Hello....tell me about yourself, family, age and a little about what you work with(if you work)?

-My name is Oscar. I live in Stockholm. I have a wife and three children. I´m a musican and a writer. One summer I worked as gardener. But that was15 years ago.


You have done four records....why haven´t I heard about you?

-You have been unlucky. And I have been on television for a few times. You didn´t looked then.


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Calm and unmodern.


Which references whould you say if I ask you about influences?

-James Yorkston


Min recension av senaste skivan låter som så här "OSCAR


VESCD07030) Very calm record with lyrics which is a little bit different in some way….here there isn´t any lyrics, refrain, lyrics and so on and it´s more small stories here.. I´m happy that this is on CD and not on LP because then I have heard the sounds from the and it have been disturbing a lot. It´s hard to compare this with something(because that will I always do) but of course an early Winnerbäck isn´t so far away. But should I say that to my girlfriend(which adores Winnerbäck) so wouldn´t she agree. Good relaxed music is it anyway and I think if you shall listen to this you should use headphones so you hear the lyrics better.(SEVEN) 13/8-07" Comment on that?

-Seven? Is it seven of ten or? I cannot understand that you could take away three points. How could I have done this better? The songs are really good, the lyrics is fantastic, the musicans the best in the country. I have done my best and I haven´t left anything behind me.


Is reviews something you care about?

-I become angry when I read bad reviews? I´m happy about the good ones.  


Which is the most peculiar you have got?

-I got a good review from PO Tidholm in DN. That was peculiar.  


Your lyrics feels important? From where do you get the inspiration?

-From reality and poetry.


Politics and music does it go hand in hand?

-If you feel so. And it depends of what you mean with the thing politics.


Best political artist/group?

-Sly Stone


Your bigger in Denmark and Norway I understand…how does is this shown?  

-Possibly bigger but not big. I have played more in Denmark. It´s a guy which have booked concerts for me in about ten years. And that´s why my audience have grown there. In Norway it´s two guys who believes in me. They´re my managers.    


How much does an artist like Oscar Danielsson sell?

-Between 1000 and 2000.


Many artitst in this style comes from the beginning from punkrock…how is it for you…which is your childhoodmusic and which is your relation to punk?

-When I went into class 7-9 I liked punk. One week I saw Köttgrottorna three times. Once when I saw Stockholms Negrer the singer didn´t come. His stoned brother was the one who sang instead. Otherwise is my musical way like this.  

Elvis – Kiss – Köttgrottorna – Miles Davis – Crosby Stills Nash & Young– James Yorkston


Have you been in a band anytime?

-I was in a band called The Sofa.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five most important things in life?


1. Crosby Stills Nash and Young – So far

2. Nick Drake – Pink Moon

3. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

4. Beatles – White Album

5. Neu – Neu


1. Dio on hovet 1983

2. Iron Maiden on hovet 1983

3. Scorpions on hovet 1983

4. Kiss on hovet 1983

5. Wasp in Glädjehuset 1983


1. Family

2. Friends

3. Calmness

4. Sailing

5. Philosophy and persian poetry


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-Hits 82 – Lasse Lindbom band and some other. Damien Rice – 9. I don´t know but the most expensive book I have bought is a one that Stig Claesson wrote about the Lage Lindell. It costed 650 kronor.


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-RZA as Bobby Digital


You have thought about singing in english?



Is it many interviews? Is it boring?

-It´s fun to do interviews. 


The question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

-Why did Seneca took his life? Because of that Nero said to him to do it.


What do you like to live in Sweden, what´s best and what´s the worst? Politically?

-Sweden is good. The country is living. But it´s bad that you cannot smoke out on bars. That worries me a little.  


If you get the chance to change three laws, which would you take and how would they be instead?  

-I wouldn´t take that chance. I wouldn´t do that. That´s not my strong side


Vesper is your company…how does it work?

-It´s so that we give out records with ourselves and with our friends. Now we don´t have so much monety left so we will see how it goes. And it´s really workful to give out records.  


Is it the dream to be on a smaller label or would you want to be on a big label?  

-I want to be on a big label and earn money. I need money(Which makes me think about a song with Köttgrottorna who begins: "Jag skulle vilja ha … jag skulle vilja ha … jag skulle vilja ha … PENGAR!" It was a long time since I thought about that song. I had it on a vinyl but I forgot it on the metro)


Futureplans with the music?

-Breakhtrough with my christmassong in december when it comes. It´s called "Jag kommer hem igen till jul" and it will be played a lot on radio. 


And for you as a human being?

-Take a break from the world and be with my family and my friends.  



-My lack is my competence.


Something to add?

-Think about the seven you gave me on my review. Thanks for the interview Peter.