DW from OHL tell me a little about OHl and their 35 year history. He didn´t want to answer the “boring” questions which already have their answers written on Wikipedia ……march-2014


Please tell me the history of OHL?

- Founded in Jan 1980


Have you played all the time or do you have had any breaks?

- We stopped at the end of the 80s for 5 years when I was studying psychology 


Have it been many changes in the line-up?

- Look at Wikipedia - but the this formation is now nearly 20 years together 


I think that german language is the best punklanguage in the world, I think you agree?

- The best language is the language your born with - I never understand a band singing in a foreign language - that makes no sense 


Have you ever been writing in english?

- Never


What are your lyrics about, what inspires you?

- There are all political - life is inspiration. In 1986 we just ha one unpolitical album called „Jenseits von Gut und Böse“


You write somehere on some record that you´re against all extremists...what about politics in the lyrics, or is that OK or is it a must?

- Yes I´m against all political and religious extremes - there are all the same and there all want to kill the Freedom of choice


Which is the most political song you ever have written?

- Nearly all of the 150 


The best political band you know, I mean which band writes the best political lyrics?

- O H L - there´s no other band fighting left and rights and religious extremists 


You released a split with Skeptix on Rock-o-rama., how come on that label?

- The Skeptix were an unknown band from the UK at that time and I think our producer want to make them to become more popular in Germany


You´re on Sunny Bastards now, is that  a good label?

-Yes especially because they gave us a contract in a time when we had recorded an album for our ex label, but than our ex label said, that our lyrics were too tough and there became afraid to release the album - So Sunny gave us the chance to release and since that we´re on that label - Sunny also gave me the opportunity to release my very personal album „Seelenfeuer“ with my other Band PROJEKT MENSCH, which was a great pleasure for me


How much do a record with OHL sell today?

- I don´t know , and to be honest I don´t mind … you have to ask Sunny bastards. I make my music, my lyrics, my cover artwork and I give a shit of the number we sell 


What do you think about downloading and all that stuff?

- Downloading kills music - support the band you like and don’t kill em or the label that brings their music to you


Is it good or bad for a band like yours?

- It´s good for none if you download our music without paying for it 


I know this is a boring question, but what is OHL mean?

- It is , so check out it  at Wikipedia 


Is it important to have a good name on the band, which is the best bandname you know?

- What´s a good name? That´s a personal decision I think -  DER FLUCH is a good name for a Band, it´s my third Band 


Is there any good bands in Germany right now?

- Not just one


In the world?

- Most of them don’t exist anymore - Next month I´m going to watch THE OUTCASTS - hope they not disappoint me 


What do you know about Sweden?

- Best looking girls in the world !!!


Have you heard any good swedish bands?



Have you been outside Germany and played anytime?

- Austria / Switzerland / Belgium / Netherlands


Where is the best place to play?

- Hard to say after 35 years … we had a lot of them, it´s not the place, it´s the people that make a concert to an event


If you compare to be a punkband now and when you began to play, what’s the biggest difference?

- Today it´s just fashion and not a revolution 


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word, or is it a lifestyle?

- It´s lifestyle but it has nothing to do with colored hair or spikes on your leatherjacket - it´s in your heart and in your mind 


Please rank your five favorite records, five favorite concerts and five most important things in life?

- Records: Albums 

THE ADVERTS - crossing the red sea


STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - nobodies heros 

MISFITS - walk among us 

X-RAY SPEX - gemfree adolescents 














First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

- The first was THE ADVERTS - crossing the red sea - The last was today the new NEW MODEL ARMY - Between dog and wolf (includes one absolutely great song „Stormclouds“) - the most expensive ? I think it were all the US Stuff, there were nearly double the price of a UK Album / single, but I had the big luck that I bought most of these, nowadays extreme expensive rarities in the time when they were released. My vinyl collection could be now nearly 30.000€ - but I never would sell it. 


The record you bought for the cover and you got so disappointed on?

- Good question, never was asked this before  - THE DEPRESSIONS 


Is there any band you really want that they shall do a new album(i mean a band which isn´t playing together anymore or which haven´t done a record for a very long time?

-There are many, but  I wish the phantastic THE PACK (featuring Kirk Brandon) had done more than just 2 singles and a worst produced music tape. One of the best bands ever, so full of hate and energy - I really love them


Futureplans for the band?

- Nothing special - all as usual - every 3 years an Album, for there I have three bands, that means each year one album and lot of concerts 


For yourself?

- To become a satisfied man - don´t know when this will be?


Please tell me a little about ever member in the band, age, family, interests, work and something bad about every one?

- We are all nearly 50 and each of us has a job… but none of us is married, so we´re free. Bad things about us? We´re all in O H L - That’s bad enough 



-Live your life .. free !!!