01. Itīs many memories which is very good, but I donīt want to bore you... *s*


How does you audience look like?  -It depends where we play-and if thereīs a limit on the age. But itīs often more fun to play on place where theré mostly kids than on a club. Because the kids have the guts to move their asses a little bit more. In Sweden more metal/heavymetalpeople begin to be interested which we think itīs fun. But toherwise its more HC-kids and punks which are the most common type in the audience. Outside Sweden itīs more mixed.


You have/had contract with a german label and whatīs up for the fullength? -Rockstar records heard our older material and they keep in touch when we have recorded "A part of this machinery". We liked each other and the record is almost sold out. The fullength is released by Rockstar Records (D) andh Trial and Error (Aus). Sand right now it seems like the record is going to be distributed by Dogbreath Records in Sweden. The record is going to have 10 or 11 songs and itīs recorded in EAR Studios in Uppsala.


How does the fullength sound, is it the same style?  -We have calmed down a little. And we have been inspired a little more from our heavymetal background. The mix of meldoies and aggrevisity is there but in a little rockier sound. We have tried to devolope a little but now itīs up to our listeners to say their opinion... :-)


I saw a program about a middleaged skinhead some yars ago from Eskilstuna which seemed to be totally lost ,what about him? -I presume you mean Kent Hägglund. I donīt know what happened to this man or his mates. I havenīt got so much interest init either but many people remembers that program. Many of the so called nazists have gone underground..


How about racism in Eskilstuna, what do you think about Sveigedmokraterna(Swedish fascist party)? -The gap between poor and rich in Eskilstuna have been bigger and that makes more racism. Many small racists hides behind the finer barricades. Personally I think that the racism is going to be bigger , itīs something we see in the rest of Europé. We must show them that theyīre wrong- that you canīt judge people from where they come from or how they look like or which colour they have, people who belives in that is totally lost in their head. Sverigedemokraterna and their organisation have nothing with democracy and justice to do. Racism is built on not knowing things and egosim and thatīs Sverigedemokraterna a sign on.


When you write lyrics, what inspires you?  -The life and their adventure. Our mates gives us inspiration and many songs is about things we have done together with them. But many happenings is influence our writing of course – we donīt write about politics so often even if I have wrote a political song on the new record.


Which is most important when you do songs, is it the lyrics, the melody or to have a refrain that people remember?  -Itīs a little bit different. On the new record we have some songs with ”real” refrains. Earlier we have never wrote any songs with the classic lyrics/refrain/lyrics/refrian/stick double refrain order. That have we done now and we wanted to see if it was OK with our music -  but I think Iīm prefer to do the other way to get a not so common song and donīt give a shit about ”the rules”. But our music is typical melodic and then the answer must be ,music which swings, rocks and be melodic.


Which or who is the best lyric write?  -Hmm. It must be Turbonegro. or N.W.A. maybe. Difficult question...


Can a song be good even if itīs have a bad lyric?  -Yeah I think so, because I mostlly listen to the But if you think the other way- a good song will be even better with a good lyric.


Please rank your five best record, five best concerts and five most important things in life?  -Records 1. Guns N' Roses - everything 2. Entombed - Uprising 3. Turbonegro - Apocalypse dudes 4. Refused - Songs to fan the flames of discontent 5. Weezer - Pinkerton  Concerts .1. Guns N' Roses - stadion 1993 2. Slash's Snakepit – the club 2000 3. Turbonegro - Hultsfred 2002 4. Kent - Hultsfred 2001 5. Refused - Rockfesten 1995 Five most important things 1. Rock 2. Adventure 3. Justice 4. Feel Good 5. Beer


First, last and the most expensive record ever bought? -The first record I bought myself was R.O.C.K. with Sha-Boom. The latest was är "By the grace of god" with 'Copters and before that it was "Reroute to remain" with In Flames. The records is so fucking expensive nowadays so I canīt buy so many records. The most expensive record must be a G N R recird because I have some of the expensive ones with them there.


Idols when you were small?  -The Brothers Herrey and Owe Thörnqvist. I wonder how much they have formed my musical career. After a while I began to listen to Guns N Roses and they have followed me since then, they got me begin to play music and I still think theyīre the best rockband in the world. No shit!


What do you think about the ”new way” to communicate with email and internet and all that?  – I like it. My girlfriends is ahting it( i sit too much behind the computer sometimes) – but itīs a good way to spread your ideas, what you want and your music. It can be too much of the same thing when you sit too much but so it is in the real life too, not to loose contact…Right now I sit on a train with my Power Book in  my knee and answereing your questions, so I use the new technique very much I must admit.


Have it helped you with contacts outside Sweden?  -Of course, Internet is a very helpful thing when you communicate with email witht he foreign recordcompanies and bookingcompanys. And we hope that many see us and hear oss somewhere check out our website http://go.to/outbreak there itīs a lot of mp3.s, videos, pictures and merchandise.


Any favoruitesite yourself?  -Thereīs a lot of good communities on internet and there I think that evryone can find their own nisch there you can suit in  in a personal way. Thatīs the good things with internet that you can pretend that youīre someone you not are, but you always have dreamed about to be. But I talk rather to honest people in those communities/forum. I donīt have so big check on the webzines but itīs good that the fanzinetradition is coming on in modern way, now when the most xeroxcopied zines isnīt been done by many people….I think itīs really fun to surf around and look on different bands websites and see that the scene is still alive..


Futureplans for the band?  -To do the record final. Tomorrow Iīm going to mix the album together with our producer and then we send a DAT to mastering on Tonteknik. We will come out and play some during this winter, in Scandinavia and then when the record come out weīre going to do a longer tour on the conitinent – and play as much as we can here in Sweden. And then after that we must catch up some inspiration to do a new record, when that will be... :-)


Futureplans for yourself?  -I will finsih mys chool and move to Los Angeles. No, I donīt know – i will try to be a journalist in Gothenburg University. Tight now I feel that I want to work with a documentary film in a way.


Wisdomword? -Live and let die.


Something to add? -Check out our website http://go.to/outbreak and take down some songs, videos and so on. Weīre going to put out some more songs from the upcomijng record soon and right now thereīs a new song out ”The Sphere” If you think this seems to be a god band and want to hear the whole record go to your recordstore and buy the record "A part of this machinery" it is distributed by Amigo. See you out there!!!